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Donde están los boricuas!

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I know there have to be some boricua mamas and papas somewhere on this forum! So if you're a boricua, give a shout here! And if you live in PR, let's plan something! I know you are all out there! I would love to get together with crunchy PR parents. I'll bribe ya with banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies

boricua hasta en la luna :
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Here... in West Chester PA.
Hola nena!
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You're far away! I suppose a playdate is out of the question huh?
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Yo voy y vengo. Ahora mismo estoy en la isla en casa de mis papas. Cada vez que vengo me pregunto en donde hangean las familias crunchies en la isla.

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Yo vivo en Quebradillas.
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no soy boricua pero quiero visitar a PR.

it will be either end of may or beginning of june. it will be an anniversary trip with my dh, 15 YEARS! we will be without children!

and we chose PR because of how cheap the tickets are.

do you have any ideas for what we should definitely do? which city we should visit or stay in?

i appreciate all tips. if there is a better forum for this, please point me in the right direction!

muchisimas gracias
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Are you planning for 2010 then?

My Dh and I just spent our 15th here in the island and would love to share some info. :

PR is such an awesome place to visit. It offers something for everybody and I guess my advice would depend on what your favorite things to do are.
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thanks for replying.

i love the beach. we love good food. we'd like a guest house or b&b. we'd like to go snorkeling once. we'd like to take a walking tour (maybe old san juan?) we also love to hike so a forest hike would be great. i think we'll be there about 7 days.

we'd rather stay in one or two places instead of hotel hopping each night.

does that help?

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Here are some options for lodging right smack in the middle of Old San Juan. You will most likely land in Isla Verde which is just minutes away from OSJ.

The Gallery Inn is very bohemian~artsy~funky.

El Convento is in a very historical building and is a classic colonial beauty.

Da House is right on top of the well-known Nuyorican Cafe. One of the greatest clubs to go listen to live salsa in the entire US. Very famous.

Not to miss while in Old San Juan~

~ An early morning walk on the Paseo La Princesa. Beautiful paved path along the walls of the city and the ocean. Very romantic. Dont wait til' sunset, the sun feels like its setting right on you! Too hot!

~ Lunch at La Bombonera, this restaurant has been a local favorite for generations. Still to this day our family dines there. Dont miss a cup of Cafe con Leche and a Mayorca, it will rock your world! They also serve breakfast.

~ The gardens at Ponce de Leon's house. Very relaxing and green.

~ Any of the old churches.

~ The view from the Plaza de la Rogativa and the 75cent "limbers" to cool you off across the street.

~ Cafe Manolin is great for PRican food lunch also. And so is El Jibarito, the food is affordable, the atmostphere genuine and the food tastes like my mom's.

~Raices is good PRican food and experience but a bit on the pricey side for PRican food.

~ Calle San Sebastian late at night, after 11pm, is alive on the weekends.

~ El Morro is always a great destination. Beautiful view, great history!

Tell me if Im overwhelming you.
I just think that too often people come to PR and miss its essence! :

I have more information about other locations in the island for snorkeling and hiking. Let me know if youre interested.
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perfect info. so would you suggest spending most of the time in OSJ and then taking a day trip for hiking and a day trip for snorkeling?

i am grateful for the information. nothing like someone who knows instead of tourist guide books!!

thanks so much!
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No actually, I recommend doing exactly the opposite. Two days tops in OSJ and the rest of the time renting a car and exploring the island. There are so many gorgeous places to visit to be in nature.

Is renting a car an option for you guys? The roads are great and access pretty much everywhere you want to go.

To know the real PR you most definitely have to spend time outside of the metro area.
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i suppose we could rent a car.

we are not wanting to hotel-hop, would rather stay in one or two places max. would there be a place you could recommend exploring for 3 or 4 days after we do the OSJ couple of days?
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You could stay in a parador:


They are hotels near tourist attractions. They are usually very nice, and cheaper than a San Juan hotel. Sorry to post and run, but just wanted to give you a little more info.
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Sorry I didnt reply sooner, was way busy.

I second the Parador idea. And as far as the island goes. I would try the southwest coast in and around Guanica. We love, love it there. Lots of snorkleling and gorgeous caribbean beaches and cays. Check out this place. http://www.maryleesbythesea.com/ It has a great location.

Just recommended Guanica to a coworker a few months back and she fell in love with it. She's set on going back. And that was her first time in PR.

So. two days in San Juan, the rest relaxing by the beaches of the Caribbean and enjoying the local culture.

Buena Suerte!
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i lived in puerto rico on and off from ages 13-18

i lived in vieques. it's not a good candidate for a day trip, but good for 3-4 days.
if you like pristine beaches where you will not likely see any other people, mangrove bays that glow with natural phosphorecense at night (and you can swim in it!) snorkeling, simple but good food and drink.. but renting a jeep is a must over there. depending on your budget i can suggest good places to stay. pm me if you'd like more info!

here is some info on the worlds brightest biolumenesent bay, in Vieques
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Hola desde Colorado.
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Lehigh Acres, Florida!
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Boricua right here.. Ive lived in the island most of my life and am now headed to live in NY where my husband is at.. So from now until May 27th I will be enjoying my lovely island!
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naranjito, pr :)

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Para las Boricuas!!!




My name is Mónica Ruiz-Meléndez...natural de Guaynabo... and I am ICAN's new Caribbean Regional Coordinator!

ICAN is up and running in Puerto Rico and I plan to continue to plant seeds and hope to get chapters going in the region.

If you are passionate about birth, want to help improve the birth climate in your island, wanna help moms avoid unnecessary C-Sections and/or help in their recovery...let me know! I'll be glad to help you start your own chapter or connect you with the ICAN of Puerto Rico ladies!


I can be reached at caribbeanrc@ican-online.org 

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