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Alternative doctors, Candida questions?

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Ok, so I might be a bit long winded here.

My 2 y/o ds has mood swings. He is so sweet but then the next minute is screaming, crying, freaking out. He has bad eczema, although no one in our family has it. He has constant diarreah. He has ZERO attention span (will not watch tv for more then literally 1 minute), cant sit still for anything. He is obsessive compulsive, he will NOT let things go. He is anemic and has had every blood workup in the world done to find out why, to no prevail, it is not dietary.

I have 2 older ones so I have something to compare his actions too, they were not like this. I have seen bratty, undisicplined kids. My son is not, he is disciplined and there is just something *not right* about him. I have asked his pedi. She said well, it sounds like he is just strong willed. It is hard to describe to her in 5 minutes, but anyone IRL who sees him can see something is *off*. He is not autistic, he makes eye contact, speaks above his level and is loving and hands on, except when in his moods.

He has been on antibiotics for skin infections many times. MRSA to be exact. He has had spells of dizziness and cant balance that have resulted in MRI and nuerologist appointments for everyone to just shrug their sholders and say who knows? He has all these off the wall, weird symptoms and nothing goes together and no one knows anything, everything comes back NORMAL. But I just KNOW something isnt *right*, without being able to put my finger on it.

Last week was bad here. He just wouldnt stop, all week he cried for no reason, had outbursts like no ones buisness. Saturday night I begged God (I am a christian) to show me what is wrong with him. Sunday (yesterday) I was talking to a man at my church. I was telling him exactly what Joshua is like. He told me to look up 2 things, red dye and Candida. Well, Joshua has had yeast infections before, so I looked that up first.

OH MY GOODNESS. It IS my son. Literally, nearly every symptom is my son. I took a yeast questionaire, over 140 was yeast almost certainly plays a role in your health problems. JOSHUA WAS 300!!!!

Last week was bad remember? 2 weeks ago Joshua was on a super strong antibiotic, PLUS he ate alot of sugar last week!

So, I know it. Now, how is his pedi going to respond? Any holstic doctors take insurence? Any experience with this? Anyone know where I should post this that may have some women who could help? I am in Michigan, thus I posted it here! Thanks!
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honestly? sounds like classic celiac to me. It still does include healing the gut, but the FIRST thing I would do immediately is to take him off of wheat/wheat gluten, cow's milk, and oats, and I have a feeling you'll see an improvement. my son has celiac's disease. We are now working on healing his gut. I don't ever expect to see him able to eat wheat/wheat gluten/dairy, but his attitude/behavior and overall demeanor has improved soooooo much that it's like night and day. He is five. Every once in a while his sister will sneak him part of her bagel and I can tell INSTANTLY. His behavior goes nuts, he breaks out in eczema in all his telltale places, and his poop goes to water. *sigh* The antibiotics he has been on can DEFINATELY have caused a "leaky gut" which could then have caused him to "get" food allergies that he otherwise could have avoided. THIS happened to my husband, who now as an adult has multitudinous allergies that he never had as a kid because of abx after two surgeries in the last five years where they gave him broad spectrum drugs to keep his gut "healthy" when they cut into it.

Check out the allergies forum down in health and healing, here on mdc. I'd be glad to give you all the info we've gathered over the years as far as avoiding foods and using other things, etc. It becomes a new way of life.

EVEN if it is yeast, I would say to stop all sugar, all grains for a while. There are several things you can do to heal his gut, and get rid of the yeast, but you WILL want to see a holistic/naturopath doc so that he gets pediatric doses. Otherwise, you'll want to do a lot of research, and perhaps can address it on your own, as far as doses go. Marshmallow root heals mucosa. Lots of probiotics. B vitamins in a complex once a day and straight biotin once a day can keep the yeast from multiplying. Things like osha (uuuggggh, it tasts so terrible that I just canNOT give it to my kids...I have a stomach of steel and it makes me gag for an hour after I take it), black walnut hull, and other herbs can help, but again, you would want to be VERY careful about doseage and use, and a naturopath could help you there. I have heard that some people will actually use goldenseal to KILL the yeast and then immediately go to marshmallow root and probiotics with biotin to stop it from coming back and then replace the healthy bacteria. Garlic, astragalus, reishi mushrooms can all be found in kyolic immune support blend and are all super anti-yeast. HOWEVER. Any of that stuff has to be done for at least a couple of months at a time to be effective, and you have to STICK TO IT. Oftentimes you might find better effect from going with a seven day course of diflucan with a ped and then going back to the kyolic/marshmallow/probiotics/biotin to keep it away...

Honestly, the best course is to REALLY educate yourself and then go in with a lot of knowledge so that you can have a conversation...and expect that a mainstream doc will only have diflucan to offer, and absolutely none or very litle experience with celiac. A naturopath will have more experience and help as far as yeast and allergies and healing the gut. None I know of take insurance. Many have initial fees in the hundreds of dollars, and then visits after that are much more reasonable.

Good luck.
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Thanks so much. I am going to read into celiacs. I have heard of it, never read on it though. I got him acidophilus tonight, along with coconut oil . I was told and read that coconut oil kills fungus, candida, ect. I bought him plain yogurt, yeast free organic pancake mix, blackberries for the pancakes, green apples, wheat and gluten and yeast free tortillas, goats milk tonight to start. Nothing with yeast. Cascadian farms purley o's cereal. I hope it is not celiacs (no offense lol) because yeast free is hard enough, let alone dairy and wheat and gluten too.

I dont understand though, WHY, oh why, oh why, dont doctors acknowlege this stuff? Why dont they admit that an overabundance of yeast causes problems? It makes sense!

Anything you can send me would be great. my email is twinsmummy20 @ yahoo dot com if you want to email me some info! Thanks!
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Celiac was my first thought as well. My MIL had severe anemia and no one could figure out why, until she was diagnosed with celiac disease in her 40's!! I also have a young cousin who acts much the way your son does and has celiac. Anyway, I know of a couple natural leaning doc near me, but that is quite a ways from you. Feel free to PM me if you want. I will try to find some good celiac info for you and post it too.

Here's a great link explaining celiac:
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There's a great clinic in Genesee County if you're willing to drive to Flint. The Preventive Medicine Center. I see Dr. Gerald Natzke... (my ds, too)
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Oh btw, I have blue cross and they accept it at Natzke's office.
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We saw DR Lepor in Lapeer. he did a yeast test on my son and then treated it with dietary recommendations (which we were already doing) diflucan for 2 weeks and then nystatin for 4 weeks (i may have those in reverse order) Right after we were finished with the treatments, my son's bloody stools cleared (after having them for 9 months) and his 'fogginess' went away. I love this man: He practices 'functional medicine' and is also a Christian (I saw that in your op) He is a DO and was a pedi at the Children's hospital for years before he changed his focus.
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There's a great guy in Berkley, but it's cash - He'll fill out a reimbursement slip though. His name is Dr. Larned. He's actually a chiro but he does all kinds of modalities of healing and body work including testing specific sensitivities. He does recommend supplements and sells some, but based on my experience he's not doing it for income, just convenience to his clients. The mark up isn't more than to cover the necessities of getting it in his office and available. He's made a marked difference in me and my children. He is very, ah, different in his approach (think shaman, not creepy). Some of the stuff he does seems quite unusual, but he is very open about explaining what he's doing and the basic gist of how it is supposed to work. I have had chronic candida since I was about 10 and I have only had flare ups 2x in the last 3 years. He's got both my kids pooping regularly, instead of every 10 days or so even though the cause is structural. He's been able to figure out what is the causative factor in every case and how to approach it. I feel it's worth making room in the budget to spend $75 to $125 a month depending on what supports you agree to to see him and get some stuff that will really work.
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Oh, and reading your second post again, if you really think yeast is a factor, avoid also fruit, carrots, rice, potatoes, take a look for the GLYCEMIC INDEX basically it lists the foods by naturally occurring sugar content. I did the yeast connection diet for a year and it helped a lot, but I think it wasn't perfect. That is where I learned about sugars originally though. I had it so bad, after reading that I basically ate meat and vegetables for a year
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