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television watching

Poll Results: How much television viewing do you allow?

Poll expired: Apr 27, 2002  
  • 13% (12)
  • 9% (8)
    Weekly limit 1-3 hours
  • 11% (10)
    Daily limit of 1 hr per day or less
  • 19% (17)
    Daily limit varies
  • 8% (7)
    Special occassions & videos (monthly)
  • 3% (3)
    unrestricted (child & peers decide)
  • 6% (6)
    content restriction (no digimon, pokemon...)
  • 2% (2)
    educational only (documentaries)
  • 24% (21)
    specific stations (ie PBS, Discovery...)
86 Total Votes  
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I trying to formulate a tv policy for my household. Looking for ideas. Currently, we have no policy...
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Not much but then when I am busy or someone's sick or cranky... I do limit what they watch. No shows with any violence (which seems like every show). They are allowed to watch a little while they get ready for school (like 1 show) and then maybe a show or 2 after school. No TV on a school night. We never rent videos because it just encourages more watching.

My youngest (almost 3) watches 2 shows that's it.

We just got cable about 6 yr ago and I notice Dh and I watch more because of it. We go back and forth about getting rid of the cable and just having the regular channels. <sigh> I just don;t know.
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It was hard for me to pick only one as I fall into a few. We have a TV in our room and I might watch 1/2-1 hour a night. The girls have a TV/VCR combo in their room, that has no cable hookup, and are only allowed to watch movies (pre-screened by me). Then there is a TV downstairs that is for Videogames, but has cable hooked to it. The girls go down there to watch maybe 3 times a week for about a half hour. I do not set a time limit as they get extremely bored in no time at all so it isn't necessary. They also never play video games so the playstation and Nintendo are useless.
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no poll option for me

We dont have a set amount of time they can watch TV. They in general are not allowed to watch TV. If they do get to watch TV, it is only Animal Planet or PBS, or other educational program. If there is any ignoring, bickering, or other negative side effect to the TV it is turned off immediatly. The kids know the boundaries. They know they have to ask to change the channel or if the program ends and a new begins, they have to ask if they can watch or not. They are usually careful not to abuse the priveledge because they dont get it often and know they will get it less or not at all if it causes problems. We are also ALWAYS in the room or within ear shot of the TV, so they know we know whats going on.

I'd say over all they may watch TV once a week or once every two weeks for no more than 30 - 45 mintues, but its not a rule or guarantee.
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I didn't pick one because I wasn't sure if you meant screen time, or actuall Television programming. We can only watch video's, dh and I detest television as a rule. However, dd clamors for movies just about every day. Whether I let her or not depends on 1. what I need to be able to do 2. what other choices for activities there are and 3. whether I feel like watching a movie too.

I do screen the movies for the most part. our faves are the sound of music, fantasia, charlotte's web, the sword and the stone, the wizard of oz, and the Muzzy videos we have out from the library.
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Originally posted by 3boys4us
We go back and forth about getting rid of the cable and just having the regular channels. <sigh> I just don;t know.
Oh, so do we! We have gone back and forth like six times in the last six years! Our two biggest reasons for keeping cable are: 1) we get all the Red Sox games that way and 2) our good friends have our antenna and we don't want to ask for it back!
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I picked daily limit varies. Up until I got sick, they were watching maybe an hour or two per week. We only have one TV and it doesn't have cable. I don't let them watch anything with commercials so that limits us to PBS (which comes in with the antenna) and videos. I screen the videos. Since I've been sick, they watch about an hour to an hour and a half per day. It's killing me but I really need a break. Only a few more weeks of that!
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We have a tv but the only channel that we get in is PBS (when it feels like it), so we only watch videos. How much is watched varies from day to day. Sometimes dd will go days without watching anything...but on average she watches about an hour a day. During the week she can only watch "educational" videos (blues clues, bear in the big blue house, arthur, seasme street), and during the weekend she is allowed to watch some of her favorite movies.
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I said none because we don't own one. I imagine that this would be a difficult choice to make. The reason it wasn't difficult for me is that many years ago it was a choice my parents made. Growing up in a home without a tv had a huge influence on me, and though I've had one in the past, I wanted ds to have a similar experience.
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i voted none. our tv lives in a closet and has only been brought out on a few occasions (the olympics and the first few days of 9/11). funny, we're not big sports fans (except the olympics), but dd has only seen sports! a bit of the olympics and when we've been in public places that have tv's on - like the pizza place - they always have sports on....
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We don't really own a tv either. Our also sits in a closet (where it is waiting to be given away someday) and is only brought out very rarely. So we watch no tv. It really isn't an issue if you don't have one. I was also brought up in a house without a tv.
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OT: Megs Mom...Go Sox..I'm watching them right now!!

I voted an hour or less a day but we also restrict the channels.
I'm trying to cut back even more. Should be much easier now that Spring is here!

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I voted 1-3 per week, but 90% of that is Saturday or Sunday mornings. Dd gets up before us and watches tv until we get up, and we have checked, and she watches reasonable shows. We have loads of movies, but she doesn't watch them much any more.
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my mother records sesame street and other PBS shows for ds and we have the baby einstein videos but he can only watch in the evening and sometimes during the day if he hasnt watched tv much lately. we want to get out and get things done before we lounge.

we dont have cable and wont get it because its too easy for all of us to veg in front of the tube! we dont restrict tv watching at the grandparents house . we want ds to see how they live and what they do and watch. besides i like to watch the tellie when im over there too. its usually the news or a baby story! discovery and tlc are so cool!
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vidios and time limit

My kids watch one or two 30 min videos a day during the week. One of those is calm down time while I am cleaning up from dinner, then they take a bath together. They occasionally watch sesame street or something of that nature but the don't usually watch more than an hour in a day unless we're sick. Then we camp out on the couch and watch movies while drifting in and out of sleep. Luckily we are only that sick once or twice a year

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My tv rules have changed throughout the years. My son started watching TV around age 2 (pbs in the early mornings). He pretty much just watched 1-2 hours a day duing the week of PBS for quite sometime, along with an occasional video. Then, at his granparents house they started letting him watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc (around age 5 I think), and I noticed a HUGE behavior change in him. He wanted EVERYTHING, and nagged and misbehaved. So I limited his tv viewing to videos. I let him watch "junk" videos like Scooby Doo because I found that for my son, as long as there weren't any commercials his behavior didn't change. For us, it was an issue of advertising.....I don't think kids (or adults, for that matter!), should be bombarded the way they are. So anyway, we kept it at videos for a year, and then I allowed him some Disney (they don't really have commercials). Now, at 9, these are his limits: he is allowed to turn on the tv OR the computer (usually chooses computer) for about 1/2 hour in the mornings. He can't watch again until 7pm, when he again has the option of tv or computer unitl bedtime. I know for some, that's alot of tv! BUT, he is only allowed to watch Disney or Discovery. We recently added Discovery even though it has commercials because my son now knows to question advertising. So, after all this rambling (sorry! : ), what it boils down to is what works for your family.......and be flexible. Also, if you start early educating about advertising/commercials, and how tv isn't "real", your children will grow up to be responsible viewers. And also, my dh and I set a good example by not watching a lot of tv ourselves.
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I didn't reply to the poll because I don't really know; some weeks we'll watch an hour, total; other, we'll watch 1/2 hour of Animal Planet a day.

I wnated to respond to the commercial thing; dh laughs at me b/c when we're watching TV with 2 yr old dd, I'll say, "See that honey? They're telling you if you use that cream/lotion/hairspray/etc. you'll be beautiful, smart and funny." DD looks at me very solemnly, and shakes her head slowly as she says, "No way; mercials are tewable."
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None- we don't have tv.

Jim Trelease has a great section on TV policy in the Read-Aloud Handbook. He talks about his own experience with his kids and the policy that emerged for them.

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we don't have a TV either.
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ds is almost two and I do not let him watch on any regular basis-he sees his elmo vidoes or sesame street - now his father on the other hand has no problem with him watching t.v.-but he doesn't let him watch anything but Nick Jr. in the a.m....and that is not for long periods of time either. So I voted 1-3 hours a week-which is even high for us.
Our t.v just broke so of course I am doing the happy dance and dh is sad b/c he is a major t.v. watcher...lol
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