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Can you have IGT...

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But still had breast changes during pregnancy?

IGT is the only thing that fits... I've looked at the pictures and my breasts don't look like the ones at the bottom, but they do look like a few of the ones in the row of pictures.

I had changes during pregnancy... Some engorgement after milk came in... Occasional slight engorgement now when I got really long without nursing or pumping. but I'm still only able to get out about 1-2 oz when I express. Despite taking 120mg plus of domperidone, saw pametto berry, brewers yeast, fenugreek, more milk plus, mothers milk tea, etc, I've seen little increase. The most I've gotten out at a pumping was 3 oz and that was after many many hours (like my 4am pumping was 3oz).

I relactated for DS and was only ever able to get about 10 oz a day. Right now, DD is taking 16-20 oz of supplement a day. I don't know how much she's getting from me.

I can't take goats rue... it makes me throw up. I feel like I've hit a brick wall here.

I guess maybe I just want an answer. I want a reason behind my low supply. I want something to blame other than myself. Is that stupid?

If it IS IGT, is it hereditary? Will my daughter have trouble BFing too? Will pumping increase my supply with IGT or is it just kinda like 'this is what I've got, work with it'?.

I plan to ask my IBCLC about it tomorrow and see what she says. I don't have uber tubular shaped breasts but they aren't very round either now that I really look at them.

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Definitely talk to your LC. My breasts don't look tubular per se - but I recognize myself in a few of the more subtle "flat," prepubescent looking pictures. I did have some development in the glands on the outside of my breasts, nearer the armpit, during pregnancy, but my LC showed me how I was underdeveloped on the front/underside of my breasts. I also had subtle engorgement the first few days of my milk coming in, occasionally after a long time without nursing, like you said. My low-supply was borderline - DD needed supplementation to gain properly, but got quite a bit of milk from me, too. She could just barely survive on my milk, but certainly not thrive...

Goat's rue really helped me (increased supply by 50% over a few weeks). I think there are capsules you can take instead of tincture - does that make you throw up, too?

One comforting thought may be that the development you experienced during pregnancy this time is likely to happen again next pregnancy, too, if you're planning on another - so more tissue for next time!
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I did talk to my LC and she said I have some markers, but not all so it's hard to say. She kinda told me to treat it as if I do. We did a before and after weight check on Bella today and she took 1 to 1.5 oz from me. I'm leaning more towards 1 (I don't know exactly how much was in the supplement bag). That's nursing both sides (though she really fought one side).

I haven't tried the goats rue capsules. I just can't justify the cost because the tincture made me sick. I want to try it but I dumped the $$ into the more milk special blend tincture only to have it make me sick.

I was able to get a hand pump today... I lost the adapter to my Ameda so I have no choice but to pump with a hand one for now. The LC said to email the people at motherlove and see if they may have a sample of goats rue capsules that I can try.
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That's a great idea! I've found motherlove to be a very cool, responsive company.

The pumping should help you figure things out, too. Part of the reason I felt confident in the IGT diagnosis is b/c pumping did NOTHING for my supply, and goat's rue did so much.

I've found the book Making More Milk really helpful, too - have you seen it? It's written by THE experts on low supply. It's newer, but maybe libraries would have it.
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Originally Posted by sattygirl99 View Post
I guess maybe I just want an answer. I want a reason behind my low supply. I want something to blame other than myself. Is that stupid?
It's not stupid, believe me. I would love to know why I haven't been able to make enough milk from Day 1 – even with the dom, fenugreek, pumping, fixing the tongue tie. It's frustrating to just not know.
So no advice, just a
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My LC suggested that I may have IGT as well even though I don't fit the typical description. The only thing about my breasts that sends up a red flag is that they are wide set. Other than that they are round, full, not terribly large, but not tiny either (I'm a 36 C). I got the Montgomery's glands during my last pregnancy, I saw more blue veins, and my inverted nipples fixed themselves but I didn't have any breast tenderness or increased size so while I did have some breast changes, I didn't have a ton. Like you, I just want an answer for why I don't produce very much milk so I'm going with this somewhat self-diagnosis for now! I'm not sure if it's hereditary because no one in my family history, that I know of, has had supply issues like I do. I wish you luck!!
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I also had very low milk supply and don't know why. My breasts don't fit the IGT profile either and I did have breast changes, tenderness, and an increase in size during pregnancy. I'm inclined to think there are some hormonal things going on causing low supply in many women, that aren't being recognized. I mean it HAS been recognized that PCOS, obesity, and thyroid disorders influence hormones and are linked with low supply, but even apart from those diagnoses I think hormones are playing a big role. It makes just as much sense to me as that SO many women are lacking breast tissue, especially those women who don't fit the obvious profile. Whether it be hormonal imbalances caused by pollutants, by stressed out lifestyles, or by other factors, I don't know, but I really wish someone would figure it out.
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FWIW, I had *extremely* low supply (like 2 oz per day or less despite major efforts to increase supply) and some (anecdotal) family history of low supply. While my own mother didn't bf us, she also had only slight engorgement on only one side after the one birth where the doctors didn't give her a shot to dry up the milk. Anecdotally, my grandmother bf one of my uncles, and was told to supplement because she didn't have enough milk (I don't have any more info than that, and she's no longer here to ask...)

Sending because I know how difficult this is.

ETA: still don't know why I have this problem, or what else I could do about it, and had no changes during any of my pregnancies And to send more
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