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My recently turned two year old normally poops 3-4 times a day. It has now been two days since he has gone.

Last weekend, he got constipated for the first time and it was very difficult. At the same time, he experienced a reaction to something he ate (we are still trying to pinpoint the trigger foods; eggs are one we think, but there is something else too.) Needless to say, the two problems happening together made for a terribly unhappy toddler. I felt so bad for him! We gave him lots of fruit and fiber and made sure he got plenty to drink. It seemed to work; he pooped a lot through Monday (a little every diaper change, I kid you not!), slowed down on Tuesday/Wednesday --- and now, no poop at all yesterday or today.

A lot of possibilities are going through my head. He has taken a liking to cheese and not eating as many of the veggies he used to love so his diet has shifted a little. I've also thought about the possibility that he is holding his poop due to the painful experience last weekend, but I've been watching him closely for signs of that and haven't seen any. I really don't think he's had the urge for a couple of days. So, then, I'm also wondering if maybe his bowel habits are just changing - digestive system maturing, control increasing, etc. Obviously, at some point he'll probably stop pooping 3-4 times a day. But, I'd expect this to happen more slowly, not so abruptly. We've also tried potty training a few times and he does not want to poop in the potty; he actually seems a little fearful of it. I immediately backed off when I detected fear though, thinking he might not be ready, so I don't think that is involved - but then again, I'm not sure!

Any BTDT stories with similar issues? I'm not extremely worried because he doesn't seem uncomfortable but if he doesn't go soon, I'm probably going to get a bit antsy!