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Poll Results: How common is your child's name?

  • 6% (24)
    1 to 10
  • 10% (37)
    11 to 50
  • 7% (27)
    51 to 100
  • 6% (22)
    101 to 150
  • 4% (14)
    151 to 200
  • 8% (28)
    201 to 300
  • 6% (24)
    301 to 400
  • 49% (172)
348 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by mama2peyton View Post
DD's name (Peyton) was #121 for 2007. Her middle name, Elizabeth (which is my middle name as well) was #10 in 2007. I had no idea our family name was so popular!
Around here (Indiana, the Colts, Peyton Manning), Peyton is far more common... it's used as a boy and a girl name. It seems like there is at least one in every class ds1 has been in. He's got a little girl Peyton in his class and a little boy Peyton on the bus.
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Elliot hase been between 300-500 but because there are multiple spellings it is more popular than that really. Millicent has not been in the top 1000!
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In their year of birth my kids' names were ranked
792nd, 565th, 301st though each name is getting more popular.
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DDs is no where to be found, and DS has gone up quite a bit from when we picked it out (4 years ago) to when we got around to having a boy (8 months ago) I would have wanted something a bit less popular /trendy for him, but DH was in love with the name LOL
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The year she was born, 2004, it was 331. In 2007, it was 207.
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Not in the top 1000 for the past 9 years
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DS is #6, although I think I have met only one other Christopher that is under 18. His name has been in the top 10 since 1967 but I like having a classic name.
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Neither mine nor my DD's were in the top 1000 for the past 9 years.
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DD not in top 1000.
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All three of my kid's names are more than 401+. My youngest's name isn't in the top 1000 for the last 9 yrs.
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DD- 383
Ds- 133

My name: Number 1

Dh number 10

There is a reason why we tried to pick less common names
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DS is consistantly in the top 20 for the last 9 years.

My DD is not in the top 1000. Not surprising considring I made her name up.
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The girl name we have picked out isn't in the top 1000 and the boy name we have is in the top 50 (as of 2007).
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I couldn't vote twice, but it worked out since both are 400+ DS' name was 427 in 2007 when he was born and has been hovering around there for years, DD's name isn't even on the charts, and hasn't been since 1965.
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My oldest's name is in the 30s, second son's name is about 300 and my daughter's name is in the early 300s-- all in their birth years.
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DS#1 was rank 44 the year he was born.
DS#2 rank "was never in the top 1000 names in the last one hundred years"
DD#1 rank "was never in the top 1000 names in the last one hundred years"
DD#2 rank "was never in the top 1000 names in the last one hundred years"

I'll use ds#1 for the poll I guess. Interestingly enough, the worst year for his name was 1950 (997), meanwhile, there were many years that it wasn't even used. 2000 was it's best year (35). Huh. That was kinda fun.
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DD - over 600; Ds - over 100.
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36 - Katherine.

Although people always assume it's Kaitlyn...which is actually LESS popular, but, ok. LOL.
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I didn't vote but here are my 5...

DS - Year of Birth 460 /Latest 456

DD1 - 76/38

DD2 - Not on Top 1000

DD3 - 11/10

DD4 - Not on Top 1000

Not sure if they track middle names as well but they are...
DS - 512/760
DD1 - 682/794 (She shares the name of my grandmother, which is also a popular singer's name and the reason it is her middle and not her first name.)
DD2 - Not in Top 1000/Male Equivalent is #1
DD3 - 976 for her spelling (which I took from an actress)/ 274 & 296 for common spelling
DD4 - Not on Top 1000
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