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Originally Posted by dmcleary17 View Post
Hi all,
Someone on the natural immunity online group that i'm a part of emailed this analogy about titers, etc., that may help us understand what's going on with that:

Years ago, it was explained to me that titers measure the amount of
antibody *currently* circulating in the bloodstream. If the person has
not *recently* been exposed to the virus, he/she might not have any
antibody circulating at that moment.

The analogy is to fire trucks in the streets. Just because there are
no firetrucks circulating on the streets, does *not* mean that you are
unprotected if a fire were to occur. Similarly, just because there is
little or no antibody circulating in the bloodstream does not
necessarily mean that you are not immune.
So of if the antibodies are present, you are immune... but if it shows negative, you may or may not be?
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Originally Posted by pollyanna View Post
I went to work last night and everyone seemed concerned about me. one guy said "Are you going to be alright". I had know Idea what they were talking about. Someone at work told everyone that I would get shingles from chicken pox. I had to tell the guy I'm going to be fine and that isn't how you get shingles.

LOL, imagine telling them that if they don't want to get shingles they should consider re-exposing themselves to chicken pox.

My husband's grandfather is 89, he happens to also be a pediatrician and he was too funny about when we told him Rebecca had the chicken pox. We had been planning on getting together to celebrate Josh's b-day at his home but wanted to be sure everyone was comfortable with the idea and he said, 'ah, that's great, bring them over, it will be good for me to be re-exposed'

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Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post
So of if the antibodies are present, you are immune... but if it shows negative, you may or may not be?
That's what I understand it to mean.
This is another way that it was explained on my group, by a woman who got this explanation from a family member who works at the cdc:

"The explanation I got (easily explained) was that chicken pox, like many other viruses, goes into a dormant state at the base of the spine. The body keeps it in check with it's "immunity". This happens with many viruses. Human Pap., Herpes simplex, CP, hepatitis, etc.......

This immunity is measured as a "titer". As a person's body gets older titers wane if they do not come in contact with the virus that they are immune to. Of course we hear of children having shingles, and these are few and far between, and may have other physical factors involved.

Example: Traditionally, extended families lived in one household. You may have generations in one home. But today grandparents have their own homes in other states, and such. When a child is sick with something like CP the older generations do not come in contact with the child. Therefore their immunity is not naturally strengthened by being in contact with the offending virus. A result of that is as the individual gets even older (say the 60's and up range) their immunity (titers) wanes just enough for the virus to take over. It moves out of it's hiding spot and causes what we all know as shingles. I think their may be other additional factors like physical illness, overall physical and mental health, the ability of the older body to recouperate, and others that science has not discovered.

Now, the problem is........are our children immune if they do not actually get pox blisters. Well, according the science "no they are not immune". Yet we take our kids to Pox party after Pox party and get nothing. So you would have to think that their must be some immunity there. Will this immunity wane during early in adult hood? It might. But the option, according to science, is to vaccinate every 5 years with their vaccine full of chemicals. So the vaccine isn't any better.

I think that if we try to expose our children several times, and they don't get it. Then, we shouldn't worry ourselves too much. After their bodies have done their growing. Our children, as adults, have the option of vaccinating or having their titers checked. Or, if you have a child that is older and willing to have blood drawn. Request that they have titers checked."
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Hey All, it is looking like we have CP here in Kingston, NH, I will know for sure tomorrow AM. I will start a new thread.
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We are on round two here. The baby sprouted a couple blisters this morning. We normally have playgroup at our house on Monday mornings so if anyone wants to come and play we'd love the company!
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We may be starting the final round here as well...5yo has had 1 spot on his face since friday afternoon that I thought was just a bug bite, but now it's raised and he's just spiked a fever this afternoon, right about when I was expecting.
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5yo definitely has the pox!
I updated in another thread with our "visiting hours".
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