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new freezer vs. old fridge/freezer combo

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I'm curious to know if y'all think I'm being unreasonable about this:

We inherited a refrigerator/freezer from my parents about five years ago. It's been sitting in the garage ever since, unused. We think it works, but haven't plugged it in to be sure. Today I mentioned that I'd like to get rid of it and buy a new (or even slightly used) freezer, and his reaction was "Why? This one works, and I cleaned it out." You'd think I was suggesting that we sell our son or something equally drastic.

The way I see it, I don't need another refrigerator but I'd really like a freezer so we can buy meat in bulk; and this fridge is at least 20 years old, so it's not going to be nearly as energy-efficient as something new. He just sees it as getting rid of something that was free and having to pay for something to replace it.
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I'd figure out approximately how much energy it would use and if it's not a HUGE difference from a new freezer, consider keeping it. Making new products has a pretty serious environmental impact and using appliances until they die isn't always a bad idea.
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What about selling the fridge and using that money towards a freezer? That way you aren't starting from 0, kwim? I totally understand though that a freezer would allow you a whole bunch more options over a fridge/freezer combo--for one thing, there's more space in a freezer!

Maybe try checking out craigslist for a used freezer. Who knows, you might be able to sell the fridge for the exact amount of money you'll need to buy a used freezer

Good luck!

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here's a nice little calculator on the Energy Star website to estimate the energy usage/savings in upgrading your refrigerator or freezer.
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I would probably go with math.

Calculate the sq footage of the freezer on that fridge, and then the sq footage of a new/used one you like. Find out how much meat that would hold, and what the savings would be for each (usually the more you buy the better the savings).

Then find out what the energy costs are for each.

Present him with these figures, and he's liable to see your point.
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So you have a fridge with a freezer section and want only a freezer, right? That sounds like a completely different need, you'd be cooling the whole fridge just to use the small amount of freezer space. I definitely agree with your reasoning on that one.

I agree if you sell the current one on Craigslist and look for a freezer there too, it would help financially. But only if you can find a fairly new and well functioning freezer, otherwise it will not be energy efficient.
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In addition to the energy star calculator, you can directly measure electric usage of the old fridge with a Kill-a-Watt or similar device. Some old fridges (for example 20 years old +) can cost the homeowner $100 a month in electricity.
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