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questions regarding recogniizing/developing psychic abilities

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As a teen, I sometimes felt I knew something and was often right. I had a special connection to one foster brother in particular. He had moved out and if he was coming to the house, no matter where I was, I'd know and run home.

Any ability I had evaporated about the time I became sexually active.

I have since got a really strong feeling about something a number of times, but I'm wrong more often than right. Most of these involve disaster happening to my own fmaily, plane crashes, etc. (I don't tell anyone this, or scare anyone.) I have been wrong waaayyyyyyy more than right, probably more than average.:

Yet, I feel this pull to 'develop my talent'. I don't have a talent. But I did, I think.

So, like, I'm soooo not willing to give up sex to do this. Dh, supportive of me in all things, would, I believe, object. I would too.

Is there some way to try and pull this out of me,. I've read lots of books, but some of them are, uh, whacko.

Anyone know anything about, well, any of this?
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I don't think it's your sexual activity specifically that "stopped" things. It could be something as simple as your body changes, your focus changes, and you needing time to simply be a teen.

I get the feeling you worry entirely too much...which causes you to get feelings of worry things...which aren't really predictions, they're worry clouds...not true clear answers.

My suggestion would be to think of how it felt to know when your foster brother was coming around and notice the difference between that and your other "feelings".

Noticing the differences is the first step in becoming better at being in tune.
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Thanks for the answer.

I do worry. And I do recognize that the worries aren't anything psychic. But I can't feel anything different.

With the foster bro, it was just this intense feeling of expectation and joy. (he was my big bro for years. I adored him) And thren the absolute knowledge that he was HERE. And he was every time.

So, why HIM? No extreme knowledge of my own kids, just this guy I haven't seen in over 20 years.

Ok, and now that I think about it, I did used to know when my bff's love-of-her-life-who-hurt-her was going to call. In fact, I sometimes felt I'd made him call. Funny thing is, I really didn'[t like him. (Dump MY bff, will ya?) I try hard now NOT to think about him. I don't want to dredge him up.

Hmm, just feel like I could do some of this, but no idea how.
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I don't much know why it's stronger with one person than another like that...I put it in connections...it just is.
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Your psychic "radio" as I like to call it is tuned to the worry and disaster station. Open your chakras, balance them, do a meditation that takes you up a long flight of stairs, feel joy, compassion, love, gratitude. When you get to the top of your staircase, enter a room and ask your loving spirit guides to come to you there. Then ask your questions. Because then you'll be tuned in to a different channel.
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Thanks you, Erin. That makes so much sense, to find a different place to come from, a different route.

Tomorrrow, I'm going to find a quiet half hour to start practicing. Practicing thinking about love, compassion, joy, gratitude can only bring about good anyway!
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Interested too. I still just "know" things about people. But I used to have much more of an ability than I do now.
I actually used to have prophetic dreams or dreams about things that happened to people when I wasn't there- and I was right. I don't know why it stopped.
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I've never really tried to actively use my abilities short of trying to block it out or shut it down in times of great stress. Usually exhaustion works for that though.
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