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Just in time for short sleeve weather!
Enjoy it!!!
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I say go for it!

Depending on how hard it weighs for you spending that money i believe that sometimes making yourself a little gift like that suits our souls.

I had been thinking about getting one of the beautiful Audemars Piguet watches for literally two years (these babies being quite expensive), and after two years of saving i finally got it.

It feels wonderful knowing that I was finally able to afford it through strong discipline in saving money and I wear it with joy and pride everyday.


I know this sounds highly superficial, but sometimes material things can bring us joy!

I would not trade it in for any of the happiness my family brings me everyday, though.

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Its not like you make splurges like this all the time. I say go for it! Especially since it won't break the bank. But if wearing it will make you anxious and guilty feeling for spending the dough, then maybe find a cheaper look-a-like? I mean you could spend a quarter of that price and still have something expensive and fancy!
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Well, it's been two years---- did you get the watch and are you still enjoying it two Mothers' Days later?

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Happy Mothers Day-  Enjoy your watch.


Not that it matters but when I graduated undgrad I received a Movado watch. I loved it and wore it daily for 10 years.  I still have that watch in a velour case.

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Wow, how did this thread get bumped?

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Wow thats weird I didn't even see the date!
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Holy Moly!!  I barely even remember this thread.  But you know what??  I DID get the watch.  And I LOVE IT!!!  It still brings me joy when I put it on and it's in pristine condition.  I do still wear my old, beat-up Timex Expedition digital watch around the house and for chores/gardening, but I really love my Tag Heuer.  The maintenance is dear, but worth it.  I'm glad I did it.


This year, I got a new compost tumbler for MD!  Whoot!  Been wanting one of those for a while, too.  Hope I like it as much as my watch two years from now.  winky.gif

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So glad to hear that it's lived up to your hopes!

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