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We had an awful night last night. After Gloria had the whole bedtime routine she nursed til I was so sore I couldn't stand it. We got back up. Played awhile, tried again a few times, after all sorts of other mess, she finally cried herself to sleep in my arms. I've got to get her falling asleep without nursing. When she isn't thirsty (just tired) she chews a bit. Not comfy.

About other questions people asked:
I'm 26.

We started signing with Gloria when she was about 6 months old. She first signed back at about 8 months, but didn't really get the word-object connection till closer to a year. (At first she found that the milk sign got her what she wanted so she used it for everything. Then it didn't work so she used more everytime she wanted anything. Eventually she realized that what she wanted determined what sign to use.)
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signing and napping...

we got a few neet little signing books from the library in our town and have been signing a bit lately. its hard to remember to sign i find. we have created our own signs too which i think most kids and mommas/daddies do.

a short signing story- i was at the folk music festival in vancouver last summer and a mom and her toddler were signing during a performance. it was so beautiful that they could speak to eachother that way and not interupt. elwynn was only 6 months at the time- but i decided that i wanted to sign with elwynn.

on napping... elwynn is a great napper. he likes to nurse to sleep but as soon as hes asleep i can take my boob out and go do other stuff. he sleeps really well without me even though we cosleep at night. i feel really lucky that i can do this with him.

also the other night i babysat my neice haeven-mamajazzas baby. she went to a movie and my partner and i babysat. it was a lot of fun! and i nursed haeven to sleep which was amazing because i really didnt think she would go for it but she did. she looked up at me with sad eyes but latched on and sucked and was soon fast asleep!

ah, baby love!

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24 was my big "I am getting old" crisis year. One day I thought "my baby is too young to have weaned already" and then i thought "i am too old to have a baby. I am too young to have a baby who has already weaned. So I got a tatoo which made me feel young :LOL then I was planning on taking a trip to find myself, by myself but found out I was pregnant with my second right before I was supposed to go and suddenly it didn't seem important to me anymore. Never have done anything like that. This year I am 29 and it is weird. I do fel older but in a good way. I think people in my generation (the end of gen x) have had a hard time growing up and many of us still consider ourselves kids. I know I have had a hard time leaving my youth status (I went to a LInkin park concert last weekend and that really helped relize I am no longer a kid :LOL awsome ocncert though. they are really talented). Anyhoo, I never really had a chance to become a grown up. I was kicked out of my home the day after I graduated, got married 12 months later, had a baby 2 years after that (when i was 21) and that is when all my friends started moving out of thier parents homes :LOL When I was. And then when I had Ava i relized if I had anouther I would be considered "old for having children" and things like amnio would be recomended for me. yikes! Oh well, it is just weird to think that somewhere I along the line I have become an adult and never even relized it was happening. I have been giving this way to much thought recently. sorry to ramble on so.
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I should learn how to use another laughing smilie. I really like this one :

hey look there are lots of new ones

: : : : :
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Oh no, I've taken so long to reply that I can't remember what I wanted to say...

Welcome to all the new-to-the-thread mamas!

I'll be 35 in a month. I freaked out when I turned 25 and went through a "What am I doing? I'm already a quarter of a century old, and I'm a starving craftsperson!" crisis. Happily, I was so excited to turn 30 - Nothing much had changed - I was still a starving craftsperson, but I was feeling very happy with myself and my "career" path. As of my next birthday, I'll be considered "advanced maternal age" if I get pregnant again - Don't you just love Western Medicine :

Ava is using more signs all the time - Yesterday, she signed "water" to me when I handed over her sippy-straw cup (which is my new favorite beverage invention - I want one for myself). More and milk are the signs she uses the most, of course, but she's also using light, cat, frog, dog, book, and eat. Plus a bunch that I haven't figured out yet. It makes both of us so happy that we can communicate so clearly.

Regarding solsticemama's question about spiritual practice - My spiritual life has definitely changed. I used to spend a lot of time reading, contemplating, meditating, attending services. No surprise, I don't have time for much of that anymore - But I've never felt so aware of the presence of the divine in my life and the world as I do now. All of the "everyday sacred" (great term, solsticemama!) activities are my new spiritual practice...And I find myself saying a lot of prayers - To acknowledge the many incredible moments each day that ask for recognition/blessing. My mom gave me a great book years ago, "Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning, Parenting As a Spiritual Journey", by Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer. It's been reprinted under a new title, "Parenting As a Spiritual Journey" - I think it's definitely worth a read, whatever your religion, if anyone is interested.

Mamafern - how wonderful that you were able to nurse Mamajazza's baby! Before my DD was born, it was hard to imagine nursing someone else's baby - Now, that's the first thing I want to do when I see a baby in need of some calming mamamilk. I haven't had the chance, but I'd be happy to give it a try.

Bakeria - How is the toddler bed working out for Baby Faye? We're in the midst of moving, and have been thinking about putting our toddler bed up in Ava's new room. I think she'd like it, but would miss using her crib as a trampoline...
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Mamafern and Mamjazza- I am so jealous of you guys!!!!!! Do you know how lucky you are to have each other, to nurse each others' babies? It would have helped so much to have someone like that for Zach when he was younger. He would just scream and scream while I was out until I came back to nurse him. It was almost impossible to get away. Anyway, that is a great idea and you guys are lucky!
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Oooh, I waited too long before coming back to this thread! 5 pages to read!

age: I'm 35. I'm a WAHM and DH is a SAHD and we are 29.8 years from paying off our house <g>. I think I did the "finding myself" thing between 22 and 25. I met DH at 26 and by then I felt more "settled into myself", if that makes any sense.

signing:I think we started when Sascha was 4 months or so ... with "more" and "milk". She now signs more, milk, potty (we do EC but she hasn't been interested in doing it with us lately, IYKWIM!), water, eat, help...think that's it.

She understands the sign for "dance" but doesn't do it herself. We are using a visual signing dictionary and we have been lame about teaching her new signs - I want to start teaching her signs for specific foods because right now she just signs "more" when she is hungry and then it's a 10-minute process to find out what she wants to eat (she also knows how to shake her head "no"!).

naps:She seems to be down to one nap a day, and it varies as to when she is ready for it. Sometimes I think we should institute some sort of 'schedule' (we never have) but that's DH's department so all I can do is suggest. If it were me I probably wouldn't....I have tried to put her down to nap when she isn't sleepy and it's a nightmare (no pun intended).

She naps and sleeps on a toddler mattress next to our bed. She has recently stopped crying when she wakes up - instead she gets up and tries to get out of the room! (We have a monitor going so we can hear the little feet on the floor!)

I was just away for work for 2 nights and the first night was a disaster apparently - she cried a long time. But the second night was much better so I have new hope for nightweaning. I am pretty ready to do it...she doesn't always nurse when she wakes up at night and I know she doesn't NEED it (physiologically speaking) because she went 2 nights without it (I pumped and DH tried to give her a bottle, which she used to take, but she refused). She also does the extreme X-games nursing thing where she kneels, stands and spins around without taking the nipple out of her mouth. Owwie.

Anyways. Back to work - welcome new mamas and hope everyone is doing well!

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It's so fun to hear about everyone's budding toddlers! I've been lurking a lot and keeping up but not posting much... here's our update.

I just turned 27. I don't feel old at all, DH will be 30 this year so that makes me feel young. I'm glad we will be fairly young when our kids are leaving home.

I just started doing some signing with Tyson. He signs the new ones right back to me but doesn't seem to have made the connection yet. We're working on "more, milk, eat, and drink."

Tyson is a really good napper. Depending on the day--meaning does he wake at 5 or 8 in teh morning, he takes one or two naps. Today is a one nap day and he goes down easily at the boob then I lay him in his crib and he sleeps 1 1/2-2 hours. BLISS!! I held him for the first 6 months at nap, then we went through 45 min naps all day long...and now finally we are doing this. It's great.

He is really starting to get serious with the walking. He's finally figured out that it's easier to just walk instead of getting up and down scooting (he's never crawled, just a scooter!). DH was out of town for most of the week and of course Tyson starts walking a lot while he's gone. DH was so dissapointed to miss it but DS is no pro yet so there's still plenty to see.

I an so tired of our cold and snow...really ready for spring this year! I need a break from my life too, I am really thinking about a date night with DH. We have done this once in the 15 months since DS is born and that was last Valentines day and we waited till after he was asleep. How I wish for a likeminded, lactating friend! Mamfern and Mamjazza what a blessing that you guys have each other.

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kidsatheart- yeah, it's nice to have each other around when we do visit. I hadn't seen them since christmas when they came to visit this past few days. I breastfed my little nephew when he was a couple of weeks old (and pumped some milk for him too), as he wasn't doing very well. We found out later that he had tongue tie. Anyways, I agree, that we are lucky to have each other. I wish I still had lotz 'o milk, but alas, pregnancy hormones have taken it all.
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I am 26. Sometimes I feel like I just stepped out of high school and I am wondering who said I was old enough to have 2 babes!! But then other times i will have these mild panic attacks when I feel like I am so old and what am I doing with my life?? But really I have to say if I hadn't had my kids I don't know if I would have ever found my passion. Having 2 terrific natural birth experiences made me want to help other women have the same. SO, I have started my doula training and I want to go back to school to learn Shiatsu. I am also a trained herbalist, so between those 3 things I should be able to figure out something pretty great! Sometimes having patience is so hard; it really is a virtue!
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Well Island Mommy you and I are the elders here. We're the same age Thing is all the co-sleeping, bfing, slinging moms I've met are 35+ around these parts. It's nice to have such a great mix here at MDC and wonderful to see all you younger mamas taking on this mothering concentration with such dedication.

Ds has a cold and last night was up every hour or less. Poor little guy, he's congested and runny at the same time. I could hear how uncomfortable he was, tossing and turning trying to get comfy, he'd nod off but then his little blocked nose would prevent him from dropping fully into sleep, so he'd rouse and want to nurse but then that wouldn't really do it for him either . He's asleep in the sling right now after a one nap day. I've been giving him a homeopathic for his cold over the course of the afternoon so I'm hoping that will lessen his discomfort somewhat.

He's taking to solids more these days and seems to quite enjoy veggies--peas, spinach, avo, mustard greens, squash. Tonight he had blackberries for the first time and really liked them. Not too keen on banana or other fruits except apple and orange tho I hesitate to give him citrus at this point.

Mamajaza & Mamafern keep up the wonderful support of each other. Really that's how mothering should be, tribe-like
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I am so proud of all you young mamas. Having a baby is such a leap of faith - you are so brave! In some ways I am happy I waited til 34 but now that I have dd I wish I had her with me earlier. I love being her mom so much.
rebx: Baby Faye loves her toddler bed. She is thrilled that it is her special place. We have used it for only one nap so far - I nursed her down in there and she called when she woke up. She didn't seem frightened or confused but I am still taking her to bed with us at night. I'm not ready to give up co-sleeping or night nursing yet. I thought I might be and read some of Dr. Jay Gordon's book last night but I think I'll wait. I bet your Ava would love her new bed. Is she a good climber?
KAH: Best of luck to you with Julianna. I'm new, has she been with you since birth? My good friend is single and adopting her 4 year old nephew. These adoption and foster care stories break my heart. May you have all the strength you need.
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My dh was sick last week--even stayed home from work last Friday (he NEVER calls in sick--it was bad ). Figured someone else would catch it. Of course it was Owen. He was down on Wednesday--low grade fever, bit of a cough, pretty tired--took a 45 min. nap in the morning, a 3-hour in the afternoon and another 1 hour early evening. I was bracing myself for a pretty horrible few days and nights. He didn't eat any solids all that day, though I offered him some. He did nurse about 10 times, though. I ended up giving him about 2000-2500mgs of vit. c (He did end up having one loose stool, so I know I gave till bowel intolerance). He slept from 8:30 wed. night till 7:30 thurs. morning. He woke up and was completely well. No sign of illness whatsoever! I'm truly amazed. I'm sure the combination of nursing, vitamin c in massive quantities and the amount of sleep he got had everything to do with it. I'm so happy about it--I just had to share!

Oh, and yesterday I fell down the stairs in the garage (just 2 of them, but it hurt) with Owen. Fortunately, he didn't get hurt. I though I'd hurt him because we hit the van, but he just sat there and looked at me like "what the heck?" :LOL I got pretty banged up (twisted ankle, skinned elbow and knee, really sore arm) but am just so thankful he was fine. I was so scared!
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to you, Brayg
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Awwww...thanks! I'm ok now. It could have been so much worse.
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To whoever asked (sorry): we've had Julianna ("Osa") since she was 5 days old! She was born on a Thursday night and we picked her up Monday morning.
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Hey KAH I just noticed you've added another dc to your sig line. Does that make 4 kids you've got at home now?

lilmiss' mama I'm also thinking of training to become a doula. How is it going? Are you doing it locally or through a national group. I'd be really interested to hear your experiences.
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solsticemama- Right now I am doing an online course. It is run by Carla Hartly the founder of AAMI (Ancient Art of Midwifery Institute). She is a midwife and has at least one book out on the market. The program that I am in is called The Challenge Project. It is the first time she has done it. This is a 6 month course that will end June 24. We get weekly assignments is our email along with resources, quizes, and tons of information. This first month was dedicated to anemia. We also have set up a yahoo group, so all of us students can communicate. If you are interested you can still sign up. It is so cheap, especially for all the info. you get. It is about $60 if you just want the assignments and info. and nothing else. If you want to send the assignments and quizes in, get feedback, and get a certificate at the end it is $150. You can email Carla at carla@ancientartmidwifery.com if you are interested. Tell her Anna told you about it.
After this I want to start training with ALACE.

Also...for the first time Scarlett called mama, mama and came looking for me! Just to give me a hug and then run back to playing. So adorable !
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it is really great to have the support of another mamma! we live far away right now and feel sad lots because we are lonely...but we have decided to move closer to mamajaza ..im really excited and i feel like its going to be really good for elwynn and i to be in a community where we know people and where we can walk to play groups and to the pool and the park. our society is lacking "tribal culture" i guess we have to build it ourselves.

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Well, solsticemama, there is some crazy drama that goes along with D.J. (my stepson). He doesn't live with us, but he visits often. He's always said he wants to live with us, so his mom gets jealous a lot and stops allowing the visits for awhile. DH is not on D.J's birth certificate (long story), so he just has to wait out the tantrum of his ex-wife before he can see his son again. He (DJ) has just recently come back into our life, so I thought he was deserving of a mention in my sig line :LOL. We'll soon be going to court once and for all to finalize paternity and get legal visitation so the ex-wife can't argue with it... It's just been an emotional and financial battle with the whole subject, so I've never mentioned it. But, there's the low-down!

Zach and Julianna have recently started playing together. They used to just kind of follow each other around, but now they're interacting. Zachary chases Julianna, and they just laugh and laugh! In Zach's bedroom we have this little tent DH made with playsilks, and Zach was inside it while Julianna was just outside the 'door'. Zach would stick his head out the door and laugh, then Julianna would poke her head in, and they'd both laugh. They were both so giddy and excited! It was so darn cute, it was all DH and I could do to stand in the doorway and laugh at them!
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