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Originally Posted by *Devon* View Post
Am I the only who isn't getting on the board right now?
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I can't get on either.
Anyone have an opinion on fate/destiny and how this fits with LOA?
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I haven't been able to get on since yesterday afternoon but didn't have the time to try and find this thread in my user cp to see if I was the only one.
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
I haven't been able to get on since yesterday afternoon but didn't have the time to try and find this thread in my user cp to see if I was the only one.


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same here!

Mercury is retrograde.... and this morning is the New Moon in Gemini, very close to WWoW's ascendant.... hmmmmm.....
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Fascinating, Z! That makes sense.

I have been really productive since it went down - made two raw pies/cobblers for a potluck, went to that potluck and saw a bunch of friends we hadn't seen in over a year, and had a fabulous time with the faeries planting the rest of my garden. : We're all about to go for a long walk and pick up a couple movies to watch this afternoon and might make our first fire in our homemade firepit tonight! Smores! DH also picked up some chicken kebabs at Whole Foods yesterday that we'll grill this afternoon. Yum!

What's everyone else up to?
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Hi, I'm here too. Went looking for WWoW after a couple of weeks away.
Missed you all.
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Originally Posted by KateSt. View Post
Hi, I'm here too. Went looking for WWoW after a couple of weeks away.
Missed you all.
How are you feeling, now? We missed you. too!
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Been pretty busy here! In fact, I'm pretty sure my *no time for internet* vibe has a part in this wwow's downtime manifestation.

The "class/office/art room" is morphing... we took the papasan chair and the small coffee table out, put a low art table/desk and two tiny chair for DD2, empty the closet, put a dresser in to hold paper and art material, empty a few boxes of clutter...

I feel good about it! :

The dog is still sick (runny poo and lethargic) so will find a vet tomorrow - I saw an add for one who practice homeopathy... will call in the morning to see if they can see us fast.

Have to go now; DD2 hurt her knee and want a hug.
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I just went to post and am so sad. I really need some good vibes. Through an honest mistake of my DH and DS a very sentimental item was lost today. He put it (per DH's instructions) on the back of my car. I was doing my BIL a favor by letting his dogs out while he is out of town and didn't know it was there. It is probably now on the side of the hwy somewhere. I tried to drive back and find it but it's a small grey colored book and near impossible to find on the side of the road while driving on a hwy. I feel silly to be upset about something so material, and I'm trying not to let DS see how upset I am, but I am. This book had a collection in it of items I had been saving since before I got married. I can never replace these things.

God, it sucks and I feel so exhausted and sad and I could use good vibes and now WWoW is down!
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Kate, nice to see you back!

Val, hope the dog feels better soon. And yay for your room finding its purpose!

Guess what? I have a Treasure Map manifestation!!! We are getting two chickens in about 2 hours! :

We had been considering getting chicks for a long time, but couldn't really put the money and effort into making a coop/chicken tractor right now. Last night I looked at my TM and the chicken on it and wondered how I could possibly manifest chickens without the hassle and cost of making a tractor. Then today, out of the blue, my neighbor mentioned that they're going to get some 9 week old chicks today and "would I want a couple if I kept them at their house with their chickens?". We could use their tractor and coop and move them to our own in about 4 months. Which is the PERFECT option for us! So the neighbors are at the farm right now and will be back with chickens in a couple hours, assuming that the chicks they find are kid-friendly! :::
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(((Tara))) It's still possible you might find it. I'll hold that intention for you.
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Val, the re-arranging sounds fun! :

Andrea, congrats on the chickens! (no chicken smiley, here!)

Tara, and stranger things have happened than finding your book. Here's hoping for a miracle! :
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Even if we could possibly find it it's not going to help since it's now a massive thunder storm out.

DH wants to go out in the storm and look for it (in the dark) and is mopey because I said no.

I feel crappy. It's been a really trying day and I feel really light headed, which probably means AF, but I have no clue for sure since I took those stupid 10 days of bcp and now have no idea where I'm at in my cycle. The weather is totally reflecting my mood. I'm so upset I can't even eat junk food, and that is saying something.
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Tara, I'm so sorry!
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I've missed you gals!! I need to explain, let it out, and for you all to tell me it all is a means to some sort of really great end!

I went to my Mom's last night (right now that's not far and we are using her bathroom) and we got to talking about the family land, the mess it all is in, and how the two Uncles "now" want to divide it...maybe divide some of it...share the rest, whatever. Then on to how complicated it all is between other bits of land, burial plots, etc.

Next thing I know, we're fussing about real things between us. I admit I was a bit high strung and my Mom tends to think that's not the best trait while fussing. It was a mess. The short version is her saying, "So I was a bad mother. We were bad parents. I can't have an opinion around you. You should respect me, no matter how old you are." My version was, "I can't explain how you treated me as a child that messed me up, it's hard, it isn't like a physical beating, but you did. None of you here make me feel as if any of this land is worthy of me sitting on it. Then, if I ignored you in public (which I have), maybe you should ask yourself WHY I did that. I'm not perfect, but you don't see anything you do as harmful to anyone. It's so subtle, yet really there. I think, as I'm now an adult, we should be on equal footing." It went on and on...these bits may simply confuse you even more...I don't know. I just know she keeps "picking" on my life because she holds out hope that I'll make better choices, doesn't see how this is annoying and doesn't think that should cause the lack of respect we now give her.

Today, I invited her to come to Walmart with me and she did. We didn't say more than a few words to each other. One way is like a 40 minute drive.

I ended up saying today, "This is the part of the land I want. A two acre spot. The rest is like, whatever." She's like, "We'll have to see."

This isn't fun at all. :
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(((((((Tara)))))))) I'm so sorry you're having a bad day too.

To all the happy people, be happy even more!!! <giggles>
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HUGS to Tara and April...and much, much love.

Originally Posted by Zannalyn View Post
How are you feeling, now? We missed you. too!
Thanks for asking, dear Z. Physically I'm much better, mentally I'm...eh. Sort of feels like I'm going through a symbolic dying, not to sound dramatic but that's the only way I can describe it. But I've missed you all and look forward to catching up.
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Kate, Tara and April.

Today was a pretty good day. Everyone was at my parent's to celebrate K's birthday. I plan on posting some pics on my blog tomorrow. You can take a peek today for some lovely nature pics. I love the dandelion best.

Oh, and I did cut and colour my hair and everyone was amazed by how fantastic I looked. : I feel pretty.
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I know I post erratically over at WWoW, but I am missing it this weekend. I am almost done reading The Expected One and wanted to continue the conversation on the thread for The Book of Love. I think being lead to these books during a retrograde is beyond divine inspiration. They have me rediscovering something I lost a long time ago: faith.
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