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iphone app. suggestions for children

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OK so I got an iphone. I see there are TONS of apps. you can get to go with it.
Some seem just cool some I am not so sure about.
I have two girls, 5 and 2.
We do some screen time, (DVDs and computer)
We don't live in the states so they know some of the licensed characters, but not all. We are, thankfully, not overwhelmed by them every time we shop. I don't ban them but don't encourage them either.

Any fun/cool/entertaining apps? I am thinking of waiting times. We have a long hospital visit at least once a month and an even longer international trip (which is only yearly)

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I couldn't tell you the names of these apps, but my (4 yr old) DD's beloved uncle has an iphone and she loves:

a game that is basically popping bubble wrap
a coin flipping app (seriously! she loves seeing what new coin she'll get)
a game that is sort of tetris like with colored balls -- actually it's like a computer game we used to play called "maki" but that probably won't help.
and she loves to take photos and look at them.

I'm pretty sure they were all free apps, or they're free early levels or something.
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The ones I have that my DD (nearly 4) likes:

JellyCar (her absolute favorite!!!!)

All of these are free. But seriously, if you only get one, get JellyCar. It looks neat and there are a lot of things the kids can do, and it's a funny game. It makes my DD laugh all the time. I will mention that she doesn't actually play, at least not properly, any of these games, but she has a good time moving the pieces around and doesn't seem bothered by the fact that she's missing the main object of the game.
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My 4 year old likes "Scoops". It's a game where you catch falling icecream scoops on your icecream cone. It's very simple and he loves it.
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the bubble wrap one, etchasketch, doodle kids. Oh and for really long waits I'll bust out with the i can haz cheez burger
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i have pac man, which my 5yo really loves. bubble wrap is boring to him. i can has cheezeburger is a favorite, too.
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My kids love an app called "Bloom." I think Brian Eno was somehow involved in developing it. You press the touchscreen and a little dot appears and makes a tone, and the color spreads out, and you can create beautiful musical and visual patterns as you keep pressing.
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My kids love iphysics.
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We have bloom, too, and the music is really pretty.

We also have tangrams, a snowman builder (my dd loves this), math bubbles (pop the bubbles that match). We only get the free games, too.
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Thank you so much!!! MDC rocks. I had not seen most/any of these on the front page in the apps. store, it is so hard to think of looking through 104 pages of apps trying to find some good ones. I would pay a bit for a great game, as the aforementioned international trip is over 24 hours door to door and I make the trip w/o DH. But FREE is even better.
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My dd (3.5) LOVES dizzy bee (the free one)
mini piano
and looking at pictures
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If the ambient noise level allows, my daughter likes the ABC words app. 2-3 letter sightwords, they say the word and you pick which of the 3 is a match.

She also likes a memory matches game that I got for me.
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My toddler loves FirstWords: Animals and Peekaboo Barn.
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My DH is an Iphone developer! He mostly makes stuff for companies but I've been begging him to write more kid friendly ones. His company will soon be coming out with some awesome ones.

He's also going to write me an app to track my food for the brewers diet when I get pregnant again hee hee
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I haven't seen Wheels on the Bus mentioned. My kids love that one. I also have Doodlz, BubbleWrap (dd is always asking for that one), White Board, and Tic Tac Toe.

I am going to have to check out some of the ones mentioned here. They sound fun!
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i almost want an iphone now

my sister has one, and though it's not necessarily for kids, the flute is amazing- esp. when you can choose to listen to people playing around the world and it shows you where you're listening from. amazing!!
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i don't have an iphone but I know the iphone has this function.... my kids love to take pictures and then warp them, colorize them, etc on my phone....
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Thank you for this thread. I don't have an iphone yet and this mama is going to load up on these apps.
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maybe too young for your kids but this looks like it might be fun for little ones that like to play with phones
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hy girls if you will have an  iphone try this game http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/baby-animal-world/id420899240?mt=8

I recommend it to parents who want their kids to play and learn especially when you are on the go or at restaurants

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