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Anyone starting Flylady.net for the new year? Or continuing? I just signed up (again). Let's see if I can avoid going on digest this time.

Maybe we can start a flylady tribe in FYT... any takers?

xo pam
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The digest? Is that the email list? Cuz that drove me batty. It might have worked if she had some ability to calibrate the emails for different time zones.. but I just couldn't take the pressure of being 6 or 8 emails worth of chores behind when I rolled out of bed!

I'm gonna think about joining you. It seemed like it could work before I got fed up. But I ain't wearing shoes in the house and no one can make me!
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no shoes for me either, but shhhh! xox pam
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Moving this to Personal Growth
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i'm in!! flyladying was one of my new year's resolutions. i shone my sink a couple of months ago and got really excited about the whole thing.. but quickly got overwhelmed with life again. but i think she has a great method.. the baby steps are a great idea. i want to really get into it, and would love to share the journey with others

a couple of years ago i signed up to her list and got really discouraged.. is there any way to get around it? i mean, is it really necessary?

also, no shoes for me. shoes greatly annoy me.
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The shoe thing would do me in with flylady, I don't allow shoes in the house.

What I really need is someone to e-mail me daily that it is forbidden for me to do X-task. Absolutely forbidden, so that then I can do it with glee. A little oppositional defiant maybe.

I am glad some folks have found flylady helpful, and good luck to you all!

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Count me in .. My house is in such shambles that my h ( not so d with this comment) has threatened to leave if the house does not take a SERIOUS upturn by Feb.. Of course after he said this i was just and wanted to tell him to just go then, but he doess have a point... The house is a horror.. I need to get it picked up before ds3 starts really moving.. Please, please help motivate me.. I know it's internal, and i know it sounds like an excuse, but i have SERIOUS issues with cleaning.. It goes to an abusive mother who made me clean up after her, and now cleaning makes me physically ill, and gives me a migraine.. I know my babies and husband deserve better, and i suppose I do too, but it is soo hard for me..

Anyway.. That's enough.. I will join you.. Warm Squishy Feelings..



I'm not wearing shoes either!!!

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:LOL You ladies and your shoe issues! Shhh...We just won't say anything...I don't wear shoes either

I find each year at this time I rejoin flylady to rid myself of extra clutter; it's a good pep talk. I have my own routines down and my house is usually company ready (thanks to flylady from several years back).

Has anyone read Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Kingston? That is a wonderful book and another great motivator!

I rid myself of more and more each year...striving for that zen look, I guess. We just sold our baby grand piano and I feel so free! We just don't have room for it in this tiny house but I held onto it for so long because it was beautiful and I hoped my boys would take piano lessons again someday.

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I sometimes fly. DH calls it my cult, but our house usually looks great.

I pick and choose what I want to do. I delete all the daily reminders, I am a WOHM, so I just don't have time.

There are things shes says that I think are dead wrong, but I pick what works for us. (Mainly I diagree with her view on what DH should do. He lives here too and he should have some responsibility on maintaining the house. But I try very hard not to nag and to just set a good example and sometimes it works).

Oh and I don't wear shoes either!

Here's to flying in 2004

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crap, i forgot to make my bed after Eli got up...

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Originally posted by pamelamama
crap, i forgot to make my bed after Eli got up...

it's all over now, Pamela. Forgetting to make your bed?

The best thing flylady ever gave me was the mantra:

~~Housework done incorrectly still blesses my family~~

I'm a perfectionist to the point of stalemating myself...if I can't do it all and do it perfect, forget it. That's changing, at least in regard to keeping my house...every little bit helps.

edited: Sheesh...I sound like a flylady posterchild :
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OK, I'm in .

DH is the neat one of the two of us, and is getting VERY annoyed at being the working partner as well as the one that does all the cleaning. I HATE to clean. And I've gotten very good at ignoring dust and clutter... most of the time I don't even see the stuff that DH is getting so annoyed at. Its the major trouble spot in our relationship, so if I can find a way to get better about it I know that I will reap benefits many-fold.

We just got a Roomba, so that will keep me from feeling guilty about not vacuuming :LOL. Now if I could just find an electronic duster, dishwasher loader/unloader, laundry doer, clutter clearer, and plant waterer I'd be SO happy!
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i don't know if i'm ready for flylady (got a little of dlb's oppositional defiance going on?), but do y'all mind if i lurk on this thread and maybe some good habits of yours will wear off on me? our house perpetually looks like a hurricane hit it.

jackson's mama, that roomba is intriguing, but how do you keep it from sucking up all the little toys and stuff your kid spills? clutter is my big problem and having an almost 3 yr old doesn't do much to help solve it.

good luck to all you flybabies!
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Jackson's Mama~I could have wrote the same thing!! I'm very good at ignoring the clutter and messes. Stepping over things on the floor for days! I have been signed up for it since last summer and I have the oppositional defience going on too. : But she has a new thing for the new year about clutter and I've been reading them today, and it was written for me, that's for sure!

One of the things to do is to go through your Christmas decorations and donate or throw out what you don't use or like. I did this and in the process I was able to go from 6 boxes to 5, and I now know what is in each one since I wrote on a piece of paper to tape on the side of it to know whats what. That feels very good!

I also think even though I'm not doing it very well yet, I think I am soaking it in slowly. I'm looking at things in my house differently as far as what I keep and not needing to be so anal about cleaning. I think when I'm able to get over those old habits in my mind I might be able to let go and let it work for me.

I'm happy to join you ladies in a motivational tribe for Flylady or something close to it. I think I do better when I have someone to confide in or answer to.

I also don't allow shoes in my house. :LOL

So maybe we could all be honest about what is our worst attribute when it comes to this kind of thing.

My thing is my piles!! Piles on any flat surface in the kitchen, on the table, on the china hutch, on the computer desk, on the secretary....I think you get the idea. : All I do is move the piles from place to place, room to room. I am in desparete need of taking care of mail when it comes through the door. I also keep things for scrapbooking, and things are everywhere to file in the file drawers downstairs....never gets there. :

Okay, enough for know. I've written a book here. But like I said it's been on my mind today since I read the clutter stuff.
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Okay, I just went to her website and joined as I am feeling very inspired by you mamas to change the feeling of our place. It's very small here (part of the deal for me to be able to stay home w/ ds) and so clutter is a problem.

also I want to say that, for me, it's not even the actual housekeeping tasks that bother me so much (when I actually get the chance to do them), but the constant anxious thoughts in my mind about how to get on top of things, staring at piles while nursing and just feeling desperate -- rather than being in the moment enjoying my sweet babe.

I have high hopes for 2004! and you know, what is it w/ her shoe thing - doesn't she see that for households w/ babies and small people who *live* on the floor -- it's just not very healthy to keep outdoor shoes on inside!
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i think her thing with shoes is you're supposed to treat flying as tho you're "on the job", and you're supposed to buy a pair just for work. but for me, i only get a few minutes here and there to actually clean, and it's spur of the moment 'oh, baby's content, i'll just do these 3 dishes and clear off the counter' opportunities. if i have to lie down to nurse him 5 mins later, it's gonna be a big pain in the butt to untie and remove my shoes, and then put them on again, all day long. plus, i just hate the feeling of shoes. too stiff. plus i have wobbly ankles and i have to wear boots.

Originally posted by traceface

also I want to say that, for me, it's not even the actual housekeeping tasks that bother me so much (when I actually get the chance to do them), but the constant anxious thoughts in my mind about how to get on top of things, staring at piles while nursing and just feeling desperate -- rather than being in the moment enjoying my sweet babe.

me too! my place is tiny too. i'm trying to look at it this way; it is forcing me to only keep my possessions to a bare minimum (what i really *need* and love and use), and once i get a bigger home, i will be used to living that way, and will be able to enjoy the space without having a compulsion to fill it.

as for what i'm especially bad at, housework wise, it's dishes. ugh. HATE dishes. major aversion. it used to be my punishment as a kid. and my mom would be mean about it, inspecting them and making me redo them.

and i'm a bit of a pile freak too. i get really ambitious about sorting things, then get interrupted in the middle, and have to heap everything into a new pile. so my piles are technically being dealt with, i guess, but in reality they are just morphing and recolonizing.
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Flying: Day 1

Ok, so, my bed is still made and my sink is still clean. (I am *not* wearing shoes) I'm going to the flylady site to read about a nighttime routine and write one down for myself.

How did you do today?

xox pam
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I shined the sink earlier this evening. I shall pick up things off the floor now. Folded lots of clothes, haven't put them all away yet, but hopefully will. :

A start right?
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I'm a flylady drop-out, but I'd like to try again. I'm sick and taking all kinds of nasty meds, and when I first started flylady, I was just starting one of my meds. It made me really hyper, so much so that I literally could NOT sit still. I had to clean. So, our house was in INCREDIBLE shape, until that particular side effect of my meds wore off. :LOL When the hyper-ness went away, flylady went out the window, unfortunately. But I really want to get back on the wagon. Only, well... it's after midnight, and I'm not going to go shine my sink right now. I'll have to start tomorrow. I WILL start tomorrow. Really. I promise. So please, if you see me online tomorrow, feel free to ask me if I'm flying!
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Ok, I'm in. Not sure if I will be successful, but I will try!
I, too am not wearing shoes.

I am pretty clean, but I have an aversion to decluttering. Just ask my dh...and take a look in the basement

I strive to be more organized and have my house always "company clean"...I like that term!

Thanks for nudging me. My sink is clean, but my bed isn't made...my stovetop is clean...is that a start?
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