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Weaving Class In Eastern CT

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Does anyone know where I can take a weaving class in Eastern CT? I am looking to learn how to use a rigid heddle loom.
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How far can you drive? Because there are good classes in Western CT at an small crafts school near the NY border. I'll have to go look up the name for you so let me know if that kind of travel is doable.
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I don't know how far Northampton, MA is from you, but Webs always has great classes, including for weaving.
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Both areas are a couple of hours away and it would be fine for a one day class but if they are multiple classes that would be a bit too far. I am in the quiet corner so even RI isn't too bad.
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I have heard about this place in Bristol, RI that offers weaving lessons:
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No, the place I'm thinking of - the weaving class took all week and that wouldn't work.
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I am not sure what kind of classes you are interested in... but I learned to weave at the Guilford Art Center http://guilfordartcenter.org/class-weaving.html years ago (okay nearly two decades but who is counting) and enjoyed it. I still go back and rent loom time, but this is for big floor looms.
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