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do you have a stroller/do you use it?

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hi everyone, I'm pregnant with my second dc, I also have a 4y/o and I'm kinda new at babywearing. I tried to wear ds but I found he was too heavy and it was quite difficult in Canadian winters when, by the time ds was dressed in all the winter gear, I got dressed then tried to squish him in the sling, we both were tired and frustrated. This time I'll try a harder.

My first question (if you don't mind) is: will I need a stroller? Baby will be born in autumn and we probably won't take too long walks; the winter temperatures here are around -20. And when baby gets older (and heavier), I could just get an umbrella stroller. Is it really feasible? Do you have a stroller and do you use it often?

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I have a baby that lives in the sling but I do have a stroller and I do use it. Its nice for when we are in the mall or farmers market and I have other stuff to lug around, its nice when he is still asleep in his car seat and I can transfer him over with him staying asleep. And sometimes he is just in a mood to look out at stuff. I always keep my sling with me because he goes back and forth between the two, but I don't think I would want to go without either.
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Many people get along fine without a stroller, but we use ours a fair amount. Especially when she was tiny, it was great to be able to transfer her in her bucket seat from the car to the stroller, all nice and bundled up and without waking her, and then pop her in the sling when she woke up later. I actually use the stroller much less now that she's older than I did when she was tiny. But there are lots of mamas on this board who would be horrified at seeing someone do that and would never ever use a bucket seat themselves, so to each his own, I suppose -- it just depends on how useful it'd be for you.
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a sling will work for a fall baby my ds was born towards the end of october. i wore him the hole winter with no problems. if you are using a snowsuit that is just a sack the sling would work in the craddle hold. if you are going to use a ssc in the feet out keep in mind that the foot of the suit will need to be the full length of their legs or longer. i had to learn the hard way they make the feet shorter then their legs. i think strollers in candain winters are just a PITA if you found the sling to much weight get a ssc one with buckles makes life easier. i have a pikkolo and couldnt live without it. i would put my ds in it and then i would be able to squish the snowsuit/jacket down to get a good tight fit. would never do the stroller i take public transit and the draging it off and on would be more work, not to mention the snow.
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My first was not big into babywearing so I used the stroller a lot. This time around I bought an expensive stroller and cheap sling thinking this baby would be the same way. She is the opposite though. She lives in the mei-tai (I ended up getting a nicer sling) and doesn't like the stroller. I like having one but wish I bought a cheaper one. I have a pinched nerve in my arm right now so Im struggling with the mei-tai so it's nice having the stroller. I'd say I used the mei-tai 90% of the time and the stroller 10%.
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I used one more with my first before I found a carrier that worked for us. Now we just have an inexpensive one that my mom bought because she uses it and can't carry them. I don't use it at all.
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I have 2 strollers & yes I use them.
1 is a Bob revolution(given to us by DH's brother). I use it for loooong walks when I don't want to wear DD, I've also started babysiting so I push 1 lo & wear the other & this winter I used it when I walked to dog b/c the sidewalks were icy & it wasn't safe to wear DD. My DH also likes to push DD in the stroller.
stroller #2 is a hand me down maclaren volo. we just got it recently & keep it in the car. DH likes to push DD. I like to use it when I need to do a lot of shopping.

I do also wear DD a lot! She naps every day on my back in a mt or wrap
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DH insisted that we get the whole traveling system instead of just the carseat; I told him it wasn't necessary because we had multiple carriers. Boy am I glad he stood his ground! DD is very persnickity and doesn't always like to be in a carrier. So we use the sling (my fave) around the house, light shopping (grocery store, running errands etc - although now that she's getting bigger, she likes to sit in the cart more) and when she needs to nurse. We use the stroller for walks (mostly as support for mil - her nickname is Sea Legs ) and fieldtrips, as I call them (anything that involves being out of the house for several hours and much walking around), but we still have the sling as back up.
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We had a stroller for DS but that was before my babywearing days. For DD we have a variety of carriers but no stroller. We use the mei tai all.the.time. I honestly have not missed the stroller at all.
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No, we do not have a stroller. So far, we have just not had a need for one. We do walk a lot and attend a lot of festivals/events. Plus, we really enjoy traveling. To me, a stroller is just too cumbersome. More importantly, DD is totally content in her sling...always has been. She will still take a snooze in the sling (while riding on my back, usually).
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I started using a stroller when dd was 18 months old. I mainly use it for shopping is all. She likes the stroller better now that she's almost 2 she wants to walk everywhere. It's only slightly larger than an umbrella stroller so it's very portable.
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I have a stroller, but I really hate it. I leave it in dh's car. He uses it, and I use wraps and mei tais
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I have two (a BOB and a travel system) that are both used often. In the summer it gets pretty hot and even evening walks with a sling turn into a sweat fest. My son is also wants to see/touch everything so he'll arch his back in a sling because he wants more freedom.

The travel system was great when he was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. We took the BOB to the driving range the other day and it was great to keep him off the wet grass while we hit balls.
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I have two strollers and use them both or neither in different situations.

-If I'm taking all three kids (4, 23 months and 3 months) for a walk by myself, then I use the double stroller.
-If I have another adult with me, then I wear the baby and the toddler rides in the umbrella stroller. Its too low for me push while wearing the baby.
-If its a situation where the toddler can run free, then I wear the baby.

(The 4-year old always walks.)
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I do have strollers though I did not use them a lot - also mine were either hand me down or craigslist items. One thing that was nice was when my LO was a couple months old my DH would go running with him in a BOB jogging stroller, and he really seemed to like the fast motion - it gave me some quiet time alone.

Other times I liked having a stroller:

When shopping if I wanted to be trying on clothes. Otherwise I'd take him in a carrier.

When we traveled - like when we went to Mexico when DS was 7 months old - it can help getting through the airport. We'd alternate between the stroller and the Ergo for getting through security, but the umbrella stroller was nice because it could be used for stashing stuff or to double up as a chair at places without high chairs. I was just learning how to use the Ergo as a back carrier, so I thought the stroller was easier for going through security than having to take him on and off my back.

I highly recommend a soft structured carrier like an Ergo. It seems to work better for wearing under big jackets, and worked well in hot weather too. Wraps are also nice, but I personally found slings awkward for doing much other than standing around with a newborn.
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we also use our stroller a fair amount as well as the mei-tai
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I would suggest waiting till you decide you want a stroller (once baby is born), then get one to suit your needs at that point. You may very well not want/need one till spring (strollers in the snow and ice are a huge PITA), at which point you may want to just get a lightweight/umbrella-type stroller. On the other hand, if you decide you want one before then, you'll likely need something more rugged to deal with the winter conditions.

I'd also suggest planning to wear your baby *under* your coat, rather than bundling both of you up and wearing baby on top. Dress yourselves both warmly (sweater, hat) and put baby in carrier; then put your coat on over both of you and zip/button it up to baby's neck. This works great!

As for our data points, we do have an umbrella stroller that we have used only a handful of times. I've never enjoyed it at all. But every family is different!
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We use our stroller, but not for the baby. The baby always rides in a carrier on me.

We have a double stroller that I use for my older two (4 yrs & 24 months) when we go to trips like the zoo or the arboretum. Yesterday, my two year old napped for 1 hour in the stroller while we were at the arboretum. He fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept in the stroller. Woke up later and played until we left. It came in very handy to have the stroller.

So, if you are thinking of getting a stroller, think of it more for your older child rather than the baby.
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We never used one a lot but there were definitely times when it was a necessity to have one. I won't spend a lot of money on one but will be investing in a double stroller. DH has several days off a week and will need it for the girls because he will get them out and about a lot.
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We do have a stroller and it gets used a fair amount. I think DD was 6 months before we started using it, and then it was just for long walks or when it was really hot. We don't have a car, though, and walking is our primary mode of transportation.
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