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boy I feel shamed lol

The shiny sink has fallen often by the wayside while a lot of the other stuff gets done
but dh just brought home some cd cases and left them in a KNOWN hot spot but doesn't want me to move them GRR
and he is a super packrat. I can declutter mine and the kids stuff until the cows come home but he wants his boxes boxed
even started a storage building for them. Told him he needs to finish it and get his stuff out of my br so it will at least have the appearance of space.

I am still trying to get the "housework done incorrectly still blesses your family" down
just can't seem to get around that one sometimes...
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Originally posted by pamelamama
please please let tomorrow NOT be a snow day for my son.

flying low today. But my sink is clean, dishwasher running, kitchen hot spots moderately ok. Tomorrow will be better.

baby steps.

oxox pam
:LOL I'm saying the opposite prayer! With the last two days being snow days here in WA, I've actually been able to get MORE done than normal. DH is a teacher, and he's had the last two days off, which meant that he could spend some time with DD while I cleaned the house. I decluttered 11 garbage bags worth of junk out of the house in the last two days! The only down side is that the snow and ice have kept the garbage man away for the past two weeks , so it's really starting to pile up in our garage...
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I just saw this! I have been a member of flylady for three years now, but I always fall off the wagon. This time I am going to listen to her and really take baby steps. I always try to do it all because I love the effect, but it gets so overwhelming I just quit. Once I did it for three weeks and they were the cleanest most organized three weeks of my life! Once I had been doing it for a while, it seemed to rub off into all aspects of my life.

Anyway, I think having others actively doing the same thing might help to keep me on track.

Good luck to everyone else!!

Oh and I DO wear my shoes- flylady makes some very valid points about that!
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I just got a reminder to do a monthly breast exam! Now THAT is cool.
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Isn't it? Now if I wasn't still nursing.... lol

I've been a lazy bum this weekend. Help with some motivation!

How's everyone else doing?
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Ah, I have been doing little things here and there, have another HUGE garbage bag full of clothes for donation. But I really need to start the routine stuff. Even just a simple one would help. I have resisted routines since I can remember, so this is a tough one for me. LOL

I am catching up on the dishes and slowly but surely that gaint laundry pile is dwindling. There is a huge difference in how much laundry I do depending if I put it away as I go. If I don't fold and put away right out of the dryer, it will sit in the hamper for days(like this weekend), but when I do it and put it right away, then I feel like doing more. LOL It doesn't get as overwhelming.

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get a simple routine down. Morning will go first. Up, eat, curves, shower. That is my mini-goal.
So how is everyone else doing?
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Oh, and I forgot to add, I think I'm going to do a control journal of sorts. I have thought the idea of it was stupid from the beginning, but I read about it and maybe I need that to help me along. More accountability I guess. We'll see how it goes.
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Getting control of the hot spots.

DH is still cleaner and neater than I am, and still is reminding me to do things around the house. Argh. My goal is to go a whole weekend without getting any "reminders" from him! The ones in my e-mail box are easier to ignore or roll my eyes at .

(Gemini - still gotta do that SBE, even while nursing! Cancers that show up while breastfeeding are some of the nastiest )
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My dh set up a folder for her emails. That is helping me feel less overwhelmed!
Progress report: I emptied a huge garbage bag full of stuff from the kitchen, mostly dry goods and an old bag of flour no one could identify. I also organized a cupboard for craft items and paints. I need a craft cart to hold everything! But at least it is cleaned up and organized.
We took done the tree and put most of the decorations away. I am even organizing the holiday boxes, and made a place for them in one area of the basement.
I put up my pretty new calendar and did most of the laundry...but a little bit still needs to be put away.

When you guys say you followed flylady for awhile...what does that mean...did you do everything in her emails? Or that you organized routines? Just curious
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MOM4tot for me following it

I kinda do flylady light mixed with organized home.com

I don't have a control journal because I had a "household notebook" that I put together off OH before I heard of flylady..

I am in flareup and feel beastly BUT I got my house blessing done yesterday. Didn't shine the sink because dh and dd got home late and she did the dishes.

I DID however give permission to be spent on a new filter for the vac ( 3 yr life my foot) using the thinking of "having the proper tools to do the job" That one wasn't too hard because I looked at it as a health issue. Now if I can just do that to replace my steamer and in July convince dh to replace my stove I will be in business LOL!!

After I get through here, will put away the clean dishes feed the awake kiddo and dogs then start Saxon math...
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My sink is shiny, and there are only 2 dishes in the kitchen(okay, okay there are a few floating around the house too, I will get those later today lol), I need to declutter in the kitchen, and I am still going strong on laundry. Just to give you an idea, we had like 15 or more big black garbage bags full of dirty laundry. Most of it is stuff we don't/can't wear, so I have been washing it all and bagging up lots of donations. I think I have 7-8 bags left. It feels good to see them disappearing. I have the salvation army coming on Friday to pick up everything, so I hope to have most of it done by then. It was so noticable that my dh(who never comments on me cleaning)said, "wow, you're really getting through that laundry. WooHoo!! Thanks ladies for getting me motivated again!!
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Whoo hoo, I am slowly getting back into (tiny) routines! Today I cleared a hot spot, cleaned the kitchen, & started a load of laundry!
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Just want to say - reading that woman's homepage scared me.

Can you really be that obsessed over housecleaning and not have OCD?
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:LOL Oatmeal.

I don't know....I find it a bit of a challenge to balance my day and be that focused on the house. OTH, I can see where having certain chores (sorry, blessings) a part of a routine would be helpful.
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I don't see her as obsessed w/ housecleaning at all. I see her as obsessed w/ helping people come to terms w/ things that have to be done, by changing their attitudes.
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here is a link to a board where someone shared pics of their moms house, mom is a total packrat
lots of swearing but I thought was very good

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I just saw this and want to try. I need help! There is just too much work for one person-me- and I am nursing constantly. Ugh. I don't want to be embarrassed to have people over.

I don't allow shoes in the house either.
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Vanna's Mom...

I can only say
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I'm totally off.

Bonnie has been sick since Wednesday. The kind of sick that creates several loads of laundry every day and has the poor kid on you like a second skin. I'm just letting the house go back to hell while I care for my kid. Can someone try to PM me late this week/ after the servers are back up and nudge me back into the fold?
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Thread Starter 
had a couple of rooms painted and fell completly off the flylady bandwagon this week.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a big playgroup so tonight I will shine my sink and get back to my evening routine.

My goals for the week:

1. Get house ready for tomorrow's playgroup (lots of kids playing, not fancy).
2. Do evening routine every night.
3. Get on top of the laundry.
4. Add one more flylady thing in addition to evening routine.

Your goals, mamas? Come on!

(Careful, don't trip on yer shoes )
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