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To get the watch or not

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For years now I have lusted after this particular expensive watch. I have never bought it because it just seemed like too frivolous of a purchase. During all this time, we have always been able to afford it. We carry no debt, we never finance big ticket items, but rather plan and save for them, pay cash for cars, are frugal in just about every thing we do, save for retirement and college fund, support my mother, etc., ect., etc. In a nutshell, we are very responsible with our finances.

So why can't I just this one time be completely frivolous and let dh buy this watch for me (for Mother's Day)? I NEED a new watch and the one I have is a sports watch that is falling apart. The amount that the watch costs is not prohibitive of our clothing budget and we won't have to put it on a card.

In all the years of being married, I've never bought something so frivolous and wasteful. I could spend $30 and get a new sports watch, but this other watch is just so beautiful. Here it is. What should I do? Dh says I should get it because we are disciplined consumers and sometimes you need to splurge. I told him that if the economy really got bad and we had hyperinflation we couldn't eat the watch. He just rolled his eyes.
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Well... how much is it?
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I would purchase the watch as you will own it for possibly a lifetime. My Husband owns a Tag Carrera, I think, and it is absolutely gorgeous. If I were to lust after anything it would be a fine timepiece.
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Yes get it (its beautiful and you can afford it) but...also get a cheap-o from Wal-Mart to use for everyday.
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I have a similar watch. Mine is the professional one, that uses batteries. Dh bought it for me the year before we got engaged, as a birthday present, but really more of a pre-engagement commitment present. That was in 2000.

I've only taken it off a handful of times since then. I took it off for the wedding. LOL. And, I used to scrub in surgery, so I'd take it off then. Oh, nad for my c-sections.

Other than that, that watch has been on my wrist for the last 9 years. It's tough, it's beautiful, and I totally think you should buy it!!!!
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Originally Posted by cristina47454 View Post
Well... how much is it?
Enough that I'm to say. But I do so : it.

Maybe it's best to not get it. I can't imagine that owning it would bring me nearly the joy that *thinking* of owning does.
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No one can decide for you as it's such a personal decision.

If I were in your situation, I would not buy the watch (or have it bought for me with the same money, however you look at it). Not for reasons of financial responsibility but because at this time I'd really like to be able to do more helping. I also do not like to wear anything that symbolizes affluence or indulgence these days. I also have three small kids and my lifestyle would not allow me to wear that watch even if I did have it. Or, I could wear it but I would likely damage it or lose it.

But like I just said, that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the watch--it all depends what you value and if you think it's a good idea.
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Oh what a pretty watch. I am not a watch person though. I looked it up on one of the web sites. Its alot of money. Although I suppose if its one of those things that you keep forever and ever and eventually pass down (like the pocket watches of years past). Then I think it is worth it.
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It's useful and you have a need for a watch

It's a classic and won't go out of style or trend

It's something that you have consistantly wanted over several years, so it's a defined and lasting desire.

I have no issues with buying quaility items, that I truely desire and will last for a long time.

I would buy it
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Is that diamonds around the face? I like it, very nice. Come on, tell us how much?
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Well, I got a nice watch (okay, only about 20% as nice!) specifically for going into labor with DD over 3 years ago. It did the job then (waterproof for the tub, minutes marks on face and a big second hand for timing), and I've worn it every day since, and I still love it beyond all reason.

The other thing I splurge on is glasses -- I'm blind without them, so they're on whenever I'm awake. I guess I figure that with things like glasses and watches, the amortization over time is so much greater... really, they get worn all day, every day, and I let that justify them eating up what would otherwise be a really disproportionate fraction of what I spend on clothing.
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It can be as much as 3K depending on where you buy it. I haven't bought any new clothes for years now so this would basically be about 3 years' worth of my clothing budget that I haven't used. It would *not* dip into what we budget to donations or take from dd's clothing budget (which is next to nothing because we get almost all of her clothes free with cc points at Land's End).

See, now I'm making excuses and arguments to convince myself to go ahead. But I haven't done something like this for myself in 10 years.

I agree with SS, though. I don't like "bling". But this seems tasteful to me.
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I spend $30 every year on a cheap timex. The stupid backing wears off and the nickel starts irritating. If you think that you will wear it for 30 years AND love it AND it will do what you think it should AND you have a good history of keeping up with stuff (no lost rings etc) then it's OK in my book.
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I would get the watch. It's a lifetime watch, it is very tasteful, you are very fiscally responsible. Buying this watch will not damage you financially. If you are going to splurge, you absolutely should do so on a quality piece. What would you do if your husband wanted this watch like you want this watch? You would get it for him in a heartbeat. It's ok to do something nice for yourself. Truly. You are worthy. Get the watch!
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If I were trying to justify a purchase like that, I'd consider the fact that it is nice enough to last long enough to be an heirlook for my daughter
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ummm, heirloom that is!
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Yes, get it. It's a lifetime watch. I have such a watch that I have had for almost 18 years now and will have it forever. My advice is wear it every day. You will know where it is and you will get the pleasure of wearing it always.
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okay, as someone who's dh has a tag heuer watch (and will never own anything else) i say GO FOR IT! not because it's "frivolous" but because they are worth every penny if you wear a watch every day! my dh has had his now for almost 10 years. cost roughly $2k when he bought it and it still looks brand new! looks kind of like this one.....they don't make the actual one he owns anymore. so far it's cost him $200 a year to own/wear.....and he has many many more years left! it's classic and looks great dressed up or with jeans and a t-shirt.

he's been trying to buy me this one for years now, but i don't wear a watch often enough to justify the cost (around $2700).....maybe someday though! i love it! the company also stands behind their product. we follow the "quality over quantity" motto at our house and buy things that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

a little tip though if you do decide to get one.....do not, i repeat DO NOT send it in to tag heuer when the battery needs changed. they charge like $150 to ship it and change it and it takes like 2 months. instead find a high end jewelry store and they will do it for you. ours charges $8 and takes 10 minutes to do.
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O.K. I called dh and told him to buy it! I told him to not listen to me any further if I change my mind and tell him to not buy it.

I'm so excited!
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I vote go for it, but it seems you've already made your decision! The whole point of saving is first to be prepared for a reasonable emergency, and then secondly to save for the things you truly want to spend your money on. You've saved, and now you can spend guilt free!

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