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Speaking of baby name popularity - Page 6

Poll Results: How common is your child's name?

  • 6% (24)
    1 to 10
  • 10% (37)
    11 to 50
  • 7% (27)
    51 to 100
  • 6% (22)
    101 to 150
  • 4% (14)
    151 to 200
  • 8% (28)
    201 to 300
  • 6% (24)
    301 to 400
  • 49% (172)
348 Total Votes  
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My name was 10 in 2007, surprising to me... I didn't think Elizabeth was a very popular name.
We go to a very small church and it is the most popular name among all of us. We had 4 of them at one point, including my dd3.
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Gosh, how did all those names get so popular if 50% of poll respondents have kids with super uncommon names?
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Both my kids have one fairly common name and one not very popular name.

DS1: First name ranked 425 for 2007 (647 his birth year)
Middle name ranked 15 for 2007 (18 his birth year)

DS2: First name ranked 30 for 2007 (he was born in 08)
Middle name is not in the top 1000

Both kids have a first name that is biblical and of our own choosing and their middle names are from their great grandfathers.
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I have one son whose name is not on the charts. (He's the one I used for the poll )

One son whose name is 70 and rising.

Dd whose name is 250 and falling.
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I assumed this would be the case but Anna-Rebekah isn't in the top 1000
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DS name is ranked 548, for the year 2007 which is the year of his birth. It has fallen from the 900's since 2001. Interesting. His middle name is one of the most popular.
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OH, his name is Milo Jacob. I guess the name Milo is becoming more popular. We didn't want a super popular name, but one that was fairly common.
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two of my kids' names are in the top 50-100, the other one is like #890 or something.

cool to see how many unique names we have here!
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neither on my kids names are on list. i seen a few men with my sons name(Massimo) and i highly doubt i'll ever see a Artemisia. i'm sure if i looked up they're nicknames they'd be right on top.
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Dd is is top 100
Ds#1 close to 1000
Ds#2 top 100
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Van's is 810 and Ian's is 74. I'm peeved though, mine is going to hit the top 100 soon and people are constantly butchering my name. It's pronounced EEEEE-vuh, not Ay-vuh, it starts with an E not an A get it right. Actually its really pronounced Ee-fuh, but as long as you pronounce it with an E I'll deal with it. Ok end rant roflmao.
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just checked my own name (Anika)-998 in 1977 and 510 in 2007
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I voted for my first child and what the popularity was when she was born.

Fiona- 474 in 1999, 352 in 2007
Eric- 44 in 2001, 83 in 2007
Colleen- 774 in 2005, 898 in 2006 (not sure why they didn't have 2007?)
William (due in August)- #8, I'm not thrilled, but William is a family name on both sides and we really want to use it.
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And I thought I was so original! I came up with 48 and 56.
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I had to use the year 2006, because the 2008 data isn't entered yet. Both of my boys were in the 101 - 150 range.
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Dd1 year of birth - 46, now between 150 and 200
Dd2 year of birth - 87, now between 1 and 50
Me year of birth - 59, now between 900 and 1000
Dh year of birth - 29, now between 150 and 200

I hope that doesn't make it too obvious!
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DS1 is 258, pretty steady
DS2 is 140, rapidly rising to my dismay
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Rune and Leif. Both didn't hit the 1000 I did meet another Rune though. And I know Leif is becoming more popular. Most people we've met pronounce it Leaf though, we're Lay-f.
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DS was between 350-400 for the year he was born, between 200-250 for 2007. DD1 was between 100-150 for the year she was born, between 50-100 for 2007. DD2 was between 800-850 for the year she was born, between 750-800 for 2007.

We had to find French/English names, DD2 has a very French name which gets massacred frequently.
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Lina's consistently in the 990s. Not why we picked it, though.

The name popularity thing isn't as significant as it used to be. It's nothing like when there were a million Lindas born each year from '48 to '52
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