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Congratuations on a sweet baby girl. I am so sorry you had to leave her, but I am glad to hear she is doing well. Please take care of you too. If you need any tips on NICU pumping I did it for 10 weeks. Not fun, but it worked out well.

Can't wait to see pictures when you are up to it
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Congratulations on Lilah Grace!

I'm sorry that she came into the world so early, but glad to hear she's doing so well. Prayers to you and yours!
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WOW! Not at all what I expected to find here tonight!

Congratulations mama! So happy to hear she is doing so well!
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Wow, congratulations!

When things calm down a bit, head over to the Preemie/NICU forum here. There is a wealth of info in that forum. I know all too well how hard it is to leave the hospital when you're discharged without your baby. That's something I'll never forget.

And with the pumping... My milk didn't come in until day 5, but once it did, I found it pretty easy to keep up with my baby's milk needs in the beginning. They eat *so* little at first - like 1oz will last several feedings. Pumping requires a bit of a state of mind, but just remember that any amount you get into the bottle is useful, even a few drops of colostrum can be mixed with formula if necessary (that's what they did for the first couple days they fed my first son).

I'm really glad you got to Kangaroo Care!!!! That's something my NICU didn't allow. So it sounds like yours is uptodate, which is GREAT. Keep that up, and before you know it, you'll have your baby girl home.
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Congratulations and welcome Lilah Grace!! :::
Wow, our first June baby.

So glad to hear she is doing well. Take care of yourself mama, you're doing a great job. Enjoy that skin-to-skin
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This was a surprise to read! I thought I entered the wrong DDC at first!

I can only imagine how heartwrenching it is to leave your baby girl at the hospital--I'm so glad you got to do kangaroo care. Take care of yourself and your little girl and I'd also LOVE to see some pics when you can get them!
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Congratulation! And welcome Lilah Grace! I hope you are all getting a lot of rest and healing! Take care!
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Congratulations, though I'm sorry that your baby came in this way. I hope she grows quickly and is home with you as soon as possible.

How are you doing?
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Congratulations on your little one! What a beautiful name
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Congrats mama! Post some pics when you have time!

How are you holding together? Take good care of your self!
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COngratulations! I admit I had a feeling something was up because you didn't come back and let us know how your u/s went. You and your sweet baby girl are in my prayers. I am so thankful she is doing well.
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Congratulations! : I am glad that you are both doing well. We are all thinking of you!
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Wow, I can't believe she is here already! Congratulations, I'm so happy that everything is OK-- hope she's out of the NNICU in no time!

It's hard to believe that a routine prenatal appt lead to all of this.
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Yay! CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet baby girl! I'm sorry to hear that she was earlier than expected, but am also happy that she is making improvements. Take care of yourself, and keep us posted!
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Congratulations! I'm glad she's doing well, and you got skin on skin time.
Her name is beautiful!
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Wow - so glad to hear she's doing well! Congratulations!
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oh WOW. What a little baby! Congrats - I hope she has all good days ahead of her and gets to come home earlier than you thought possible. Yay for kangaroo time and getting mamma's milk.
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Oh, my goodness! I just started crying when I read this. I can't believe she's here! I'm so glad she's doing all right, and that she grows quickly. I hope you're doing all right, too, and take care of yourself. I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave her behind but it will be no time at all before she's in her cute little monkey nursery
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Congratulations on your daughter! It sounds like she is doing very well. I hope she's able to come with you very soon. Take care of yourself.
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WOW!!! Congrats and welcome! I'll keep you all in my thoughts and hope you get to take your daughter home very soon!
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