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Cow's milk constipating - try goat's milk?

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I'm hoping someone here has some experience with this they could share.

I nurse DS (he'll be 12 months old soon) in the morning, evening, at night. During the day, he is at daycare from 7:30AM to 4:30PM. Last week he was drinking about 8oz of cow's milk while at daycare, along with a bit of water.

By the end of the week, he was terribly constipated. This happened when I first introduced milk a month ago, so this second attempt confirms to me that the milk is the problem. He tolerates yogurt well though, which confuses me.

I can only manage to express about 2-2.5oz of EBM a day, so that's all I could send yesterday. Apart from that, he only drank about 4oz of water all day, he kept refusing it Last night he saw the red sippy we used to put the cow's milk in, and he was desperately reaching for it - looks like he loved the milk.

Would goat's milk have the same constipating effect? I really need to send something to daycare that he likes so that he stays hydrated during the day, and something more nutritious than milk or juice would be best. I'm just afraid of goat's milk having the same constipating effect.

I've read that goat's milk is gentler on the digestive system, but I've also read that this is not "proven" and really not much better than cow's milk, so I'd appreciate hearing your experiences.

Thank you.
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Here is a link to Dr. Sears' information on goat milk. http://askdrsears.com/html/3/t032400.asp

I'd say try the goat milk.
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Milk is milk, in that all will have lactose and therefore all will have similar activity in the body. However, my mother, who has some lactose intolerance and related gastro issues, was told by her doctor to get off cow's milk. She has had very good results drinking goat milk. DD LOVES the stuff and will drink far more goat milk than cow milk. We have not thankfully had any issues with either, but she has a clear preference for the goat milk. Ditto with GM cheese.

The different tolerance of yogurt vs. cow milk is due to the chemical reaction yogurt undergoes during its making. Basically, the beasties in yogurt cultures feed on the milk sugars, transforming what makes our stomachs unhappy in the raw milk into something that makes our stomachs very happy in the yogurt. I have a good reference on that around here somewhere, maybe I can find it in the AM. Plus active cultures in yogurt actually help the digestive tract do its work, so its a double benefit.
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Thanks. He hasn't had cow's milk since last Friday, but he's still not pooping much. When he does though it's no longer black, and he finally drank a decent amount of water and juice at daycare yesterday, so hopefully that helps. I've been expressing milk at work, but have only been able to send 2.5 - 3 oz a day for him.

Yesterday I read that goat's milk is more constipating than cow's milk - gah!

If he starts to have normal poops again, I think I'll give the goat's milk a try, but I'll stop it the day I notice them firming up again.

Thanks for the responses.
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