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Noah Haddon is here!

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Wow, just 2 days after the due date, labor started at 5:15 am. I took a bath, called my doula and mom, and relaxed a bit. I got out, puttered around doing some last minute things, then went back to bed. I felt nothing for about 5 minutes, then had a contraction that hurt really bad and made me want to get back up. I sat on the ball for most of my early labor between walks around the house. By early afternoon, they were getting really intense. We went to the hospital mid-afternoon and I was at a 5. So I raised the bed and hung onto the edge for the rest of the afternoon into the evening and squatted/swayed side to side to rock the baby down. My OB got in about 8 pm and checked to say I was at "a 6 ----7------8" (he was working back a lip during a contraction. It really hurt, but it was worth it to hear the "8" at the end. He told me he'd be back in 30 minutes and I'd push my baby out! :

All of a sudden, I could do it! My doula and mom and DH and gotten me this far without an epidural or other pain meds, and I just stayed in bed, grabbed the hand rails with each contraction and hoisted my bottom off the bed and focused on breathing/grunting my baby down. At 8:35, my awesome OB came in, helped me to a 9, and had me start pushing. After 40 minutes, my baby was born with only a 2nd degree vaginal tear and NO episiotomy needed (though we came close!).

Noah Haddon
9 lbs, 11 ozs
21" long, 14" head
lots of dark hair - absolutely beautiful!

I'll post some pictures soon. Blessings to all who are delivering now and are about to - you can do it!
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Congratulations and welcome, Noah! Good for you for letting that lip go. Bravo.
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Congrats and Welcome Noah!!!! ::::
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congratulations mama!!
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Congratulations!!!!! Welcome baby Noah!!!!!! :
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Way to go on the non medicated birth!!!!
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Congratulations! What a big boy!!! GREAT JOB on your unmedicated birth!!!
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Congratulations again.
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: Congratulations! :
Welcome, baby Noah!
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Welcome Noah and Congratulations mama!!!!::
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Congratulations and welcome baby Noah!! :: Were your other babies that big?
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Congratulations! What a big boy!
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Congratulations! What a great labor you had! thanks for another good/happy hospital birth story.
Welcome to the world, Baby Noah :-):
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That's a big baby. Glad to hear all went so well. Congratulations and welcome Noah!
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Wow! A big boy!! Congrats to you, mama, and welcome sweet little Noah!!
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, NOAH!!!:::
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I'm getting caught up on my congrats...

A big congrats to you and Welcome baby Noah! ::

Can't wait for the pics
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post
Congratulations and welcome baby Noah!! :: Were your other babies that big?
My first was 8 lbs 10 ozs. He was a c-section baby, so this was my first natural and I'm still really sore. I feel like a post-partum PSD has set in and I can only lay on my back. I'm hoping it's only the effects of delivering such a large baby the first time and will feel much better soon.

Thank you all for your congrats! I'm trying to catch up with everyone but can't get on as often as I used to. I hope to get pictures uploaded in the next day or two and will post some when that happens! I'm enjoying Noah so much.
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Congratulations! You're a super mama! What a big boy, too. wow!

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