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Apartment in Columbus?

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My sister, who lives in Ohio, recently had a 25 week old preemie. The baby is at the Ohio State Univ Medical Center in Columbus and my sister lives about 1.5 hours away. She and her husband are driving back and forth to the hospital every day and it is really hard on them. Does anyone know of any local charities, or landlords who might be willing to donate (or rent for a small fee) an apartment in Columbus for a few months? My sister gets no paid maternity leave, her husband is a teacher, and they are having such a hard time financially (as well as emotionally). I know this is a long shot but thought it was worth putting it out there. Thanks!
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I don't know of any apartments, but what about Ronald McDonald House? I think there is one in Columbus, and the stay is free if I'm not mistaken.

Hugs to your entire family.......Jeannettea
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I second the Ronald McDonald House.
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Maybe check on craig's list??
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