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Oral thrush that won't go away(adult)

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Asking for a frustrated friend...
She was diagnosed with genital herpes during a first outbreak about 8 weeks ago. During it she had several other health problems, including a UTI, yeast infection, etc. and took antibiotics for something. She's the most anti-antibiotics person so took probiotics and hasn't had yeast and all that. About 6 weeks ago, she developed thrush in her mouth, and it still won't go away. She took anti-fungal suckers for 2 weeks and nystatin(sp?) oral pills for 2 weeks. She has been to a couple of doctors and a dentist. She already had an HIV test right after the outbreak. She is frustrated and unable to get any answers. Anyone have any advice?
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I had mouth thrush to...SO painful! I was prescribed by my doctor something called "magic mouthwash" that I had to pick up from the pharmacy (it was prescribed). I have no idea what was in it, but it helped almost immediately! Good luck to your friend!
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I'm right there with your friend. I originally treated it with gentian violet which made it go away but as soon as I stopped the treatment it cam right back. Right now I am on Nystatin swish and swallow ( perhaps the magic mouthwash a PP was speking of?) It's not doing any good right now but I have a flaming ear infection that ruptured my ear drum so I am on antibiotics right now too. The big thing that I keep seeing over and over again with adult thrush is diet. Your friend may have yeast overgrowth syndrome. Google it, you'll get loads of info.
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