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BF post nipple piercings?

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I had mine pierced when I was in college and then again after college (first ones didn't heal well and I ended up taking them out).

When I was pregnant I took them out, but my question is if having them pierced, in my case twice, can lead to problems BF.
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They should be fine. I have had mine pierced for 7 years and have a little visible scar tissue and have nursed for 4 years total so far.
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My milk comes out of the left over holes. It's sort of funny. I had bf problems but i don't think they were related to the piercings.
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Mine were only pierced once and I wore the jewelry for six months before they started migrating out. I've had no problems whatsoever.
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no problems i can relate to my piercings either. tho, like a pp, my milk squirts straight out of the piercing holes. my bf calls it my extra holes for our hungry boob monsters.
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being the dork that i am i called the LLL before i ever got my nipples pierced (i knew i wanted to bf when i had kids) and they reassured me that its totally fine. i do have milk come out of the the extra holes as well so it can be a little extra messy

the great thing is that i had my piercing out for almost two years b4 i started nursing and they had healed up kinda od and it seems the bm has helped them heal....
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A friend of a friend, so I don't know if this is exaggerated, had piercings and can nurse just fine but has to wear a breast pad on the other breast or she squirts out to the sides. Plenty of milk, no problems with it coming out, it just also comes out the piercings.
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I am on a mission to get LLL and others to stop telling women piercings are fine.  If you've had piercings, absolutely, plan on bfing your baby.  For many it works out with no problem.  But not everyone.  Having breasts fill with milk and have no exit is extremely painful and leads to involution.  If it happens to one breast, you still have the other, but if it should happen to both --- no breastfeeding.  I nursed for a total of 6 years with one breast due to scar tissue from nipple piercings.

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