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MA OB-GYN that specializes in Infertility?

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Does anyone know of an OB-GYN that specializes in treatment of infertility? I need to find a way to correct my annovulation (so far Clomid isn't doing the trick) so that my ins. will cover IUI and IVF (if need be.) My current OB-GYN isn't willing to work with me to pinpoint the cause of my problem (only did initial bloodwork for PCOS, thyroid, insulin, etc. and it was all fine) .....I am willing to travel anywhere in MA.
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Have you looked for a Reproductive Endocrinologist? I would think that they wouldn't be too hard to find . . .

We used the practice out of Baystate in Springfield, MA, but I'd be shocked if there isn't one closer to you. Most OB/GYNs don't go beyond what yours did; that's what you need an RE for.

Good luck!

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I second find a good RE. I didn't use MGH but I hear they have a great program.
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I plan on going to an RE eventually, but I'm in kind of a hard spot right now. My insurance won't pay for any RE visits until I am diagnosed as infertile and I can't be diagnosed as infertile until I correct my current health issue, which involves getting more tests done (which my current OB-GYN is refusing to do.) I'm hoping to find an OB-GYN that has more experience in dealing with infetility that will help me pinpoint a diagnosis so my insurance will pay for treatments, rather than just waiting out the next few years while I save up money to pay for an RE's treatments out of pocket.
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Try having a consult with Paul Dunn at Central Mass OB/Gyn. I tink he has an interest in infertility.
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My OB/Gyn referred me to an RE after Clomid and IUI's didn't work. The RE is no longer in MA practicing and I live on Cape Cod. I think that's too far for you. But the RE worked for Women and Children's in RI and for New England Medical Center in Boston. There has to be an OB near you who can refer you. Good luck!
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CJ- Thank you for the name!!! I spoke to Dr. Dunn's RN and he sounds like the kind of Dr. I need (he'll go as far as doing IUI's and therapeudic surgery!) Hopefully he'll be able to give me some better answers and assistance
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Isn't infertility still defined as one year of TTC with no pg?
I would think you could get a referral to an RE?

That being said. I think I already responded to you in another thread..
I see Dr Thornton, RE. She practices out of St. V's.. Boston IVF Satellite.

I got a referral after a laproscopy for an ovarian cyst showed that the cyst had ruptured and ruined my tubes. So IVF was my only option.

Good luck to you!!!
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I'm glad to hear that he might be able to help you out. Let us know how it goes.
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KittyKorat: According to my insurance, infertility is no pg after a year of an egg being exposed to sperm. If a woman does not ovulate (my problem) or a man does not produce sperm in his semen.... then you are not even really trying and you cannot even get diagnosed as infertile I need to find a more skilled OB-GYN to address the issue of me not ovulating so we can start to *TTC* "insurance company-style!"
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Tricky situation!!

What about finding another ob that will omit the part that you haven't been o? And how does the original doc know that you are not o?

Interesting. We were in somewhat of a related situation, and its such a hard spot to be in. We ended up at New England Medical Center in Boston, and they were fantastic about getting things coded properly so that they would be covered (we had no IF coverage as DH worked for a Catholic Healthcare System in MA, which mandates IF coverage, except for a few, and we were one of them).
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Monocyte: I wish it were that easy! The ins. company requires a portfolio including the usual test results (HSG, SA, etc...)and 12 months of bloodwork results proving that I've been ovulating, etc. that they can review before they will fork over the approval to see an RE.
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*and I know I'm not O-ing because I'll go 8-9 months without a period.... and I also chart my cycles, and they are clearly annovulatory. At this point I'd like to find out why this is happening (it could be PCOS, but I also have a slew of auto-immune disorders that run in my family so I'd like to see if that could be the case) and have someone monitor me more closely while I'm on Clomid since my current OB-GYN has just been refilling my script each month without doing the bloodwork or U/S she should be doing.
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Ok it's been a while since I was on Clomid and that whole scene. However that seems irresponsible of your OB to not be monitoring you. I had cysts grow while on Clomid. I wouldn't have known they were there unless they did the u/s. I hope you find an OB very soon to help you.
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