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If you're interested in pursuing the possibility that your son has posterior tongue tie, but can't find anyone knowledgeable locally, I think some of the posterior tongue tie experts will diagnose by photo. (At least, I read that they do in the Tongue-tie sticky on here). You can take a picture of him crying (so his mouth is open) and email it around. It seems like Dr. Elizabeth Coryllos, Cathy Watson-Genna, or Dr. Brian Palmer are the main go-to people for posterior tongue tie, so I'd start by contacting them.
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Gogogirl- that's a great idea. I definitely think I will try that also. I was looking through some pictures and took a few yesterday of him crying but seriously, there are very few pictures of him sticking his tongue out because he NEVER does and he doesn't imitate me when I do it. Here's the only two pictures I found of him sticking his tongue out and im pretty sure that's as far as it goes but it doesn't look THAT bad in the one picture.

and here are two of him crying...

What do you all think? Will these pictures be sufficient to send? I have a hard time getting any better ones. More and more, though, i'm thinking that might be the problem. I read about someone saying her DS wouldn't take a paci because of his TT and my DS won't take a paci either. He can't figure out how to suck it right.
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Yeah, I think those are great pictures, I'd go ahead and send them around.

His tongue in the crying pictures looks a lot like my daughter's (who had posterior tongue tie). I don't fully understand what posterior tongue tie looks like, but I think instead of being able to see frenulum under the tongue, like regular tongue tie, the tongue just looks short and doesn't have a good range of mobility.

My DD also can't figure out how to suck on a pacifier or bottle, I wonder if that is because of her tongue.

And hey lady, your baby is CUTE!
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first of all you are absolutely amazing second you are worried about your baby but your mother is worried about her baby. she is probably not trying to be unsupportive she might be worried about your health, worried that you are not able to enoy your LO, and trying to make sure stopping does not make you a failure and is not something to feel guilty about. whem i started relactating my mother acted a lot like yours. your mother and my mother can start a support group. i just stopped telling her anything new i was trying

i know you have probaby heard this a zillion times but it wasnt until i took it to the extreme that i made progress. now our situations are different but as far as really learning to nurse and finally starting to build my milk supply our turning point was an uber nursing vacation. my stress from trying to make nursing work was making both me me and ds nuerotic and it was killing milk supply.

dp took 3 days off of work and my best friend stayed with us for 5 days while me and hung out skin to skin in the bed or in the bath and nursed. we watched tv, read, ate food dp and friend brought to me, drank water and tea and relaxed. i needed emotional space from lactaids, breast pumps, and stupid freaking scales. dp and my friend would take ds and weigh him outside the room. they offered supplemental formula with a spoon and they changed all his diapers. after a day or so i started to relax .i hadnt realized how frustrated and stressed i was until i got enough distance to relax. obviously things werent perfect atfter those five days but i stoppped constantly worrying and got to see what i was accomplishing vs what i wasnt. i alsoo stopped being lact aid and breast pump obssessed. ds was content nursing at night and i stopped waking up to pump. my milk supply took a huge leap when i started getting more sleep.

im sorry if i sound redundant i just know that trying so hard can be frustataing, exhausting, and demoralizing... all of which make what you are doing that much harder. no matter what happens you are so very very strong and absolutey amazing
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