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Scouting Wellington!

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hey all!

my husband has a job interview in wellington, and i'm going to check out those businesses in which i'm interested!

we're going 22 may through 12 june. i do want to meet a few folks if possible, outside of work people!

looking forward to it.

is it weird, i've already started packing my house. one room is about 1/2 done (the room is done; i have to do the closet!).
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no one interested in meeting? i do have a lot of things already set up, but i would really enjoy meeting some MDC moms!

anyway, i guess i could PM a few of you.
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Hi Zoebird!

We'll meet you! And if you'd like to come along, there is a Homebirth coffee morning June 11th, and a Potty Party sometime in the first week of June. There are also lots of music groups for mums with little children, everyone's welcome, and it is usually NZ$2 per time, for half an hour + morning tea.
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sweet. i'm def interested. i'll pm you to get exact dates and times and also where to meet and all of that. i know that we're leaving june 12 in the afternoon/evening, but june 11 meeting would be awesome.
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