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Would you help me help my sister, re.Helen Keller

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I have found the people on this site to be such a tremendous wealth of knowledge that I thought I would ask your help on my “Valentine’s Day” gift to my sister, Holly. Holly is 10 years old has an intense fascination with Helen Keller. I am going to get her the web-site, “me&helenKeller.com” as a gift.

I’m looking for some nice quotes, pictures and links to include on the site so it has a nice start when I give it to her to “open”. Holly also volunteers at a school for blind children and reads brail so brail links and/or volunteer information would be nice. Also, ASL and brail information or lessons would be interesting.

If you have some ideas I’d love to hear them but please keep in mind that this site is for a 10 year old person so more child orientated links would be most appropriate.

Thanks for your help. My sister is such a wonderful person and I really want this gift to be as special as possible.
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Wow, what a totally wonderful idea!!

I'm sorry I don't have any information to give you; I just wanted to say how sweet and thoughtful you are to be doing this!
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The web-site is up in a very basic form. I'm "giving" it to my sister on Valentine's Day:


Thanks for the encouragement, Piglet!

BTW, this is a great site that I found for kids:
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The website looks great!

Doesn't the young girl in the picture look like the actress Juliet Lewis?

You are a very kind and sweet sister!
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I think that's ICMama's sister?
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Yea, that's my sister and Helen Keller. I did it on photoshop.
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This is my friend's company, ghbraille. Helen Keller would have loved to see this developed!


Using a content-independent media conversion process, the company offers a full range of accessible media formats and software applications, including Digital Talking Books, an Accessible Testing System, Braille, and Tactile Graphics, that enable people with visual disabilities to improve their educational experience, become more competitive in the workplace, and lead more enjoyable lives. gh is headquartered at the Purdue Technology Center in West Lafayette, IN

As an undergraduate attending Quincy University in Illinois, gh co-founder Dave A. Schleppenbach, met his wife, Wendi. Blind since birth, Wendi became an inspiration to Dave as he learned of the obstacles and frustrations blind people face everyday. In 1995, Dave formed the VISIONS Lab (Visually Impaired Students Initiative ON Science) at Purdue University, and with his partner, Joe P. Said, the pair of inventors set out to design new technologies to aid the visually impaired students at Purdue in their struggle to learn.

As the VISIONS Lab grew in demand, Dave and Joe began to set their goals higher and wanted to make their technologies accessible to all visually impaired people. With the aid of the Purdue Research Park and the assistance of the Purdue Gateways Program, Dave and Joe founded gh, LLC in February of 2000.

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