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I set the baskets out in the livingroom so they can see them as soon as they get up. I usually mix in some small toys and a bit of candy. Usually a few practical things like new undies, toothbrushes, bubbles, crayons, etc. We usually do a hunt wherever we are going to celebrate Easter at. Last year one of our neighbors (still don't know who!) came down in the middle of the night and hid eggs around our backyard!
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The Easter Beagle visits our house and he makes a trail with the eggs to hidden easter baskets. We use plastic eggs. We also dye eggs but those stay inside.

We also go to several community egg hunts.
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first i will preface this by saying that my children are too old to believe in the easter bunny anymore (they are almost 12 and almost 10)......however, we still do baskets and an easter egg hunt with their cousins every year. they have a BALL!

our baskets are out on the dining room table on easter morning. and later in the day when we do the egg hunt we use plastic eggs filled with candy and money. there are 5 kids altogether searching (my 2 and my 3 nieces) and we hide about 120 eggs. we hide them EVERYWHERE! my dh is known to tape them to the top of the ceiling fan or suspend them from the ceiling which the older kids get a big kick out of. and since there's such a wide range of ages when they find all the eggs we divide everything up evenly between them....which works out very well.
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This year we aren't having any actual baskets; I don't need one more thing in our house that I then have to feel guilty about disposing of or have to look at lurking in my kids' rooms forever. But the Easter Bunny will visit us, and leave an array of fun things--watering cans and garden shovels, jump ropes, bubbles, and the moon sand my DD has been begging to have for a year.

This year we are also doing an egg hunt. It will be the little chocolate eggs, and will be inside the house. I just told DH he's going to have to kill the woodstove soon, or the delicious chocolate eggs are going to be less pleasant puddles of chocolate mush by the time the kids find them in the morning. We are in New England, and can't count on the weather being nice enough to do an outdoor hunt. Today is was forty degrees and rainy. Brrrr.
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baskets in plain sight with candy, and some small toys (a slinky and a coloring book thingy this year). hardboiled eggs hidden by the easter bunny to find. This year we are dying the eggs tomorrow after the easter bunny comes (because I am sick as a dog and hoping i feel better tomorrow). We will see how that works.

foody wise, coffee cake (or something similarly easy and pre-made) and smoothies in the am. then I'll make a big dinner tonight. pork roast, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, peas and rolls.. YUm....I'm feeling better already.
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Easter basket left at their door so when they wake up and open their door, voila!

Easter bunny when they are little, but when they clue in, I will still do it. Also, hubby gets a basket too. Basket is like a stocking, contains whatever I think is fun, but the focus is on candy.
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The Easter Bunny does not exist.
And I have no clue what you are all talking about re baskets and dying eggs and egg hunting.
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We hide plastic eggs which have either Playdough or small cars/airplanes. There are also two bigger items that will be hid. I hadn't really thought about what to do w/the basket. I can't remember if mine were left out or hidden. In reality there is only two things for his actual basket, a kaleidescope and small chocolate bunny. Everything else will be hidden.
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No baskets here. We hide lots of little chocolate eggs around the living room & kitchen for the kids to find.
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DP and I also get easter baskets, (and stockings) its not just a kid holiday!
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This year, EB filled a basket with little toys, some organic jelly beans, and a few plastic eggs with things like crackers, fruit leather, temporary tattoos and some new socks. He is leaving it on the kitchen table for DS to "discover" at breakfast time. I wanted to do an egg hunt with him, but my house is a total disaster right now, and I also have to work at church tomorrow from 8:30-12:30 so we really don't have much time to do much more than check out the basket of goodies. DS is only just 2 though, so I am thinking next year will be a much bigger deal.
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
This year we aren't having any actual baskets; I don't need one more thing in our house that I then have to feel guilty about disposing of or have to look at lurking in my kids' rooms forever.
The Easter Bunny is putting the kids stuff in laundry baskets the Easter Bunny just bought! Some how S/he knows that the Mama in this house NEEDS a small laundry basket or 2 to cart clothes up and down stairs to where our closets/dressers are AND to take wet clothes to the dryer or outside to hang up. Boy that Easter Bunny is one smart cookie.
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
This year we aren't having any actual baskets; I don't need one more thing in our house that I then have to feel guilty about disposing of or have to look at lurking in my kids' rooms forever.
I know the feeling. DH and I have started keeping the baskets in the hall closet, with the Christmas decorations.

I used to put the baskets out in the morning, in plain sight. Over the last few years, dh and I have started getting out the baskets and putting the grass in the night before (just did that), and leaving them out like a stocking. I think that started when dd spotted the Easter grass in my shopping bag a couple years ago...
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Well, this year our kids' baskets were in storage (we moved recently) and we forgot to get them in time for Easter, so we improvised a bit. One thing led to another, and I ended up coming up with this very intricate scavenger hunt, whereby they would be led from one "gift" to another. With each little gift was an egg. On the outside of the egg, it gave them something they had to do before they could open the egg (draw a picture of a bunny, play Hot Cross Buns on the piano, make an Easter egg out of the play-doh they were receiving, plant a pumpkin/watermelon seed they were receiving, et cetera...), and inside the egg it would tell them where to go next (i.e., "Look in the mailbox," or "Look in your carseat," or "Look in the piano bench"). It got a bit out-of-hand...I hope they'll enjoy it and that it won't be entirely lost on them (they're only 2 and 4--but the 2-year-old's "tasks" are things like "do a somersault" or "make an easter egg out of play-doh." She can't play Hot Cross Buns on the piano, anyway ).

As for the eggs, my daughter has a severe egg allergy, so we went with plastic eggs (we also hid some sidewalk chalk eggs). It's not that she couldn't participate in dying eggs, but we would have probably just thrown them out, anyway, since she can't have them.

The eggs primarily contain Chuck E. Cheese tokens, because we're going out to visit my in-laws next weekend, and they had told us that they wanted to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese while we're there. We got a coupon online for 100 tokens for $10, and another coupon for a large pizza with 4 drinks for $18.99, so we bought the tokens for $10 and split them up into the majority of the eggs, and then one egg contains the coupon and a 20-dollar bill--so whichever kid finds that egg can "treat" the other kid and his or her grandparents to Chuck E. Cheese.
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We don't do baskets at our house. We dye eggs and the kids hunt for them + 1 plastic egg each with a chocolate egg and some jelly beans inside.
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This year were trying something new...so i'll let you know if it turned out good!!
The Easter bunny leaves a basket in front of the door, the basket has 1 or 2 expensive truffles. Then they go looking for Loonies (canadian dollar) That the EB hid all over the house. Each girl has 25 bucks to find.
Then the money they collect, they can choose where they want to go to spend it. Probably for the water park at a hotel with a theme room...orr just add it to the savings for an airplane holiday!
So we practice counting and money managment!
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Originally Posted by alicia622 View Post
Are baskets hidden or set out in plain view?
Is the egg hunt comprised of hard boiled/colored eggs or plastic eggs with surprises inside or a combination of the two?
I question this every year. I kind of want to hide the baskets, but then I feel like I need to come up with clever clues that show that they are hidden and not just non-existent. My parents used to put the hardboiled eggs in the basket, and I've done that in years past.

I bought nice baskets a few years ago that had cloth liners. I don't believe in Easter grass...it is evil and is not allowed in my house! Well, the baskets got taken out of storage and generally played with, used as temporary homes for gerbils and such, so this year I just bought some cheap bamboo baskets that were on sale, and some paper grass. That's only the spawn of Satan, not Satan himself, but everyone needs a little Lucifer, right?

They each dyed almost a dozen eggs each. I'm not sure if I should hide the eggs in the house tonight, or organize an egg hunt outside tomorrow after church. I think I might put a few of the hard cooked eggs in their baskets as well.

I bought too much candy. I don't know what I was thinking.
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We used to leave them in plain view, but this year we hid them. We have 5 plastic eggs, each with a clue in it to find the next one, to lead them to their basket.

We did this for several reasons: Ds2 will often wake up early, but then toddle into bed with us and fall back asleep, and sleep much later than ds1. If they saw those baskets first thing, no more sleep would happen and he'd be tired. Also, we thought it might be nice to get them to eat something before the sugar rush starts. We don't buy tons of candy, but there is some in there. And then third, we thought a treasure hunt would be fun.

Oh, and we do an easter egg hunt later as well. This year we're just doing dyed eggs. We used to do a mixture of both real and plastic, but I got tired of trying to find things small enough to fit in the eggs that were neither candy or cheap plastic pieces of crap. Putting cheddar bunnies or walnuts in there only worked for so long.
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The easter bilby didn't get to far this year and left them in a tidy pile on the small table in my room, he saw them straight away when he woke up
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I left the basket sitting on a chair in the livingroom. DS spotted an egg on his way downstairs this morning and got focused on finding the eggs that he didn't even notice the basket for about half an hour Good thing I didn't hide it!

Easter is a weird holiday. DS has asked me why the EB brought him stuff and hid eggs- and I have no idea what to tell him. I actually told him I don't know.:
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