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I FLY. I love it. Yes, I do wear shoes in my non-shoe house. They are just for inside. I have been thinking about getting some very sassy inside FLY shoes as a present to myself. But then I'd be afraid to clean in them. Then I wouldn't clean cause I wasn't wearing shoes. Then my house would be a mess. So nevermind.

My dh hates when I fly, cause then harass him about the messy garage. Dirtbike parts and surfing stuff everywhere! :LOL
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Me too, me too! I found flylady from someone here, but have only been half-heartedly following. THEN I went to Michigan at Christmas and went no mail...hmmmm....maybe I should fire back up, huh?

I haven't even started a control journal; and making beds - huh? I admit that I am more motivated when I wear shoes, but I don't have any dedicated "in-house" ones, and I don't like taking off & putting on to nurse Ian laying down all day -- big pain! I just bought him some moccasins (he has the FATTEST feet & won't fit in regular shoes), and they look so comfy, I may splurge!

Ian is 1 year old on Saturday!! He is finally okay when I do some things without him -- although doing anything standing up where he can't see apparently offends him, so kitchen cleaning is saved for nap times...theoretically! Anywho...I think I had a breakthrough -- Ian just let me nurse while I was looking at the computer!! Usually he won't let me do anything while he nurses -- I've been reduced to sneaking drinks of my water, and hiding books to read when he's sleeping. So possibly I will get some of my computer time when nursing. Gotta have my fix, or I can't seem to get anything else done. :LOL

Hmmm...this has been really disjointed -- I hope it makes some sense! I'll be back later.
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I suck at flylady!!!

But I wanna try again anyhow. Didn't have time to read the whole thread. but I'm in!

Don't wear shoes either, BTW. I am tandem nursing and the best way is on the couch. Um, no shoes there please!
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weekly thread

Originally posted by m&m mom
I think starting a weekly thread is a good idea.

I think it's a great idea too...I'll go start one right now. Maybe we can check in and keep eachother motivated. For some reason, whenever I'm doing flylady, it helps me stay on track if I can talk about it...lol.
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Hey, Where did everybody go?? My house is a pit and my finger is on auto-pilot of deleting emails these days. *sigh*

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here we are!

Let's remember to post a link when we start a new thread!


ooxxo xpam
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