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Homebirth in Central Florida

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Hi, I'm new to FL, planning pregnancy and want to have a home birth. This would be my third child, the others delivered in hospitals by midwives. Both of my pregnancies and deliveries were free of complications.

I'm just south of Ocala and have looked at Birth Center of Gainesville but wasn't very happy with their approach. Because I have depression and see a therapist, I am automatically disqualified from going to Birth Place in Winter Garden. I have an appointment for consultation at Heart 2 Heart in Sanford to see if I like them. What I keep coming back to though is that my other pregnancies and births have not had any problems, and all of the birth centers are 1.5 to 2 hours away, plus I have very short labors, all leading me to believe that I aught to be able to birth at home. I plan on having a back up OB at Winnie Palmer and seeing a Perinatologist to keep track of the babies developement because I do take medication. But, if the pregnancy is without complications, and the baby is decided to be fine, why should I even bother with a hospital or birth center. Also, one of my sisters had a home birth last year, and the other sister, who is on medication, had a birth center birth last year without problems.

So, all of that is to say, can anyone recommend a midwife in Central Florida who assists with home birth?

*ETA that we also have a Fire Department literally across the street from us if anything arose that I needed transport to a hospital.
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I am just a little south of Ocala too. I also didn't care for the Birth Center of Gainesville (they seem great, but it just wasn't what I personally was looking for). I am going to Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and I love it, Michelle is fabulous!! I am having a birth center birth(due in may), she no longer does homebirths though.

I have heard very good things about these homebirth midwives that service this area- http://www.midwivescooperative.com/
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LOL, I'm a little south of Ocala, too! Small world!

Virginia Wittebort is a homebirth midwife in Clermont. I'm not sure how far you are from there, but she travels up to an hour radius. I love her; she's awesome! Her email address is viroska AT aol DOT com.
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Wow! Yes, small world!!

I didn't know there was a homebirth midwife in Clermont! That's were I grew-up. That is great!! Thanks for her info!!
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Wow, it is truly a small world.

I have a consult next week at Heart 2 Heart, but I am going to contact the midwives cooperative too. I'm about 1-1.5 hours from Clermont depending on which route you take, so I will contact Virginia too.

Thanks so much ladies!
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Actually Heart 2 heart is one the verge of offering homebirths again. Although I don't think they will be able to come as far out as you are.
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I am curious as to what you find. I am closer to Tampa so we have Labor of Love, but they dont do homebirths in my area anymore either. (Spring Hill)
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I don't know if Kelli Johnson travels that far but check her out too. She does homebirth and is very respected in the community.

You can go to the Florida Friends of Midwives website to get her contact info.
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I did not do home birth but did have an amazing doula - Pam Napp. She's in the Tampa Bay area but I am sure she can give you good leads on who/where to talk to for home birth. Just google her name and you'll find her contact info. Good luck!
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Try Debbie Frechette, LM, CPM and please tell her Mary R sent you I was her student last semester, she is in Dunnellen and opening an office there but only does Homebirth She travels and Im pretty sure she and Virginia often work together give her a ring- 352 322 0222
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