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ditto on

"don't wait until they seem sleepy to put them down"


my kiddo is up with the light as well, MAJOR problem at this latitude as we are soon facing 16 hr days.
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24hr.mom, I did get a thumb-sucking blister on my thumb (duh) that got infected. Had to go to the dr. and get it lanced and drained and everything. What did I learn from that? Not to over suck my thumb! I was 2 at that time. I bet Giovanni knows what he can and can't tolerate- I know dd knows that for herself, it's just tough when we don't think they can tolerate as well as they do. Am I making any sense? If it helps, or makes you laugh, my mother credits my perfect teeth (the only perfect teeth in our family) to my thumb-sucking.

Maria, I'll try the one book idea... I hope you feel better soon, but I have no suggestions in return for you... sorry...

Dd is great about going to bed if she's tired, will even lead me down the hall to the bedroom. But that varies from 8pm to 1am, depending on our day's activities. I can't seem to get a handle on routinely wearing her out properly throughout the day for a decent bedtime, so I need her to get used to a decent, predetermined bedtime. Then we can have a good night, a good morning, a good day the next day, etc. I've tried to just follow her lead in terms of bedtimes, but soon our entire schedule is messed up and that makes even dd miserable and frustrated. Maybe it is just the time change-- I hate dst. What is the point of that in Alaska, I ask you?! For the first time I dread the 22 hours of daylight we will be getting this summer.

Stealing from the other thread, who still has soft spots? Dd's is the size of pinky. I know I'll cry when it closes. I even cried when the newborn fuzz wore off her ears!
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KidsAtHeart here you go.
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I am hoping to get a Kozy once I have some money and the wait isn't so long.
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Thanks, solsticemama! But, every time I go there it says the site is temproraily unavailable... : Oh well, I'll try again later.

(Knock on wood) All the kids are asleep right now! ... It's sad that DH and I are each on our respective computers, instead of together, LOL.
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we're on page 20 of this thread -- maybe we should start a new one and ask the mod to lock this one??

(not it, I started this one!)

i posted a thread in the toddler forum --- erin can now officially climb onto the kitchen chairs and grab stuff off the table. EEEKKK!!! (i didn't know there were scissors there!). We had a fun day and i made a few new potential mama friends at the nature center this morning.
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Yah! New mama friends, that is exciting.

Curious--why would we start a new thread? What does locking this one mean?

Also, feeling a little . After Karen introduced herself it dawned on me that when I found this thread I was really excited, b/c it gives me a chance to talk about my girl, and I totally forgot to introduce myself. I just jumped right in and started posting without considering that a lot of you had been posting since your now toddlers were babies or possibly even before birth. Sorry!
Anyway, my name is Anna. I have 2 girls that are 16 months apart. My youngest, Scarlett, is who this thread is for. She was born at home in the mountains of Nor. Cal. with an excellent midwife and doula. My mom, best friend, dp, and oldest dd were all there to see her come into the world.
Last May my dp and I seperated and I moved with the girls back to my mom's house in Nebraska (which is where I grew up). We are still living with her. I started back to work last fall for the first time since my oldest was born. I work part-time as a teacher's assistant. It was so hard to leave the girls , but they stay with my mom, so that makes it a little easier.
I am trying to move back to Tucson (which is where my oldest was born) to go to massage therapy school. My ex is back there now too, so hopefully he will help me with the girls. I also have a few mama friends there with girls the same age as mine.
Before I had kids I studied to be an herbalist in NM. I wouldn't mind furthering my educ. in that area either.
I think that is enough about me. Now back to the kids!
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my reason for starting a new thread would be so that when i am on a computer w/out email I can click on the title of the thread and reasonably quickly go to the most recent post.

locking an old thread means no one can post further. so the last post here would be smething like "go to this (insert link) spot" and then we could all carry on.

i'm totally admiring the single mamas amongst us. you women are amazing!
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yeah, after 30 pages I think it is time for a new thread.
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*just* what I was thinking!!!! 500+ posts?! Good lord, we're dedicated.
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OK, I did it... Hope no one minds... Go here for the new thread.

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