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Facebook group for DDC

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I started a Facebook group for the April DDC so we could still converse after this club closes. Since so many of us were part of March and April, it makes sense to make a group for all of us. So, if you're on Facebook, come join the March and April MDC mommies group. If the link doesn't work, type in the name of the group in the search bar and request to join.
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I don't do Facebook but once they close the DDC, We'll definitely have to start a weekly/monthly thread over in the Life With a Babe forum.
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I sent a request to the group, Heather. Great idea! I'll be visiting the "Life with a Babe" forum too
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fun! i sent a request too
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I sent a request. Good idea.
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sent a request too!
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request sent!
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just sent my request
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I sent my request. Facebook is where I post a bunch of baby pictures so I'm glad we'll all be there! Yay for March and April (and my February) baby!
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I just sent a request as well. What a great idea!
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i think i might be the only person on the planet who doesn't have a facebook account...perhaps i'll get on that...
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Sounds like fun! I just submitted a request.
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Hi I jut sent a request.
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I just sent one too.
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I think I did, too. I think. lol
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my request has been sent!
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sent a request!
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