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Singapor Math?

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Hi! Does anybody have any experience using Singapor Math? My ds(7y) is bored silly by Saxon. I'm wondering if this might be a solution. Any comments, experiences and concerns would be appreciated.
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We are using Singapore, but my DD is only in Earlybird 2. She really likes it -- it is bright, fun, and no busy work.

I feel very comfortable with Singapore. I did quite a bit of research, and Miquon is the only other program I would consider. They are both very solid and provide an excellant math education. (We may end up using both if either of the kids need more reinforcement)

Saxon would drive me bonkers. I don't think that the k-3 Saxon program is very good because it has too much drill and no thinking, so kids get the idea that they don't think in math. Singapore does things in such a way that the kids have to use their brains and think, not just spit back answers. Have you been to the WEB site? There is a nice message board there, and other refuges from Saxon.

Here is an interesting WEB site about math education -- not much about Saxon or Singapore, just lots of info about how bad math education has gotten in the US.

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Thanks for your reply. I have decided to go with Singapore Math. You are so right about Saxon driving me bonkers. I bought gr1 (and wasted A LOT of money) but ds (7y) was so beyond it, looking at the course outlines I consedered putting him in 54 but realized it was crazy. Thanks also about the tip abuot Miquon. I hadn't heard much about them so I will definately keep that in mind. Thanks! Also, I'm going to go check out that link right now!
Yours Truly, Teri
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Hi there,

I've been using Singapore Math with my 6.5 y/o this year, and it's going well. She fussed a TON in the beginning, until I figured out that she was bored. I skipped her two books ahead, and things are better (okay, she still complains, but it's much less!). I love how the children's names are so much more international than "Bob and Sue"! And, frankly, you can't beat the price. I bought every single book possible for my two kids, and I still only spent something like $40.

Hope you find it a good match for your family!
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My 7 and 11 yr olds use Singapore, but we do it very informally. The 11 yr old works some of it with me, and some of it orally. My 7 yr old likes to go off on her own and figure it out without any body else's input. The books are not numbered according to US grade levels though...The Singapore website has a placement test which I found to be pretty accurate. There was (is?) a thread on mathmatics on the public school board which you may find interesting. We also have a book called, "Math for Smarty Pants" which we're playing with--makes concepts I thought of as scary, fun! "The Book of Think" has logical problems. Also the "I Hate Mathematics" book has been recommended to me, but we haven't looked at that one yet. These aren't workbooks though.
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We love Singapore math, but one suggestion: you don't really need the teacher's guide. I bought it but it's really meant for a classroom teacher as the book and workbook already have instructions in them.
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Ditto here. It is very well organized andit allows my almost 8 year old to control see problem solving from several angles before moving on to a new mothods. (Hope that made sense) We have been very happy with Singapore.

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We use Singapore for 1st and 2nd grade. I like that there is not too much repetition. We use it along with Miquon. At the Sonlight website you can print off a chart that shows what Miquon pages go with the Singapore. I use the Miquon if we need extra work on a topic. I have been very happy with math and the kids do well. I used ALpha Omega before and there was too much repetition.
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I haven't tried sigapore yet but I know several who do use it. They all love it. Another option some of the gorup has found is Developmental Math. Same concept as Sigapor but it is based on American curency, terms etc.
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i use singapore and miquon, can't say anything bad a out singapore, find both at www.sonlight.com
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