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Hi all - welcome back!

re: rashes -- they can be the result of a virus, too. If they are, they usually go away in 2-3 days. Sascha also had roseola awhile back, which gave her a rash on her front, back, and legs.

S. is getting all 4 of her first molars too - but her canine teeth aren't in yet. The tooth-cutting has made for some fun nights...2 nights ago she only woke up 2x (12:45 and 4) - but I was up from 12:45 to 3:30 b/c i couldn't sleep! Urgh.

If we would only get with it enough to learn more signs, I'm sure she'd pick them up....we are just lame about it. She uses our homemade "help" sign all the time now ... I'm not sure what we did without it! She did pick up a few words - she says "moo" for cow and "hahaha" for sheep (her version of "baaaa", I guess). All other animals are usually "dog".

S. falls asleep either by nursing or being walked by Daddy....she is then put in our bed. We tried the crib thing but she would wake up after only about an hour and her room is freezing cold and she won't keep covers on her. So...for now she's still in our bed and still night nursing.

Are any of you still using slings/carriers? Our Maya just kills my shoulder now. I got an Ultimate Baby carrier on ebay but it hasn't come yet...I"m hoping that will help since it uses both shoulders. S. is 23 lbs or so...but that's plenty!

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I'm still using my New Native carrier and my Mei Tai carrier from Toot Sweet. The New Native is starting to hurt my shoulder, but the mei tai carrier is very comfy. It took me a while to figure out how to get Ava into it without help, but now I love it - Having Ava's 20-or-so pounds distributed between both shoulders and my hips makes all the difference!
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We use our Ergo and it is very comfortable. I still haven't gotten to the point where I can get it on by myself without a struggle.

I'll use the sling if I'm just wandering around picking up and she wants to be held.

Most of the time she wants to be down running or riding in the stroller, shopping cart or wagon. It makes me so sad to not have the constant contact with her anymore. She does like to read so she will come and sit in my lap with books and she will snuggle if she is sleepy or not feeling well. But other than that she is running around like a mad woman. She just seems so little still.

Guess I should be thankful. I know she has to be pushing 25-26 pounds at this point. She has a dr appointment at the beginning of February, so we will find out then.
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rash update

I took her to her regular doctor today and he is 99% sure it is a viral infection not an allergic reaction. He said her conjuctivitis and runny nose and rash are all related. He also discovered 2 slight ear infections. This poor baby. He prescribed a 2% hyrdocortisone ointment for her rash and offered some homepathic suggestions for her ears. I opted for the antibiotics which is so not my style. I really just want to get this baby better fast.

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I am still holding back on the yogurt and tomatoes until the rash is totally gone.

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Delurking. Still not really ready for the 'toddler forum.'

We're still using our Maya and OTSBH and I sling-nurse ds to sleep for naps and nights in the maya everytime. He's coming up on 28 lbs so my bones are thanking me. I'm waiting on a KozyCarrier.

We've found a wonderful ped. Totally AP friendly encourages all her moms to bf for at least 2 years. And she's got a homeopathy degree also. She gave ds a remedy for his teeth grinding which these days is ongoing and loud. We can hear it clear across the room

Casina, XmasEve where are you mamas?
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Isabel is doing well - all 3 girls are finally better. Let's hope it lasts this time She is starting to talk a bit more:
"these" while pointing to what she wants

She also s to wear shoes. She is always going in the shoe drawer by our front door and pulling them out and bringing them to me. It's so cute and trying to put on clothes. She's got 7 official teeth and 4 more coming in.

I just started gymboree today w/4 of my girlfriends - it was so fun! Anyone from here (besides you Amy!) near/in Michigan and coming to the Cloth Diaper party? I'd to meet and greet ya!

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Hello everyone! I have been such a loser to not come here i nso long. But Look http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...7103&members=1 I have pictures of my girls! Really old pictures but none the less. Envision Ava with longer hair and less rolls and there ya go :LOL I will get some updated ones on soon.

She was 7 or 8 months old there. It had to be July or Agust. Probably August.
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lilyka, very sweet pic of your kiddos. it's great to see them after having shared all our stories this past year. you inspired me to try and post some pics of mi familia but after having spent some time trying I still can't seem to figure it out .

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just go to www.snapfish.com and sign up for a free account and upload some pix. it is so easy. i was leary b/c i didn't want to get spammed, but i haven't noticed that being enrolled has made that happen. (mostly my own sis is the one that spams me anyhow : )

i do all my photos through there now. i'm embarrassed by how old my webpage is. it's just hard to find the time to fix it, kwim?

well, gotta go get some stuff done while isabel is alseep and maria is at school...
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Speaking of snapfish, here's a link to some not-too-old photos of Ava...http://www.snapfish.com/share/p=8622...041/l=22907522

My Ava is also saying "no-no-no-no-no" and shaking her head whenever I'm up to something she doesn't care for. This delights my mother, who is happy to see that what goes around really does come around :LOL

lilyka - Wow - Your Ava has the most incredible eyes!
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I uploaded some pics to snapfish as well. That was really easy

Here is the link


Julia has made up her own sign for stinky- she wrinkles up her nose and waves her hand in front of her face. So far she has told both her dad and her grandpa that they are stinky
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Your babies are so cute!!

And thanks, all of my girls have great eyes. They are not sually so wide though :LOL SHe was being goofy when we took that picture. I am nagging my dh to send me some more recent ones. I odn't know why he bothers taking pictures with that blasted didgital camera if he never intends for them to be developed. AT least put them on a disk for me already.
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teeth grinding...what's the remedy? dcp's kiddo is doing that, waking mom and kiddo up.

erin is doing great. I'll say "erin go get in your chair." (holding her dinner on a plate) and she'll run over to the highchair and do her best to climb in. very fun for us!

we are trying to stay warm....bitter, bitter cold here these days. Erin refuses to sleep with any blankets on - when she sleeps with us she kicks off our blankets. So...we put her in a pair of cotton pjs and then a fleece sleeper and crank up the heat. I am sure our heat bill will be crazy, but I can't have my baby freezing!
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Can I join in...please?!! My dd is turning 1 today so she'll be the youngest but we've tried to keep a January 2003 thread going and it just doesn't seem to be working.

She's not too far behind your babes in some respects. She started walking on Jan 1st (easy to remember!) and never crawls anymore. She's short and squat so I think the low centre of gravity helps. I think she weighs around 25 lbs but we haven't had her weighed lately and we don't own a scale...next week we're going to the doc for a well baby visit so I'll get it done then.

8 teeth have been in for a couple of months. I think she's working on the molars but who knows. She won't let me get anywhere near to looking in her mouth.

She used to eat solids but is getting more and more picky. Yesterday she ate rice cakes and tahini...today for breakfast it was toast dipped in yogurt. I make all these great recipes from Cathe's cookbook and she is not interested in any of them Oh well, dh and I enjoy them.

No words other than hi and Dada and she's been saying those for months. Also no signs, although her parents are not very good at remembering to show her. We did EC with her until she was 8 months old but since then she has just refused. Screams and kicks if we put her near the potty. Sigh. Oh well, at least we had a good 6 months of no poopy diapers.

She's napping now (great napper...not so good at night but we're working on it) and DH has gone to town but this afternoon we're taking her to see some lambs and chickens at our friend's farm for her birthday. She is enthralled with their pictures and loves going to visit. DH made her 2 toyboxes for her birthday and we also gave her a book, hit-a-ball, a nobbie ball and a wooden bead lacing kit. She really seems to like her helium balloon the best though, particularly when the cat bats at the little bell that's holding it down.

Family party is on the weekend and on Tuesday the moms and babes are coming over to celebrate. The babes are only 3 months, 5 months and 7 months old though so no party celebrations will be necessary...thank god. I'm not ready for all that birthday party stuff yet. I spent last night watching the video of her first 6 months and today I'll watch the rest.

Rambling now....sorry for the long post. Hope you don't mind me joining in.
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Welcome IslandMommy
and Happy Birthday to you and your Annelise!

My DD would love, love, love a visit to a farm. She's suddenly very interested in animals other than our cat & dogs - Yesterday, she tried to follow the crows & seagulls we saw during our morning walk around the block, and was very frustrated that she couldn't fly away with them.

We're also tinkering with our nighttime pajama/blanket combo. Ava would like to sleep with nothing but her diaper & wool soaker on, but it's too cold for that these days - Especially now that she likes to crawl to the head of the bed, out from under the blankets, to sleep in the chilly air between DH & myself. We had to replace our furnace last week. During its annual tune-up, the technician found a crack in the heat exchanger, so he had to disconnect it - NO heat at all for 3 days, when the new one was finally installed. BRRRRRR! It was so cold, Ava actually started cuddling up with me again, nestled down under the blankets. Now that we've got heat again, she's back to no blankets, but I'm worried a bit less about it - It seems that she will get back under the blankets if she gets truly chilled. So, we're sticking with one pair of cotton pj's over her diaper & soaker.
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Hi to all the new mamas!

Is my DS the only one who isn't walking yet??? It seems like it'll be awhile still... He doesn't take any independent steps, even though he's almost 14 months, although he holds on with just one hand.

He is obsessed with lights! Everytime he sits in the rocking chair with his daddy, he points to the lamp and says something that sounds like "that". We try to get him to say light, but he can't quite get it yet.

He L O V E S The Wiggles! He loves trying to do the actions with the songs (especially the "Romp-Omp-A-Chomp" one), and sometimes he gets so excited he'll just start clapping because he can't keep up. It's so cute! I want to get some Wiggles CD's to play in the car- when he's screaming and crying while I'm driving and I start singing a Wiggles song, he'll usually stop and listen! It's sad that I know every Wiggles song known to man, but the kids absolutely love them, so I have to also. They teach good values, and they encourage music and dancing so I feel OK letting them watch the show. It's better than Barney, another character they love to watch sing and dance!

I loved looking at all the pictures! Everyone's babes are adorable! And it was good to see some mama pictures, too- it helps put faces with names! I'll get to putting new pics up soon... I had a nasty computer virus and had to re-format my hard drive, which wiped out all my pictures and settings.

Have a nice day, everyone!
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Who are the Wiggles?

Anyone else have an orangutan nurser? DD wants to crawl away with the nipple in her mouth. Last night she was nursing and she managed to move from a regular side lying position to facing head down with her feet on my head...all without letting go of the nipple! I had to laugh, although sometimes it just drives me crazy!!
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ok, i'm jumpin ship from babes to toddlers too! oceano (definately an orangutan nurser ) has been toddlin' across the living room for a week now (not straight). he'll be one this week and i find it amazing that he's been here that long. ok, he's trying to help me type, so we'll check back later, but we did get one new picture up if you click below (really, he's a boy!)
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The Wiggles are some goofy Australian singers/ dancers with a kid's show on Disney.

Oceano is soooooo cute! You were lucky to have one of those big beautiful pregnant bellies- free of stretch marks! Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
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Jackson doesn't walk yet either. I thought I was the only one! My kids always walk late, though.
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