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erin (11/5/02) goes through these stages where its all she wants to do is nurse and then some days where she nurses her three really standard times and that's it. I think it is normal. She has been really chowing down on solid food -- although I think she's a veggie in the making because she will NOT eat meat -- no chicken, no beef, no pork....tofu yes, more please, but no meat. :LOL

we are not vegetarians, although we could be if I could get over the idea of a big hamburger every now and again. Though with the mad cow stuff in the states now, it is getting to be easier and easier to stay away from the meat.

i am soooo pleased with my little girl today. We woke up at 430, i got her from her crib, we nursed and then she wanted to play. Well ordinarily one of us takes her into her room, closes the door and gets out a sleeping bag to chill on the floor while she plays. When her dad goes with her she plays for like 15 minutes and then snuggles up and sleeps for the hour and a half or so until the family gets up. Usually when I take her she plays the whole darn time, so we are up for the day. Today she snuggled up to me and fell back asleep (AND no nursing required) Funny how that extra hour of sleep can just be heaven!
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We're here! Welcome to all the new mamas! This thread is a lot of fun. I learn so much!!!

My little guy Zachary was born December 3, 2002, at 10:30 pm. He still seems like a baby to me... But he is cruising (toddling?), and babbling and eating solids, so I guess he no longer fits into the "infant" category.

He plays contentedly by himself for quite awhile (except when I'm on MDC of course!), and comes up with creative and imaginative ways to play with toys. He loves balls, blocks and musical toys like his tambourine and xylophone. He plays us concerts on his kazoo LOL. When he knows he's in "trouble" he'll smile and crawl away really fast!

He eats everything. Meats, bread, crackers, chips, veggies, fruits- whatever. He just started taking little sips of fruit juice, which he used to spit out. He gulps water from his soft-spouted training cup when he's thirsty. Hates cows milk, though. He still nurses often- I never look at the clock so I couldn't say exactly how many times a day he breastfeeds. He still wakes up at least 3 times a night to nurse, also. He sleeps with us at night but takes his nap(s) in his crib.

He says Mama, Daddy, doggy, bye bye, yeah, and lots of other made up baby words. He loves to immitate, so we'll hear him try to repeat what we just said. He signs "more" when he's eating, and sometimes "all done". He doesn't know it's a controlled hand movement, so he just kind of waves his arms back and forth LOL. He won't say or sign anything for "nurse" though, he just crawls over to me and does his little whimper/cry. We're working on that!

Glad to have new mamas in the group, and good to hear from the "old" ones as well.
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Hi Everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome!

My little angel was born at 8:06am on Dec. 4. We had a wonderful experience too. That is so neat that our babies share a birthday, lilyka. I wouldn't say that our birth was quick and painless but it was wonderful and I still love talking/thinking about it.

Thanks everyone for suggestions about dd frequent nursings. I am thinking that she is doing it just because she can. I have never limited her nursings (and have no plans to do so). I think that she is just connecting the dots right now, for a lot of things. So when she sees my breasts (can we say that here? :LOL ) she thinks "those are for nursing!" and has to nurse. Like when she finds a sock, any sock, she trys to put it on her foot, hats on her head, etc. etc. That's the current theory anyways, who really knows what's going on in their little heads?

This is such an amazing time isn't it? My dh and I are finding ourselves just sitting around watching Mariah play, figure things out, etc. We call it "baby watching" and it really keeps us amused! It's fun to see her figuring out the world around her.

On another note, dd is learning to climb!! Now we are back to constantly watching her, and more childproofing.
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Ekblad7 -- what time of day was Jackson born? Sascha is a 11/27/02 baby as well - she was born at 7:53 pm eastern time. We used a birth center and really enjoyed the experience....well, as much as you can enjoy something that isn't exactly painless. I read "Mind Over Labor" but my mind just wouldn't get over labor!!

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Ahhhhhhhh, here you are!!! I went to life with a babe and couldnt find ya, I figured you'd be here
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This is such an amazing time isn't it? My dh and I are finding ourselves just sitting around watching Mariah play, figure things out, etc. We call it "baby watching" and it really keeps us amused! It's fun to see her figuring out the world around her.
YES! Erin is so fun to observe!
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Thanks for the invite!

I am mom to dd Faye born 11/17/02. Dh and I are very much committed to attachment parenting, co-sleeping and breastfeeding. I have carried baby with me to work every day from 6 weeks first in a sling and now in a somewhat safer backpack carrier. (Work is our bakery.)
I am thrilled to be part of your group as I live in a small town. I have a question regarding what you all think of playdates for kids our babies age. I am against daycare at this age if you can avoid it and since Faye is with me in the bakery all day I feel it is good for her to have some more quiet solo playtime when we get home. But a lot of people tell me she should be with other kids. Am I being selfish wanting her for myself?
Thanks for being open to new members.
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bakeria-i think most playdates are as much for mom (if not more) than for baby. especially at this age. they really don't even get into parallel play until what? 18mos-2yo? even then they aren't really playing WITH each other. if you don't feel you need a "playdate" then i'd say you're fine.

me, i ADORE the playdate but that's b/c i am a very social person and i want the adult interaction w/moms i can relate to more than it was ever for my dds. though now that they are older (almost 5, 3 and 1), it is nice to see them looking forward to playing w/friends and having friends to grow up with - of course they also do well with each other most days. though having that extra kid or two around is usually enough of a novelty to keep them off of me for an hour or two. don't get me wrong, i'm attached! but it is nice to be cling-on free a few hours of the day, kwim?

isabel is really teething too. at last count, she had 6 teeth coming in. she's been doing pretty well though. i cosleep w/my 3yo, and she sleeps in a crib and has for the last 5 months or so. a couple nights she was up a few times, but not even really to nurse, mostly dh patted her down and it was more the whine than crying.

she drools constantly. i mean it is a never-ending river. her shirts are soaked w/in an hour. she is SO wet. i have never seen a kid drool more.

she's been walking since Nov. 6 - took her first steps at her b-day party that day w/ekblad7's ds3. it was so cute!
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Hi everyone!!

I am still in denial of DD being a toddler. she is still a babe in my eyes, but i will join you here anyway. :LOL

update- she is on the verge of walking. has taken a few steps here and there. she is still nervous about it, so it is going slow, despite dh urging her on. :LOL
she is still my little nummertarian- 95% of her food comes straight from the mama. she is experimenting more, and likes to play with her food.
three molars at once... maybe the forth is coming in too, combined with developmental changes has led to NO SLEEP for mama. will be glad to get past this stage in our lives. a cold didn't help matters either.
speech-- lots of "baby". that is her favorite word. she loves to look at a picture of dh, dd and myself, and point toherself and say baby. :LOL
mama, dada, cat, dog... makes attempts at saying her name. mostly baby language. lots of baby. :LOL

well, i think that's about it.

glad to meet the new mamas. WELCOME!!!!

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I disagree that babies don't play together till they are 18-24 months. During christmas, my little nephew was here, and he is just three weeks younger than Haeven. Well they got into some trouble, let me tell you. He doesn't know how to walk yet, but haeven does, so it was so cute seeing them go all over the house, following each other, like batman and robin (robin crawls)
They were being quite quiet for a few seconds, so we went to check on them, they were playing in the toilet together, side-by-side. Elwynn was putting a ducky in, while haeven was scouping the water. It was hilarius, needless to say. they are at the same stage, being so interested in the no-no's. She would hit him while he was here, though, but he would bite her, so they're not totally socialized, for sure.

They would also make each other laugh. That was the sweetest sound I've ever heard! And they learned a lot from each other while they were here. I miss my little nephew!
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There you are mamas!! I couldn't find you in life with a babe! So toddlers we now have. Scary! LOL My little guy is growing up so fast. He doesn't really talk, though he can say mama and dada. He does use signs though, he knows milkies, all gone, bye, hi, more, thank you, and is learning please. He loves playing pat a cake. He eats a ton, and still nurses lots. He wakes a few times during the night to nurse but lately it has been very frequent. He has his first cold of the winter, and is getting his 4 bottom front tooth, along with 2 molors. Ugh...not fun! He has also started sucking his thumb! It's not all the time, but usually while he is nursing I will look down and there he is sucking his thumb cheek on the boob. I thought it was kind of strange that he would start that now...: Though he has never been a happy camper when he wanted to nurse, but was full. He is trying his best to run and keep up with big bro&sis, much to their dismay sometimes. LOL
Well, I hear him stirring guess, I should go...
Welcome to all the new mommies!
Hugs, Debi
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re: playdates

my dd is and always has been a very, very social person. she just isn't really into toys -- would much rather play with people and/or dogs. she's also in daycare 1/2 time.

It has been soooo fun to watch her learn to do things from other kids. I'm a big believer in your kids can learn good things from other people and exposing them in safe settings to other people helps them to grow and learn new ways of thinking and doing things.so i think if you can find a playdate - go with it. It will be fun to get it established now and then watch as the kids grow.
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Re: Thanks for the invite!

Originally posted by bakeria
I have a question regarding what you all think of playdates for kids our babies age. I am against daycare at this age if you can avoid it and since Faye is with me in the bakery all day I feel it is good for her to have some more quiet solo playtime when we get home. But a lot of people tell me she should be with other kids. Am I being selfish wanting her for myself?
Thanks for being open to new members.
I don't think you should feel like you HAVE to have her play with other kids. DD occassionally goes to a play group, but she often wants to pat them on the head and poke at them, not play with them. I think she is a bit young to really know how to play with another child her own age. But maybe if she had a lot of exposure she would have to learn how to interact w/ them out of necesity.
In any case, I think you are fine not giving her her quiet solo playtime if that is what she wants. each child is different. she may like quiet time, while others want a lot of interaction.
Maybe you could try a play group out and just see how it goes?

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We do a playdate once a month in a group that has 12-24 month olds.

There really isn't a whole lot of playing together that it done, but I think they have a really good time exploring and occasionally coming across once another. It is good to get out and talk with some other adults. This is a good reminder that I need to make time for myself, because some of these mamas are so desperate to talk to another person that they keep up this nervous chatter the entire time and never really say anything.

Other than that, I watch my nephew (18 months) two days a week and Julia is so glad to see him when he gets here. He is so rough and hurts her so much that she is usually ready for him to go shortly after he arrives. After they get up from naps they are best buddies again. They do have a great game of chase and scream that they play together.

It seems like so many children are "over-scheduled" that I really work to keep things as simple as possible around here. I recently toyed with the idea of going to a kindermusik class but after going to the demo (and the instructor saying "My... she is a free spirit, isn't she," in a not so nice kind of way) I decided that we would be better off exploring music for free in our own home. Really I just wanted to do something active that would get us out of the house. I can't wait for spring when we can go to the park again. (Can you tell winter and cold are starting to get to us??)
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Ava loves to play with other babies. She likes to grab thie eye lashes, put her finger up thier nose, chck out thier teeth, and sit on them. I would say other babies are just about her favorite toy

MCImom glad to have you back!! Excessive drooling can be a sign of milk sensitivity. My rfiends kids drooled constantly and when she cut milk out ofher diet it completely dried up. My oldest dd drooled a river too and then had a terribe time with cows milk. SHe hardly drinks mik now and I am proud to report she is drool free! :

Does anyone know where the link to see "how popular your baby's name is" is. (O know I used tyhose quotations marks wrong but "is is" is just so wrong to me - and look I managed to make it worse) Anywyay, apparently there was an article in the paper about the most popular names of 2003 and every has felt very free to tel my just how popular Ava is. #1!!! can you belive it. I know it is popular but I think #1 must be wrong.
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another december 02 baby here

Hi all! Glad to join you, Zoe was born December 13th, 2002 at home. She's been walking since 11 months and now says bye daddy, zsa-zsa (our cat), kitty-cat, fish, socks, shoes, pants, shirt, ball, keys, pajamas (sounds like "pjma")--she will really try to repeat anything said to her.

Like sascha, she is currently cutting tooth number 9, a molar-type tooth--last few nights she's been waking to nurse several times a night and we just figured out it's because of the teething.

I'm overrun with toys and want to discuss toy management. my dh is afraid she's going to end up adhd because of overstimulation!

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Originally posted by lilyka

Does anyone know where the link to see "how popular your baby's name is" is.

I was just looking at this today. I am determined to have a name not in the top 100 this next time. DH loves the plain jane names and call all my suggestions hippie names.

Not that we are trying. I'm starting to get those baby cravings again though. Am I nuts or is anyone else wanting another one already?

I think after Julia turns 2 we give it a go again.
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re: babies and popular names

I'll say--I'm getting baby cravings, and as for popular names, I thought that at number 64, Zoe would be a safe choice. I did see that it was gaining in popularity (from the SS name site) but I was assured by the name fanatics over at the about.com baby name forum that she wouldn't end up being Zoe K., but let me tell you, I've been in two or three situations already where there were 3 baby Zoe's present. but what can I do now? change her name? I don't think so.

The next one will definitely be griselda or qwintana or cleophastus or something I won't run into over and over again....but I worry that Zoe will think I put more thought into the next baby's name than hers. I want any future babies names to go well with Zoe--so far I like Simone, Bebe, and Ivy for girls and Rex and Keller for boys!
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Thanks for the link! 2003 isn't on there yet. i searched a lot of places and even checked for the newslpaper article that every one read. Ava 85 for 2002. there is no way it made it to number 1 from that spot. I think it may have been what most starts named thier baby girls. The article was about who what stars, characters and starts children are named influences what the general public names thier children. It only had the first few paragraphs of the article though. i do feel a little better about that.
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I used the SS names site when we were pregnant...Sascha has DH's last name which is very common, so we wanted a more unusual first name. I guess "Sasha" is on the list but that looked like too much of a nickname to us. Of course that's how everyone spells it so poor Sascha will spend the rest of her life spelling out her first name....no, there's a C in there...yeah, S A S, C H A...right. LOL.

As for the toy overload - I am right there! We just put 2/3 of DD's toys in the closet. In a few weeks we'll rotate out some of those and put some of her current ones in the closet. And a few are just going to go, um, away....like musical fingerpaint. apologies to anyone who loves this toy, but we can't stand it (grandparent gift) - Sascha's not strong enough to make patterns in the blue jelly stuff, and the music is bothersome....

Sascha is SO into the cat's and dogs' food right now! The cat's food is in the pantry (to keep it from the dogs) and she'll open the pantry door and either try to feed the cat, or dump out the food and put it back in the bowl (and also in the water dish and a bunch of other places). She'll also sign "more" when she really means "I want to play in the cat food" -- it's just a ploy to get you to open the pantry!

But she's so darn cute and the mess cleans up. although we are saying "the kitty's food needs to stay in the dish"...
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