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Exercise after IUI

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I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on exercising after IUI's. I've read a range of thoughts on the topic including the following: almost any type of activity is fine immediately following an IUI, any type of activity is fine 24 hours after an IUI, no running, spinning, aerobics, or heavy lifting during the entire 2 ww, and exercise is fine as long as it isn't to intense.

I'm staring ttc with IUI's next month and there is a five mile race around the time of my first IUI. I want to run it because it will be fun and I know the value of continuing to live your life during the 2ww from when my partner was ttc our first child. Also I can give up the race, but the idea of not running for the entire 2ww is very unappealing as is the idea of spending $700 on an IUi and screwing up my chances of getting pregnant by going for a run.


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My RE said continuing to work out at the same or simalar pace as pre IUI was not only ok but encouraged.
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If you run the race and the cycle ends up being unsuccessful, will you regret having run?

I like the advice if not doing anything during the 2ww (or first trimester) that you will later look back on (post BFN or miscarriage) and regret, wondering if your actions were responsible.

Good luck!

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quasar played softball (a double header?) right after our 2nd iui and i am holding the week old result of that iui right now. i just joked with her to not play catcher so she didn't "squat out the sample"
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I think the answer depends a bit on how your cycles are and what your TTC/fertility status is. We don't own a car (on purpose), and biking is usually my primary form of transport. I had assumed that would be true while TTC as well, as I'd always heard you could keep up the same level of activity you usually did.

But after my first two cycles TTC (which followed almost a year of acupuncture to get me ovulating and fix my cycles) my acupuncturist more or less laid down the law and ordered me off the bike during the TWW. Her concern was that my uterus was poorly positioned, and "weak" (whatever that means in eastern-medicine-speak) and that extra "jostling" would hinder implantation. She also had concerns about certain points in my legs that biking would effect.

She hadn't mentioned it until after my first two cycles. At that point, I used something like Lex's regret logic, and begrudgingly got off the bike during the TWW. I've been off my bike for the whole pregnancy as well. That said, I got the feeling my acupuncturist's biking ban was coming from what she knew specifically about my body, so it was easier to take the advice, and she had also worked a miracle with my cycles, so I did trust her.

I will say though, that as happy as I am to be expecting our second, I will be beyond thrilled to get back on that bike in several months. And in terms of "giving things up" while TTC (which is to some extent inevitable), the freedom afforded by biking felt the hardest. But in terms of your health and sanity, it really might not make sense yet for you to give up running, at least on some level, especially if your cycles are great, your uterine position is good, and you have no reason to expect any problems. After a few cycles, it might feel different.

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Thanks for all the thoughtful advice. I'm leaning towards no race, but some running. It took nine months of TTC for my partner to conceive our three year-old, so I don't think I'm capable of approaching the process with unfettered optimism, but I feel like I need to try a cycle or two without too much change in my normal routines. Then again we only have three vials of our daughter's donor left and it would be great to have the same donor. Got to love the uncertainty and endless questions that come with TTC. Thanks again.
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