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Congratz! I know alot of triplet moms but none who birthed vaginally let alone drug free (except Kathryn). I know my local trip group they have some stuff on how to make it to 35 weeks because it's hard carrying that many for much longer. With twins we usually expect to cut back and start relaxing at 28 weeks, I suspect it will be quite a bit earlier for you. Remain open minded but optimistic. I managed to find a Dr who would attend a vag birth even though my twins were breech/vertex. You have the advantage of a proven pelvis so assuming there's no risk of twin lock, it's possible.

I agree, with trips you probably should think about weaning or at least cutting back if you haven't already. The risk of preterm twins is high but it's over 90% for trips and you need them to stay in as long as possible. You also will need every calorie and every gram of protein to go to the babies as it will be hard to eat at the end. Line up lots of help now, be prepared for the possibility of bedrest, and start stocking up on frozen meals as soon as possible because you will probably need to start slowing down around soon as you're almost there!!!

Yikes sorry for the novel! Good Luck and happy healthy, happy healthy, happy healthy pregnancy .
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congratulations - i wish we had more trip moms posting more often here. i love to hear your wisdom mamas but yeah, i guess there are a few more time restraints for you

i also have a friend who made the point that trips come vaginally all the time in nigeria. it's one of those wait and see things. i would try for it if i was carrying three but probably try and get my head around having canulas placed and so on 'just in case' (which i refused with twins)
i was pondering last night though, that if it's a really quick labour, often the babes are lined up and ready to come without difficulty (as opposed to looong labour occasionally indicating a more complicated position). it's so much easier to theorize the other side of births though - you'll listen to your gut too, i'm sure
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Just got discharged from the hospital

I am just now responding back to you all. I got violently ill to the point I got dehydrated from vomiting so I was admitted to the hospital. (I hated EVERY second of being there, by the way!) I had two IVs and a constant monitor placed on me to "keep track" of the babes. All of us are fine now and I am home, very tired but everyone is fine. I do have good news to share. My Ob gave me the go ahead to "plan" for a vaginal birth, BUT he said to be prepared to deliver in the OR just in case a section is needed. He is well versed in breech births and does allow them depending on a case by case basis so I am really relieved by that. Now I do is sit and wait for things to happen (hopefully not a while though)
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I don't post much here, but I just wanted to say, "congrats."

I had twins and my OB insisted on the OR just in case (I had some medical issues too). I delivered Baby A vaginally, no problems, but Baby B went breech. We tried to deliver him breech, but he wouldn't cooperate and went butt first, so I had an emergency C-section.

I wish you luck. I think it is great you are going for it, but just be prepared for the twists and turns that can sometimes happen.

As much as having two types of delivery wrecked havoc on my body, I wouldn't change my vaginal birth. I think I would do it all over again.

Also, be prepared that YOU may need a transfusion. Multiple births can lead to that fun consequence too.
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How exciting, mama!!! I will be anxiously awaiting the updates on your pregnancy. I did wean my three year old after learning I was carrying twins, and I thought it would be the hardest thing EVER as she was a really sensitive kid who seemed to need nursing. It went FINE, so I hope that whatever you choose can go well for you all too!
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How exciting! My OB was okay w/ my boys being born breech, too. Twin A was head down, twin B butt first. THen twin A came out and twin B turned sideways and stuck his arm out (TMI, sorry). He ended up being manually turned,a nd I didn't have a c-section, but my Dr. did allow me to deliver in the regular deliver room, but it was right across the hall from the OR. The OR was also left open incase I needed it (SIL used it as soon as I was done w/ baby #2! Our babies were all born with in ahour and 15 minutes! Me twin boys, her a little girl via c-sec). The delivery was not what I was planning and frankly it freaked me out. It was not like my other births. I also lost more blood and took a lot longer to recover than w/ my single births. Take it easy and listen to your body! Best of luck!
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I didnt do triplets, but I did do twins at home. Everyone except my inner voice and my partner and my midwife told me not to do it, but we did very good monitoring and made sure that they were both okay, up until week 35 when my midwife felt ok about delivering at home. My only concern would be if they were early...which could be a risk factor, but if you take good care of yourself and get LOTS of protein, I say you go girl!
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Back from my Ob appointment, he laughed at me when he saw me today, he jokingly said I look like I am incubating a baby elephant All babies are doing ok, I am just finding it harder to get around. No bedrest, yet and keeping my fingers crossed. I have to say this place rocks! I love MDC, I have been doing a lot of searching on this site and it is just fab! I will try to post a pic of me later, just so all of you can see just how "tiny" I am (my pre-pregnancy weight is 98lbs....FAR from that right! But I don't care one little M&M bit! )
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Wow!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and just the birth you want.
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I'm NMY and followed this from the front page... just wanted to add my congrats!

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