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if your kid nursed 6+ times a day at 2, when did they wean? - Page 2

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5.5 years old. If my version of child-led weaning meant ONLY her wishes, she probably would have gone longer. We were a team through it all and ended when I needed to and when she was ready.
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I'll have to let you know. DD is still nursing at 4.5 through my second preg.
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The girl who nursed a zillion times a day at two and told me I'd have to put up with her nursing when she was bigger than I am, weaned herself this January at 7-1/2. Last year she was still nursing morning, night, and at least once during the day. More if upset. I posted about it.
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m. nursed like a newborn till three years old; quit night nursing (every two hours...) around four years, and weaned at 5.5. she debates the clw label, though.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
At 2 dd nursed 12-20 times a day. She's 4.5yrs and still nursing.

Mine were nursing that much at age 2 as well.

DD self-weaned at 3.5
DS is slowly weaning at age 5
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DD2 is 2, nursing around 10 times a day. No way she is gonna wean anytime soon.
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At age 2, DD nursed probably 10 times a day; about half were full nursings; half quick check in.
At age 3, DD nursed probably 4 times a day. Two full nursings; rest check in.
At age 4, DD nursed twice a day, and when injured/sad. One full nursing; 1 check in.
At age 4 years and 6 months, DD nursed every other day or so. Usually full nursing. She asked but never latched maybe alternate days.
At age 4 years and 7 months, DD nursed only at LLL meetings when she saw all the other nursing kids.
At age 4 years and 9 months, DD declared herself weaned and we had a weaning party.
The next week, she asked off and on, but didn't nurse. Here and there she's asked but since then, she hasn't nursed.

Until this past Tuesday, for about 10 seconds, after 2 very long days in a row and a blood draw at the doctor's office (lead levels, and they were fine. ) She's 5 years and 3 weeks. I also still consider her weaned though. It's a last check in.
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My first one went from six or seven times at 24 mos to no times at all, ever at just short of 5 years.

He might have gone longer, but he got a sister right around his third birthday, and I think that might have inclined him to wean. Not really sure.

The sister in question went from six or seven times at 24 months to complete self-weaning at 30 months (I got pregnant when she was 24 months -- oops!), but then unweaned herself when the new baby was born and now nurses once or twice a day at 38 months.
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Ds used to nurse 20+ times at 2. He weaned at 4.
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DS was another "nursing as often as a newborn" at age 2 1/2, probably even at age 3 that was true.
At 4 he would go days without nursing, and I think I ended up losing supply around then. Nursing became painful and I would sometimes decline it, but if it seemed like he really needed to, we would. He stopped asking at about 4 1/2.

Aw, I don't realize how much I miss those nursing sessions until I really sit and ponder them! It was only about a year and a half ago, but it feels like ages ago!
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DD nursed far more than that when she was two. She nursed several times per night and 12+ times during the day. She nursed through my pregnancy and just weaned at 3 years 9 months.
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