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I said I'd respond with neighborhoods and now its taken me days. Sorry! Work is kicking my butt right now. If you want more info PM me. That will get my attention. I'm probably not going to be on Mothering much for awhile.

Just my thoughts on the neighborhoods other people have mentioned FWIW.

Brookside: Nice area, nice homes ranging from fairly small (1200 sf) to fairly large (2500+), homes typically built 1940 - 1950s, a little too suburban for my taste and definitely too pricey, but a good market that carries organic and local produce, some nice restaurants within walking distance

Hyde Park: Also a nice area, more urban that Brookside, nice homes mostly middle-to largeish (1800+ sf) typically built 1910 - 1930, you'll see a lot of what's called a midwest or Kansas City shirtwaist where the first floor is stone or brick and the upper floors are wooden siding usually with decorative trim, less expensive than Brookside

If you like Brookside, but its too expensive, you might look at Waldo which is just south of Brookside, around 70th and Main. Houses tend to be smaller although you can find larger ones. Some stores and restaurants within walking distance as well as a library branch.

We live in Historic Northeast, which is the area directly east of downtown, along Independence Ave. The entire neighborhood is east of Troost so its a "bad" neighborhood. Bad as in lots of blacks and other minorities. This is definitely an urban neighborhood. Homes are CHEAP and historic. Sizes vary a lot (1000 to 3000 sf is typical). Many homes have a decent size yard and there are parks sprinkled throughout the area. I don't think you could pick a house more than 4 blocks from a park. Downside is there aren't too many grocery stores and none of them carry much organic, but there is a lot of ethnic foods. There are lots of little restaurants within walking distance and a library branch. The area north of Independence is considered to be better than the area south and the areas closer to downtown/US-71 are as well. Here's my favorite listing in the area, by far. http://www.realtor.com/realestateand...103055399?mp=1 We looked at this house fall of 2007 when we were looking. Its still on the market and they've dropped the price about $70,000. If it had been the price it is now we would have bought it. Its really in good shape, its huge, and it has a big yard, one of the biggest in the area. That just gives you an idea of the bargains to be had in my neighborhood.

Anyway, best of luck. I hope everything went well for your husband on Monday.
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So after all this waiting, we heard today that they're planning to make an offer!
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I've been wondering about if your family was making the move. Good luck!
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I'll update again when we get the actual offer.
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Just wanted to say that we live just outside of Brookside, although people still consider where we live as being Brookside. It's just cheaper! Our home was built in the 40's and is a spacious 3 bedroom with a yard and driveway (no garage). We love where we live. My DH works on the Plaza, which is only 5 minutes away. We are able to get almost all of our food organic and a lot of it local. If you end up moving here I can give you my resources for grass-fed beef, free range chicken and eggs, raw milk, and a produce delivery service that delivers organic produce to your door once a week for less than grocery store prices.

There's a local chapter of the Holistic Mom's Network that is small, but a lot of fun. There's also a great natural baby and mama store in Lee's Summit.

If you end up making the move please PM me and I'd be happy to show you around!

Oh, and HydeParkB...I think we're practically neighbors!
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