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Chicken Pox in the Metrowest Area

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Here’s our deal. Please pm with who you are and where you are coming from and who you’ll be bringing. Please be sure you are all healthy! We came down with colds shortly after exposure to the pox. I don’t want to get sick again, especially after this past week of colds. Also, we are finishing up the cold so three of us have pretty good coughs, but mostly just at night. One of the babies has a watery nose.

DS still has 30-40 pox. Not a lot of new ones over night. DD has about 6 but they are so textbook perfect- dew drop on a petal. Nothing from the twins who are going to get tossed through the window if they are just planning to be this miserable for the foreseeable future!
Our house will be open this afternoon after two pm. We will also invite guests on Monday between 9:30 and 11:30 and again after 2pm. We are unwashed and the house is a mess. Hey- we’ve been sick! I’ll give you our address in a pm or email. I'll add more days as needed or appropriate.

Here’s to natural immunity! : Thanks for helping us with this MAMom!
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Glad to hear the exposure worked, mumm (though not on the ones you were expecting it for, eh?)!

The Aveeno anti-itch cream really helped us more than plain calemine (Jessica recommended this to me, and it really worked well...thanks J!), and we also used Benedryl a couple of nights when sleeping was tough.

Hang in there
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Well...we still have the drippy noses so I guess we can't reexpose yet.
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Mumm- Thinking of you.
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Subbing. DD has a runny nose so it's either pox or just a cold. Please keep us updated.
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I THINK we have it, well, Ryan anyways. A few spots, 1 or 2 very pox-like in appearance. And he was complaining his tummy hurt a little this morning and he feels warm too. Which means we'll probably have it to share on and off for a while since the 2yo and baby don't have it yet, and the 5yo wasn't at MAmoms so he'll have to catch it from his siblings hopefully.
I'll keep you all posted. We're also in Metrowest so I'll just piggyback this thread!
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Krista- Hope it's a mild case.
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Please, please, please let us know if it pox. I'll come by at any time.
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If you can, try to limit exposure to siblings. Just wanted to be sure those with more than one child are aware of this. Josh got it quite a bit worse than Rebecca, which, of course, could be just 'luck' but it can be due to the extended exposure.

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Aw, I got all excited last night...Tobias had a fever and was snuffuly...Geoff ran out and got tylenol and I asked him to pick up benadryl because I was convinced he had the pox (I saw him itch his arm and back a couple of times). But this morning nuthin but a little raised circle by his cheak.

So, anyway, no pox party for us. C'est la vie!
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Ours started out with just one little raised circle so don't give up hope yet!! Best of luck!
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Well Avery has about double the pox today and has been weepy and tempermental like Logan was yesterday. Meryl has exactly one blister. Poor kid has a severely infected bug bite (to the point of fever and oral abx) on the back of her head and a pox on the front. And older sibs who love to rub her hair.

I understand about prolonged exposure possibly creating a more severe case. I just want the babies to get enough of a case to be real, kwim? I think they may still be nursing too much.

We've had no trouble with itchiness but I have Aveeno cream and the oatmeal soak jic.

And the spots don't start like the "dew drop on a petal" like I thought. We just thought Logan's were bug bites for about 16 hours. Okay- 2 naked toddlers climbing on me so I can barely see the screen. Time to g o b......
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Darn it, I KNEW my kids would get sick when there was pox around.: The baby has a snotty nose and the 4 year old has a cough.
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Okay, Ryan's back is looking pretty speckled now, but just little red dots mostly, only 2 that look like typical pox so far, 1 on his chest and one on his face. He has a fever and is hanging out on the couch, but we have a nicely contaminated Wii remote from the Littlest Pet Shop game.

2yo has had a runny nose from a cold, so it's hard to tell what's up with him...but I suppose it's time to invite people over...

PM me or email me at yourmove @ rcn.com
I thinking of sending 5yo to school tomorrow morning (tuesday) but not 2yo, and allowing people over from 9:45-11:45am, and again from 2-4pm. Maybe something similar over the next few days, but I don't want to wear us all out so I'll see what response I get...

- Krista
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Hey Krista- I'm glad to know you are doing what I am. I'm feeling very isolated at the moment. Perhaps exhaustion but I'm weepy over the fact that our neighbor can't even put the school work sent home in our mailbox because we are so contagious. Sheesh, our mailbox across the street might be lethal????? I can't wait for dp to get home on friday so I can sleep for 60 consecutive minutes!!

Anyway. Avery developed about 200 more spots in the last few hours, so she has well over 400 at this point. She doesn't feel feverish but has been shaking and cold most of the day. And she is weepy sad too. I can't even imagine what the teen years might be like with 5 people pmsing.

My kids have watched more tv in the past day than in the past 4 months!

Hang in there!
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Originally Posted by mumm View Post
I can't wait for dp to get home on friday so I can sleep for 60 consecutive minutes!!
So funny (well, not really), I'll be on my own for this too.
Good luck! If you need to talk or want to get our highly contagious kids together I'm sure we could work something out.

- Krista
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Really? DS has his birthday party this weekend and then another one the first weekend of May..
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A question for those much more knowledgable than myself. There's a chance (small) that I'm pregnant. I've had pox. Is it safe for me to bring my 2 year old by?
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Looks like the baby has it too. 2 on her head, 1 on her back, 1 on her bottom...2 already have the droplets.
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: I'm SO irrationally angry that my littlest has a snotty nose. I REALLY wanted pox.

that just sounds like something a MEAN mommy would say.
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