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We're still waiting to see if Daniel comes up with them. He came down sick thurs night thur sat morning, but no spots yet. I know it is too soon. he probally won't have any cp spots until next weekend.

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2yo has what I swear are 2 cp spots...one on his neck and one on the edge of his scalp...already blistery. Go figure. We'll wait and see what transpires.

Still counting on 5yo to offer another round of contagion next week though!
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Just wondering...does anyone have any stubborn blisters hanging around? Most of dd's pox have already scabbed (although most scabs seem to be falling off early and leaving an open sore...which doesn't surprise me too much since same thing happened when she had her tonsils out). But she does have a blister on her toe that doesn't want to do anything. Seems like it's going to scab over but then you look and it's still filled. No big red circle around or swelling...just very uncomfortable for her. She's still running a temp (low..100.3) Been running since she came started with blisters on 4/10. I thought we'd be done with this by now since it's been well over a week. She also has a white blister on the bottom of her toe that hasn't done anything at all...actually looks like a regular blister (nonpox) but hasn't changed at all over several days. Any suggestions??
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We are on day 8. 8 year old is so over this and moved on. 6 year old is mostly scabby and her final count of pox is, I'm guessing, around 700. She is feeling much, much better but still tired and napped for a few hours again yesterday. One year old ended up with maybe 30 spots, some stil not scabbed but most are. She still has a fever and has two donut like (think lyme) rings on her chest that I am going to have checked out on Monday. She had lyme last year and has already been treated for a really infected tick bite this year. The blisters in her diaper area are rather yellow and sore. The other one year old has nothing but is the crankiest of the bunch and has been all along. I figure her spots will break out next week on the day we are touring the statue of liberty.

Anyway. I thought I would share a funny thing that happened at the playground yesterday. Two of my kids have a fair number of pox on their faces, but all scabbed over. One mom keeps staring and finally asks "Do they have chicken pox." I answer with "Yes. They did." She stares and thinks awhile and then asks "Didn't you get them the MMR shot?"
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That is absolutely hysterical mumm. Just goes to show that people feel free to give their opinion even when they're lacking the knowledge behind it. I got a simliar treatment at the playground on Thursday. I overheard one mom say to the rest "I hope that child doesn't have an infectious disease like chicken pox". Then they moved away from us and eventually left about 5 mins. later. Infectious disease??? How bout a virus LOL. My older girls had it when they were young and the biggest difference is that now we're treated like leopars and endagering parents. Back then I got more support from the community and friends/family. People actually brought you food and helped out. Nowadays, you're scorned and shunned until your children look "normal" again. It's pretty amazing what uneducated opinions will do to a person. I wonder if the mom who asked about the MMR even got the vaccine for cp. Maybe she asked for the wrong vaccine? At least there is a little bit of humor in this whole ordeal. Brings a smile to a long day.
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Alright, pretty sure 2yo has pox now....it's either day 22 or day 7 after exposure, who knows which. But he's got the fever starting and 2 more spots have shown up, one under his chin and one on his hand. He's already scratching and won't leave them alone--he's the one that I'm worried about scarring because he scratches at everything incessantly. But what're ya gonna do....

Anyhow...tomorrow is our anniversary, and we're going out to lunch...I'll post in the morning to update...but for now I'll say that people who want to expose their kids may PM me or email me: yourmove @ rcn.com and please let me know your MDC userid in your message.
We'll allow visitors tomorrow (monday) afternoon, let's say between 1-5pm, again between 9am-4pm on tuesday, and 2-4pm on wednesday (my mother is having minor surgery that morning sorry).

And then of course we're expecting 5yo to come down with them next week...

- Krista
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But really it could be day 10 for him right? Counting from 2 days before your kids had spots. Plus I think they count up until the spots have the blister (ie making it recognizable as chicken pox?) Maybe I can't count on finny coming down with them on the way home from NY (as opposed to going to NY). Who knows.........

I have a pox scar that I wear as a badge of honor. On my face. And I'm a girl!

Happy Anniversary. Does your husband lose his luggage a lot? American Eagle is the lowest ranked airline nationally in terms of keeping track of checked bags. I'm told it is because they are a commuter/feeder airline, but who knows.
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Originally Posted by veganf View Post
Anyhow...tomorrow is our anniversary, and we're going out to lunch..
Happy Anniversary!
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Thanks for the anniversary wishes!
And no, my husband rarely ever loses his luggage...except once when his bag missed a connection to Australia and my Hello Kitty duffle bag made it! LOL. He had to go out and buy new underwear at least, since they only run that flight once every 24 hours.
He usually flies Delta (or some international airline owned by Delta like Air France), sometimes USAirways or United, occasionally JetBlue. But we like our Delta frequent flier miles.

Oh, and I'm waiting to see more spots tomorrow for 2yo...just want to be sure it's not poison ivy!
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More detailed info on CP, please!

...since I know I want to expose dd/avoid the vac, but now that it's upon me, I realized I'm pretty well schooled/have lots of resources on the vac, yet not a ton of info on the natural progression of CP, etc. If you have a link you normally use for this one, I'd love to read it and prep my supplies.

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I went to work last night and everyone seemed concerned about me. one guy said "Are you going to be alright". I had know Idea what they were talking about. Someone at work told everyone that I would get shingles from chicken pox. I had to tell the guy I'm going to be fine and that isn't how you get shingles.

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I think we have a false alarm...2yo few spots haven't increased, and they are instantly blistery and clear, and not round...I think it's just a few spots of poison ivy! Poor guy is going to have poison ivy and chicken pox simultaneously next week I bet!
So I'll cancel my visitation invitation for now, but I'm sure it's coming soon...he had a slight fever last night...

And for the person looking for info on the normal progression of cp: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...2#post13558722
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Hey all, Just wondering... most of us in the area seem to be working off Jess's original *unknown/wild* exposure. So, what have you found to be the incubation period? I was wondering if the exposure to onset seems to be about the same for everyone or if it really varies by the kid and not the strain. We are @ day 10 post exposure (2nd attempt) and I wondered what other people found the incubation period to be with this strain?
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From everyone that I have heard about, it's been 14 days (after exposure).
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Originally Posted by babynatasha View Post
Hey all, Just wondering... most of us in the area seem to be working off Jess's original *unknown/wild* exposure. So, what have you found to be the incubation period? I was wondering if the exposure to onset seems to be about the same for everyone or if it really varies by the kid and not the strain. We are @ day 10 post exposure (2nd attempt) and I wondered what other people found the incubation period to be with this strain?
We started with the runny nose at 11 days past, and 2-3 spots on 13 days past. It wasn't until day 15 that I was certain it was chickenpox.
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We started at day 10...runny nose, tons of sneezing and several pink dots.
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My 2 both started on day 16.
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Ahhh, so no real common start day... hmm... oh well Guess we will just have to keep our fingers crossed through til day 20!
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Veganf has started a new thread, for those of you who are interested.
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Hi all,
Someone on the natural immunity online group that i'm a part of emailed this analogy about titers, etc., that may help us understand what's going on with that:

Years ago, it was explained to me that titers measure the amount of
antibody *currently* circulating in the bloodstream. If the person has
not *recently* been exposed to the virus, he/she might not have any
antibody circulating at that moment.

The analogy is to fire trucks in the streets. Just because there are
no firetrucks circulating on the streets, does *not* mean that you are
unprotected if a fire were to occur. Similarly, just because there is
little or no antibody circulating in the bloodstream does not
necessarily mean that you are not immune.
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