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I'd just say "That's OK, Dh is a chiropractor!"

I like to wear my babies high and tight. If they are lower or looser I don't feel like they are very secure, and I have trouble keeping a sling on my shoulder if it's not good and snug. Not sure, maybe I look like one of those with baby bunched at their neck, but that's what's comfortable and works for us.
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Originally Posted by _betsy_ View Post
Not sure, maybe I look like one of those with baby bunched at their neck, but that's what's comfortable and works for us.
i was talking about people who wear ring slings with the rings on thier necks mostly. ive seen a few pouch wearers with the shoulder literally wadded up and tangled at thier neck, leaving the baby insecure and wobbly.
i was walking by one woman who was like that and she was complaining to her friend that it was hurting her now that her baby was all of 3 months, little baby too. i had to butt in then.

i remember when i got my first sling. a new native pouch. i was sooooooooooooo confused. lol it came to me unfolded and i tried to wear her like that

oh i remember another weird comment i got. there was a woman who wanted to wear her littlest. i offered to lend her a sling but she never took me up on it, said she would buy her own. i bumped into her later and brought it up. she said she was planning on it but her baby was now much too big. her baby was 6 months old... and i was wearing my then 2 year old. o.0
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Today at the store, a seven year old-ish girl asked her mom, "mom, why is that lady wearing a baby in that bag?". Her mom didn't answer at all, so she came up to me and asked me, as well. I told her what it was and how it worked, and she was pretty impressed then!
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I was wearing my little one in a sling in a local thrift shop. An older lady came up to me and told me that I was lucky because they didn't have "modern contraptions" back when she had kids. I just smiled and walked on all the while thinking "What, they didn't have fabric back then?"
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Only odd comments I've got have been "You're lucky to still be carried by mum!" or "He's to big now" (pointing to her 5-month old), otherwise I usually just get "Oh, you're all snug in there" or "Oh that looks very nice and cosy".

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The most recent one I got was from someone at my church who see me wear my baby every time I go (which isn't often anymore because honestly, I'm sick of the comments!) Anyway, they said that my babe was going to learn to walk backwards because I carry her on my front facing back. Give me a break. That is preferable to the comment that she'll never learn to walk, although both are equally ridiculous.

On Easter my pastor saw us and said, "you still holding that baby?" What am I supposed to do, put her on the ground? Geez!
I've never got any of these comments myself, but I still get surprised when I read them. I mean, i know a lot of crunchy mamas (and mainstream as well of course), but I've yet to see one who regularly carries a child over 3 (I don't mean carrying a child while you're out hiking, and also, I know mums who put their 3-4-year olds in a sling when they're tired sometimes). I've seen lots of 4 & 5-year olds in PUSH CHAIRS.

And the backwards comment - - not THAT long ago, most push chairs faced the parent (and those kids were probably waling on their own much sooner than most kids in push chairs forward facing today anyway!).
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