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My bedroom has gotten seriously out of control *NEW pictures added* - Page 2

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These pictures are from today.

We ended up moving the bed under the window. The desk is by the closet. It doesn't really work there. We are planning to move the desk to the living room later.
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great! you're making a ton of progress.

can your over-the-door hooks fit inside the closet door? i know it's a small closet and that may not be workable. just a thought.

i love the potential paint colors. our front entry way is a red-orange. it's a bit brighter than terra-cotta, more like the orange you'd see on glossy eastern european ceramics. your more neutral shade is nice too, but if you do that one, i'd want a fun accent wall! but i love color. and i digress.

keep up the good work!
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Yay! You are making great progress! I LOVE your bedspread and the colors you are choosing from for your walls!

I still haven't started straightening! Gotta get on that!

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The over the door rack can probably go on the inside once I clean the closet out. It was on the inside before but then we couldn't close the door.

I am not sure about either paint color, I think I am going to go back and find some lighter oranges. The lighter color there looks too peachy.

Thanks for cheering me on to clean my bedroom! I feel silly posting progress on something I should just do anyway, but it is really nice to get comments and ideas.

doubledutch-do you have pictures of your entryway?
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i'll get some this weekend!
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school notes -
Chuck 'em! I used to hang on to them, and still have occasional moments right before I put them in the recycling bin where I think, "Wait! You might need this someday!", but, you don't need them. If you're looking for info, all you're going to retain is that you think it's in this stack or that binder, and then you'll spend a good 30 minutes looking for what you want. Faster than that to pull a likely textbook and flip to the glossary or index, or to call a co-worker, or to use an article database on the internet. You are more likely to get your hands on current info this way too (well, using the last two methods), if you're in a field that changes. If you're a historian or something, well...
For real. Throw them out. Or use them in a bonfire, 'cause there's something cathartic about moving on to a new era and leaving the old behind in the fire.

I also love your bedding (and Ikea).
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You have done an amazing job!! My fave color is orange, I love your bedding and your paint color choices. I'm sure your final choice color will be fabulous.

Mind if I ask, are the dresser and chest Ikea also?
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Yes, Ikea.The dressers are Hemnes. My post is turning into an Ikea ad!


I am having a hard time discarding my notes, but I know I won't look at them and that they are becoming outdated already. I'll give them a month. If I don't look at them in the next month they can go. Unless I get on a decluttering binge before then.

I can't wait to paint, maybe I'll buy paint this week and do it.
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dunno if you already went paint shopping, but here's that orange!


of course, your bedroom could also look great in blue, or green, or yellow, or . . .
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