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Talking Tom is fun.  He is a virtual cat, that repeats what you say, etc. and you can pet him and he purrs.  Too cute!

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i cannot rave enough about starfall. It has taught my son and daughter all letter sounds and identity. LOVE it!

That company also has a dot to dot came, and a "Shape Builder" which is wonderful...puzzle game that my 2.5 year old is incredible at. :D


We also, of course, obsess over angry birds.


There is a whole string of games (type in "kindergarten") that has a lady asking clear questions, one is on "which doesn't belong", one is problem solver "which do you use to wash your hair", etc. They have pictures. its really good for their problem solving skills and logic.

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My 5 year old loves Angry Birds (and so do my 8 year old and my DP.)   They play it on a PC, but apparently it's a super popular iPhone app.  DP also found a program that lets you create your own Angry Birds levels, and I imagine that, or another one like it, must also be available for the iPhone.  The 5 year old loves making his own levels, too.

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This would be for the older child, and maybe not for a year or two, but my son (and I ) love Ragdoll Blaster. He started playing it at six.


I was a little put off by the cannon firing the "ragdolls" out at first, but was won over by the fact that it involves physics and skill and isn't just a time waster.


Now I'm just mad because my seven year old is so much better than me at it!


He also plays Words with Friends with me, and that is a great vocabulary builder and spelling helper. (Again, maybe in a year or two).


Sorry if these aren't helpful now, but I like to keep ideas in my "arsenal" for later.

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My DD (5.5YO) likes Angry Birds, too. She also likes Scoops, Breakfast Maker, and GloBall. (And don't get me started on My Unicorn and Make Me a Princess...)


Anyway, I usually opt for the Lite (ie, free) versions of games, but I ponied up the 5 or 6 bucks to buy Weet Woo. I highly recommend it. It's basically a moderated portal for YouTube. You put it your kid's age range, and then it gives playlists based on that. There are categories like Animals, and Music. DD has been watching videos about dinosaurs for the last couple of weeks. 

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ooh, good post. I'm going to check out some of the suggestions.


My kids both love "Giraffe's Matching Zoo"

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Livia thanks for recommendation, Baby Animal World is a really great app for kids.You can try and this one ;Snail Alphabet -is an educational and engaging app for kids, which helps them to learn while they play! Not just one game, but four in one. A lot of games, so your child wont get bored.



-Alphabet recognition

-Visual and auditory memory skils

-Color identification

-Sound recorded audio for each letter of the alphabet and word







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