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Poll Results: How common is your child's name?

  • 6% (24)
    1 to 10
  • 10% (37)
    11 to 50
  • 7% (27)
    51 to 100
  • 6% (22)
    101 to 150
  • 4% (14)
    151 to 200
  • 8% (28)
    201 to 300
  • 6% (24)
    301 to 400
  • 49% (172)
348 Total Votes  
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My first son's name is ranked 387 in 2007 and my second son has not been in the top 1000 in the last nine years.
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I think mine will *always* be in the Top 50. DH chose it, he's named after someone else. I'm completely fine with a classic, non-trendy name...but half the reason why I want another baby is because I want to name one myself. DH says this isn't a good enough reason to bring someone else into the world.
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DS's name is ranked #38 in 2007.
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Sienna ranked 177 in 2006 (her birth year)
Carter ranked 80 in 2007 (he was born in 2008)

Unfortunately both of their names are becoming more popular every year.
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Maia is #608 for females in 2007. Kinda interesting
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ds: "Not in the top 1,000 for any year of birth for the last 9 years"

dd: #21 in 2007 (I know it's getting super-popular , but it was my g'mother's name and we wanted to honor her)
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Both girls are in the top 25 and boy is not in the top 1000. And all are family names, go figure.
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My kids are 31, 60, and 15 for their birth years. My own name was #1 for my birth year and several years on either side. DH's is 274 for the year he was born.
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I like http://www.babynamewizard.com/ to see popularity in a visual way and across the years. Dd1's name was much more popular in the '30s, '40s, and '50s and then took a fairly steep nosedive. dd2's was 31 in the 1910s.
I like that also! DD #3's name peaked in the 1880's then went way down, and recently got popular again.
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DD's first name was 271 in the year she was supposed to have been born (2007) - I guess they don't have the information for 2008 yet.
Her middle name was 351.

But her first name was DH's choice - if I'd been in charge of naming her it wouldn't have come anywhere near the top 1000!

ETA: According to the babynamewizard website Eleanor is 49 in popularity in England, where my DH is from - so it's even more popular than I'd thought... Never mind, if we have another I get to name it!
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First Name: 545
Middle Name: 20
Second Middle Name (or first part of hyphenated last name?): Not on List

I think it's pretty interesting that most of our kids' names are in the 400+ range. Says something about us, huh? ::
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DS1 - 507 for his first name, middle name is 6

DS2-not even on the chart, his middle name is 791
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all 3 girls came back about 125 for the last 5 years.
DS name is 11-12 for the last 14 years.
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DS 1 Vincent for 2007 (not sure how to pick his birth year) it is number 110. I didn't think it was that common.

DS 2 Victor 104, again, didn't know it was that common

DSS Jacob 1 I obviously didn't name him and wouldn't have picked that name. It has been number 1 since the year he was born.

baby to be Shane 184 from 2 years ago.

At least the 3 I picked the names for, they weren't overly common or even in the top 100, but not overly used either.
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DS was #41 the year he was born and is #47 last year.

DD is #579
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DS's name is 120 but I have never met another yet. He is 3.5 years old
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He doesn't make the 1000 cut.
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Originally Posted by weliveintheforest View Post
both my kids are 401+ for the year they were born, but dd's name is steadily rising and is now at 353
I think our DDs share a name! I love that the only people I've met who've known someone with her name say something like "Oh, that was my great-aunt's name!"
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Wow, I guess "Destiny" (my older daughter's name) is far more popular than "Deanna", my younger daughter's name. Crazy. I choose Destiny because I thought it might be uncommon. Funny how that works.
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