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Originally Posted by homewithtwinsmama View Post
Now in DC she goes to the office with mothers and puts her name on the birth certificate cause DC govt is so incompetent they don't know they aren't following their own laws about DEMs.
Ha ha! She did so with me, and I've got the two birth certs to prove it! Wondered how that worked.
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Originally Posted by mysticmomma View Post
But they (the people at the health dept.) already know who she is, so that doesn't make any sense. Those of use using unregulated (NON CNM's) should always say the birth was unattended, rather than NOT give a name.
Maybe not all, and they might be looking for legal proof rather than suspicions...the whole legallity thing scares me to bits after reading way too many stories of midwives being prosecuted because the body of a certain profession feels threatened by them and pressures politicians into making them illegal...I'd rather the midwives fly under the radar and be able to serve us women without being afraid they'll get prosecuted for their name being out there.
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