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Books in Spanish?

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Anyone know of any attachment parenting / natural childbirth / etc books in Spanish?
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sorry I don't have a response for you.. just interested in the same question! there was a link to an attachment parenting website in spanish in the MDC Espanol forum.. maybe they have some resources there?
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Maybe you can find the book in English and ask a bookstore if it's available in Spanish and then order it through them?
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what kind of books are you looking for? books that have been translated to spanish:
-spiritual midwifery
-the womanly art of breastfeeding
-the conttinuum concept
-several dr sears book

then there are ssome authors that spanish is there first language, like laura gutman, rosa jove and carlos gonzalez
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Check La Leche League--they should have at least a few books translated into Spanish (the book My Child Won't Eat published by La Leche League was originally written in Spanish!).
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They're many AP books in Spanish, sadly most of them are not translate it to English.

Most of book of the Dr. Carlos Gonzalez...Mi niño no come (it's the own one from Gonzalez that is translated to English), Un regalo para toda la vida, Besame mucho,etc

Books of Laura Gutman, I really love her books
http://www.amazon.com/Maternity-comi.../dp/0615247555 this translated

http://www.dormirsinlagrimas.com/ of Rosa Jové

Good luck in you research,
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I don't know of any specific books but here are some very helpful AP spanish websites


Good luck
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i was going to bring up Laura Gutman as well, she has a website with some articles, really good ones.
I have started to read Casilda Rodriganez, not your typical parenting book, but a feminist anthropologist who writes about mothering and birth issues, she's amazing and a lot of laura gutman's ideas come from her. her books are free for downloading
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Thanks so much for all the ideas! You guys are so helpful! I had looked for the Dr. Sears Books in Spanish and couldn't find them. I was especially hoping to find The Baby Book in Spanish. Any ideas where to find that?

I just bought from Amazon, "Opciones Para Un Parto Suave," and it seems excellent.

I'd still love to hear more recommendations, though. Thanks, everybody!
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I *think* this is the Baby Book in spanish

se llama
El Nino Desde El Nacimiento Hasta Los Tres Anos, and that's the subtitile of the Dr. Sears Baby Book in English
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Wow! You're right! I just ordered it. Thanks! I wonder why they don't have it listed on the Dr. Sears website?
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