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Originally Posted by earthgirl View Post
BTW, everytime I look for spots on Simi she says, "I'm thinking about that chickenpox lady." She means you. Clearly you, and the horse, left an impression.
That's so funny!!
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Oh Nate talked about that horse for days too.
Speaking of Nate, he has 2 suspicious spots. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more.
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There is also a mouthwash that you can get for mouth sores. I didn't end up needing it or looking into it much.... so I don't know if it's good or not, or if it is readily available.
I'm not sure what else is out there, other than the drs probably will recommend giving the vax or an antibiotic to lesson symptoms- or be totally clueless now that cp is not mainstream...

I'm probably repeating myself, but from our experience and the others with harder cases, there are 2-3 bad days and then relative ease... The first day or 2 was developing and then 2-3 days where it can feel a little overwhelming and then a good 3-5 days of everything being okay but dc is clingy and/or emotional/testy and then after that there is still some time to recover after that.
Of course, I'm basing that on a small number of cases, but when I thought at day 3 that it was going to be like that for another 3-5 days, I was really worried.. but a day and a half later we had pretty much 'clear sailing'... phew.
So if you are in the thick of it and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I hope it will seem a little less so in the next day or so. It should.

And strep is going around here too.... apparently we missed it at preschool the week Josh had the chicken pox....
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Strep is running rampant in the Natick, Framingham, Needham, Wellesley, and Newton area (from what the docs/hospital have been telling me.)

Good luck everyone.
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Just wanted to give you all a heads-up. Got a pm from the media today (ABC producer). Sleepdeprivedmommy is supposedly one of their producers looking for an interview. I'm not interested in their interviews and just wanted to let you know that they're looking. Best of luck to everyone, looks like we're heading toward the home stretch with most of her pox scabbing over! Woohoo...there is an end in sight!
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Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be careful today. :
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I also thought on day 3 that this would go on forever in misery. Then on day 4 it seemed like old spots were scabbing and for some reason some of the smaller dots never got big. They just got tiny blisters and scabs. My dd has some very large scabs from a couple of really large blisters. So it seems like from day 3 to day 4 there is some sort of turning point. I hope it's that way for the rest of you.
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Day 3 -
6yo is covered, but many are blistery/pussy now and a few have begun to scab.
2yo hasn't gotten any more than the 2 suspicious spots so I don't think he'll get them until later, so he and 5yo will likely be up for sharing at the end of the month.
Baby has 3-4 dozen spots, many new today, a few are blistery.
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: So many pox-y kids. I am trying to keep my 3 health enough for exposure soon. We are almost done with the gross leaky nose and the cough is productive and nearly gone.
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Originally Posted by mandcc96 View Post
Hi, seems like this strain is pretty good. My friend that came to MAmom's with us has 2 daughters that caught it too. Her oldest is covered from head to toe in pox and has been pretty cranky at night too. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that the dr's said not to use ibuprofen with the pox. Only tylenol. You might want to ask your dr if it's ok. Best of luck.
Yikes. I've been giving dd ibuprofen. Off to dr. google now.
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We've got em!
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congrats earthgirl! Best of luck...lots of oatmeal baths and hugs!
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Originally Posted by earthgirl View Post
We've got em!

Well, the tally is now 8 out of the 10 families who visited us got them so far, so we did something right over here
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We may be for 1-2 more days.
PM me or email me at: yourmove @ rcn.com
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Day 4 -
6yo is feeling a bit better today, many spots scabbing over, but also some new ones--on his palms and fingers!
Baby has a few new ones on her face/head.
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So I guess it is day 5 for us. Big kid went off to school. (We were at the bus stop 40 minutes early. Think he was ready??) 6 year old appears to be fully scabbed over but is still slightly feverish and feeling sick. Not sure what the deal is there. One year old has about 7 or 8 new spots on torso while the ones on her head are fully scabbed. Other one year old has nothing.

The bus stop was hysterical. Some families treated us like we had leprosy and were holding an anthrax wind machine. Others came right up and asked how people were feeling. It was really quite interesting and only reinforced my feeling I already had for people.
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How are all the kids doing now, mama's?
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Yesterday, Day 5, 6yo probably could have gone back to school, but he was still a tad bit itchy, otherwise fine. Oh, and I noticed on day 4 that he had some spots IN his mouth, just under his upper lip, but he said he couldn't even feel them.

Baby actually went to her scheduled wbv yesterday. I didn't want to lose the appointment, plus this way it's documented that she had pox, and the doctor was happy to take my word for it about the other kids, but said we could draw titers at her 1 year appointment to be sure , but I said I know what pox look like thanks, I had them at age 15, but she just wanted to offer it since she said many parents come in with kids they think have chicken pox apparently and she tries to assure them that it something else, so they usually check titers then. Anyhow...

Some of the baby's spots had gotten pussier, and she had a low fever, which also happened to 6yo the day before they crusted over, though she was more uncomfortable. She also took 4 naps yesterday! (usually only takes 2) and had little appetite except for nursing. She had really acted fine until yesterday, I think the spots were getting itchier, so I finally caved and gave her a little acetaminophen and Benadryl. After the Benadryl kicked in she slept really well last night. (Of course Dada came home last night--yes, he's been away all week during this--so that might have helped too.)
And 6yo asked for some lotion on some spots last night before bed.

Day 6 - 6yo hasn't mentioned any itching at all so far today.
Baby woke up in a better mood, no noticable fever. So I'd so we're almost done....until round 2! which I expect will hit around the weekend of the 26th.
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I'm late for the party!

Is anyone still contagious?

My lo is well and I've been ready... then forgot to check this board for the last week...augh!


Thanks mamas!
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